The Pleasure Of Flying

Flatly I want Wataniya Airlines back!

For local travel within the region there wasn’t an airline that could beat its price for comfort package, and the airport was so convenient that every other factor was minimized in comparison. Many people including myself are sick of Kuwait Airport, its a jungle and its frustrating getting to the planes when at Wataniya Airlines it was so easy and enjoyable it didn’t feel like you were in an airport. I got my starbucks, went to the lounge, sat down and relaxed before the flight.

These days I dread having these impromptu meetings in all different areas. I have to check Emirates, Middle East Airlines, Gulf Air, Jazeera, Royal Jordanian and any other airline thats going in the direction that I am going. I got used to only being at the airport 30 to 45 minutes before the flight, and now we are back to leaving the home 2 hours before the flight just to be sure I make it or nothing stops us.

I’m not the biggest fan of Jazeera since they treat their customers like cattle and if they could charge you extra for being a big guy then they would. Surprisingly Jazeera increased their prices from 20 to 60% for many of the desitionations right after Wataniya Airways made their anouncement. They still have their deals but it isn’t what it used to be, and its not like they aren’t making a lot of money with all the ridiculous amount of extra fees.

There is still hope for Wataniya Airways yet, and this is just a rumor that Wataniya Airywas will be coming back in different form. A lot of employees have found new jobs after leaving Wataniya because they didn’t know what their job status was and I’m assuming there is going to be a lot of legal issues going on with them. Wataniya Airways is now a nonoperating Airline but they aren’t going to be bought out, what they are trying to do is bid to buy Kuwait Airways. Wataniya Airways have 7 planes, 3 or 4 parked in Kuwait at Sheikh Saad Airport and the rest in Amaan Jordan, and they will have to pay $70 Million to Alafco as part of their lease payments for these planes, and that doesn’t include the other incuring expenses. The rule that has been stipulated in the bid for Kuwait Airways is that who ever bids for Kuwait Airways can’t be an operating airlines, and the government is reaching the final stages to put Kuwait Airways for a bid. So the step Wataniya Airways took is so they would be in prime position to buy out Kuwait Airways, and if they do take over then it would be a fantastic development. I really don’t have a clue how this is going to work out or how long it takes, but I hope it happens soon and I do hope that they take over Kuwait Airways.

Emirates – The Upgrade


Going off on a long trip you always wonder what you have forgotten, I don’t think I have forgotten anything yet. Packed up all my cloths and my carry on for a long trip, headed to the airport with plenty of time. My flight take off time was at 6:05 pm so its before futoor and I have been up since 8 am and hungry as hell. After check-in I wondered why I don’t get a starbucks since I’m hungry but then I remembered I’m fasting. Got to the lounge and I was one of the few non-foreigner sitting in the lounge, I’m assuming most people prefer to travel after sunset. The plane was a little delayed but not too bad, as soon as I got to the gate they took my ticket and slashed the seat number from 9J to 2J, I wasn’t sure why but I didn’t bother. When I got to the plane I found out that they upgraded me from Business to First Class which is great, that hasn’t happened to me in years and I was surprised. When I asked why they said its because of my Skyward Card, I was happy and got comfortable. I was just waiting for the prayer time to break my fast, and as soon as it did I asked for a date and water, then prayed in my seat. As soon as the plane took off the steward brought my food right away since he saw I was hungry as hell, I ate like a starved man, and the food hit the spot before settling down to watch a movie.

Emirates Orders 32 More Airbus 380s


Emirates stating a profit increase of 248% for this year, so I’m not sure why they got money loaned to them from Stockholm-based lender Sambla if they are making this much of a profit. Now they have just ordered 32 more of the Airbus 380s at the Berlin Air Show, which are the double decker planes. From previous information they currently have 10 of the Airbus A380s in service to 8 destinations. Now that is adding to the 58 A380s that they have already ordered, so they are going to have a massive fleet of A380s at this rate, so what destinations they have in mind I’m not sure. They are going to outgrow there current airport Terminal 3 that they have recently built at alarming rate.

Link: Luxist

Flying Back

Out of the last 24 hours I have pretty much spent it on the move finishing up a few things and then flying. Because of the time difference in Kuwait all the flight times and lay over it has added up to about 22 hours and we didn’t really get much sleep in Singapore because of meetings, trying out restaurants, and exploring the city. 51 hours in Singapore is not enough to check out everything but we discovered an amazing people and city, the cleanliness never stops amazing me. So after all this flying I think I’m going to completely crash for the first day just to catch up with rest.

