Election Disappointment

There wasn’t even half the enthusiasm that there usually is for voting this year, everyone is just fed up with the whole mess. I didn’t know what to expect but I was hoping for a good change, I think we just want progress at this point. I was very happy that a lot of people went out to vote but the results were devastating. Every person I voted for didn’t make it to parliament but that isn’t the disappointing part, whats disappointing is that a majority of the people who got into parliament will rip this country apart and there will be nothing progressive taking place in Kuwait in the next 4 years. It is said that a majority of the Parliament are from the religious faction and have plans in mind to change some laws, all I know is that what ever they have planned won’t be good. There is always hope and I hope things will get better and people will realize that they can’t keep voting for the same hooligans who make things a mess in Kuwait, we need progress. I’m even surprised that no woman made it to Parliament, Aseel Al Awadhi was good and of course there are the bad but I was hoping for more women but it doesn’t look like it will happen in this Parliament.

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Lebanon in 26 Hrs

Landed in Lebanon and the weather was a cool 28 Degrees, I could hear people complain that its a little warm. If only they knew how hot 47 degrees felt they wouldn’t be complaling about how wonderful 29 Degrees feels. I had the car windows down as we drove to the hotel. Its right after elections, the plane had about 15 people in it with 3 people in first class, the roads were desolate, I have never seen Lebanon like this, there wasn’t traffic so we got the hotel in 20 minutes with very few stops. Got to the hotel, checked in, washed up and headed to the first meeting, I was done a few hours later and met up with a few friends. I wanted to eat at Al Farooq Shawarma but turns out they pretty much sold out of all the meat they had which was ridiculous. So we went else where for dinner and I was pretty much on the verge of passing out from hunger and a long day. As soon as I was back in the hotel I passed out and woke up at 6 am to a kings breakfast. Meeting at 9 am and was done late the afternoon, had to go back to the hotel and check out and take off to the airport so I wouldn’t be late. I was hungry as hell and all I could think off is food, luckily I managed to eat on the flight.

For a short 26 horus I didn’t have a chance to do all that I wanted. I wanted to go check out a few places and I had my camera with me, I wanted to walk around and snap pictures but I didn’t have a chance yet to do that but I hope to soon. Beirut is such a picturesque city with lots of places to snap pictures, even the pictures that I was snapping people didn’t seem to bother about where I was pointing the camera, so I snapped away.

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Lebanon in 26 Hours

Work has been piling up and I have been delaying a meeting in Lebanon for a few weeks but now I have to go to finsih one long meeting. I was supposed to go last week but due to unforseen circumstances I wasn’t able to. I’m going today on the Wataniya flight, which luckily for me they changed the schedule and now they have two flights a day to and from Lebanon. If I could I would go in early morning and come back at night, I have this tendency with business trips to try to keep them as short as humanely possible. A lot of people have been telling me to postpone the meeting to a later date because of the elections but I have few in the systems that nothing drastic as the airport being shutdown will happen, well at least I’m crossing my fingers, I have too much damn work to be stuck in one location. One thing is that I’m going to do is eat from Al Farouq for their amazing shawarama, I just love good shawarmas and theirs is damn good.

Obama is President

He has won most of the electoral votes, and it was a landslide in his direction. Now the real battle for the Senate and House of Congress is taking place. There is a lot of changes taking place but for the first time in History an African American is President of the United States. Now to see how he is going to patch up all the damage that has been previously done.

The Elections

Around 11 am I got a phone call telling me that the school was packed with people so I decided to go vote later in the day expecting people to go eat lunch. Went around 12:30 pm met up with my father and brother, and we went it. There was very little presence of the candidates up front unlike in 2006. No tents, no ice cream, no buses, no huge stage banners, nobody running after you as much, it was different for sure.

Inside they were very organized breaking up rooms by letters. My brother and father were in one room, within 15 – 20 minutes they went in voted and were heading home. I was with a very long line, I didn’t up waiting about an hour and 5 minutes before finishing up voting. They shouted my name 3 times when they took my citizenship card. When I looked at the sheet it took me sometime to find the candidates I wanted to vote for, and I triple checked it to make sure I got it right.

I left after some time, and later in the day I took my mother so that she could vote. The police man said that I couldn’t approach the school but I ignored him knowing that she sometimes has difficulty walking and the police officer up front told me that I can not enter and he was polite about it, he said it was his orders. He was very polite about it so I told him I will wait on the road, its frustrating knowing that my mother might have difficulty I wouldn’t be able to be next to her. If it is a medical case then they should make an exception, but this is the case you just have to deal with it. After some time she came out a bit tired, but they let her through due to medical reasons. But this year it seemed very organized unlike last time which was a large fiasco.

I don’t know what exactly but there is this feeling of wanting to get over this. I think that we want to see the results of these candidates and what exactly they are going to do. I’m fed up with them running us around and not doing anything, so my spirits weren’t as high as it was in 2006 about the parliamentary elections.

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Zain Bulk Election Msgs

Getting bulk sms messages get really annoying especially during this election period. I seem to be getting one every 30 minutes about one candidate or the other, it doesn’t matter where you are registered you just keep getting them. This was driving me nuts for the longest time until one comment on pearls blog which solved the issue to a degree.

Text OUT to 90037 ,and you will receive a text message from zain saying “you have been blacklisted from all zain bulk messages” or something similar to that. It isn’t perfect but in one day I received about two to three messages instead of the usual 30 to 40 messages.

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