  • 5:30 am – Woke Up to Pack and Eat Breakfast (12:30 am Kuwait Time)
  • 7:30 am – Head to Airport, Get Tax Refund, Check In Bags (2:30 am Kuwait Time)
  • 9:45 am Take-Off (4:45 am Kuwait Time)
  • Landed at 12:30 pm Dubai Time (11:30am Kuwait Time)
  • Stayed in Lounge for a few hours
  • 3:40 pm Boarding (2:40 pm Kuwait Time)
  • 4:15 pm Take Off (3:15 pm Kuwait Time)
  • 5:15 pm Landed in Kuwait
  • 5:40 pm I got home
  • 8:30 pm Until that time my brain was in a daze since getting home
  • 8:35 pm Dinner
  • 10:45 pm Passed out cold

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Emirates Terminal 3 is Huge!

Going to Emirates Terminal 3 I thought I was used to it but I was completely wrong its a lot bigger then I knew. I have been just taking flights close to the center of the terminal turns out there is another part which is a 20 minute walk away, a couple of kilos at least, terminal 3 is seriously huge. I didn’t think about it much, since I could see the ending of the section only to discover a set of stair going down to an even longer walkway of gates. Turns out that if your gate is in the 100 range that you have a very long walk ahead of you, I knew it was a big terminal but not that big. Luckily I found an Emirates lounge right next to my gate but it was one hell of a walk, luckily for me I took one of those carts to to my bag in it and push it all the way, that helped relief the pain on my shoulder and made it for an easy walk. I was hungry and tired, got a bite to eat and I wanted to get on the plane to catch up on some sleep and get some work done.

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Emirates Airline A380 Ceases Operations

It seems the cost of this plane isn’t being maintained by the routes its taking. For now the A380 or double decker going to New York has been suspended but still going to London. It seems Emirates Airlines are having more then just financial trouble these days. Its common knowledge that Etihad Airways owns a very big chunk of Emirates Airlines after running into financial trouble. Now they have to think about the routes they have and what to do with this huge plane. They could choose a different route, or lease it out, or rent it out, it would be pretty embarrassing if Etihad rented it. I think that Emirates really didn’t think about what they wanted to do with the planes before ordering them. I flew on the 777 LR to San Francisco and it was a fantastic plane, they need to plan their needs and not just go for the flashiest airline fleet. I have a feeling the next airshow isn’t going to have that many big orders or any orders for that matter.

Travel Pricing

I was recently checking for flights to San Francisco in December, just to see what pricing has been like. Some prices were within the normal range and some were insane. I was checking Business Class seats for the times in mind on Emirates Airlines, British Airways, and Lufthansa.


Business Class:

  • Emirates: 2612 KWD (New Direct Flight from Dubai to San Francisco)
  • British Airways: 2975 KWD
  • Lufthansa: 1862 KWD
The price of Emirates is on their new direct San Francisco flight is justifiable, so I can understand the high price. Lufthansa is same price as usual, but the British Airways price is nothing short of insane. I have noticed their pricing has been jumping over the past two years. Who can justify a 1000 KWD difference between Lufthansa and British Airways when the route is identical. It seems over the past year British Airways have lost 35% of their business in Kuwait due to their high pricing, and people are changing over to Lufthansa, KLM, Itihad, Emirates, and a few others for their long haul flights.

Dubai Airport Terminal 3

The behemoth of a terminal has at last been open after so many years of being built. Not that Dubai Airport wasn’t a long walk to get out of it, I think they made it even bigger. I have no clue how far the walkway is going to be to immigrations, all I know is that in the old terminal my feet ached after that long walk.

With 16.1 million Sq.ft it can handle a lot more planes, and easily handle the Airbus A380 (The Double Decker). I just hope it won’t be as confusing Heathrows’ Terminal 5 when it opened, but I haven’t heard anything bad yet so I’m assuming things are going smoothly. Now all Emirates Airlines flights landing in Dubai will be landing in Terminal 3.

Link: Gizmodo

Emirates A380

It seems Emirates Airlines have already gotten their hands on their A380, I wonder which city they will be flying to with this behemoth. The pictures they have sent out are pretty funny, and the first class cabin seems comfortbale but why is everyone sitting sideways in it? Business class seems really interesting. I can’t help but laugh when looking at the pictures, the plane is impressive but the people just look too funny

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