Review: Shawarmaty in Jabriya

Finding a really good Shawarma place is surprisingly difficult, when you find a place they don’t always get it right and sometimes they only have one sandwich which is good and the other isn’t. With Shawarmaty they have both beef and chicken shawarma which are AMAZING, didn’t take long to find the place since I got both directions and an address, the only problem is that its in Jabriya and there is a lot of traffic.

I ordered three chicken and three beef shawarmas in a saj warpping, they offer the sandwich in saj and bread wrapping, I prefer the saj since its lighter and crispier. The sandwiches were done in about 20 minutes and they are pretty big, about 30 cm long so I cut them in half to get them down to a more manageable size.

As soon as I got home I unpacked the sandwiches and proceeded to, I thought I would have about three or four total of the 12 pieces that were there. By the time I was done I almost had 10 pieces of shawarma, and they were so damn tasty. So many sandwiches and an amazing sauce. The saj was perfect with them, and they honestly felt light, I just kept on eating, even thinking about it right now I’m craving them. It was the best feeling to sit on the couch full and remaining stationary watching TV shows for an hour after I was done. The best way is to call ahead and order so when you get there your order is ready.

Phone: 25331512

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Review: In-N-Out Burger – Stacy Perman

Everyone has heard of In&Out at one point in time, I never knew what all the fuss was about back then, when I moved to the states I lived about 2 minutes away from one. The first time I had one of their burgers it was sloppy and very enjoyable, luckily one of my friends helped out with the menu. Then I passed by every once in a while, their burgers felt fresh but I used to eat a lot of them, and their milkshake is fantastic but wasn’t a big fan of the fries. Now over the years I kept hearing of so many people approaching them for franchising and expansion in Kuwait and the Middle East but nobody had any luck with them. They seemed to want to remain local but never heard or read anything about them. Now I saw this book on the shelf and Borders in Dubai, I picked it up right away without a second thought, some incite into one of the most private companies that I know of. After going through this book I am happy that I read it, it wasn’t what I was expecting but it did give me a look in this burger dynasty. In&Out has managed to keep its reputation and continue growth year after year without any affect from other fast food companies, and they aren’t sell outs. They have had their trials and issues that they have had to deal with, it seems they went through some rough litigation outside from the years I left the states but the business is still going so thats a good sign. In&Out was a college experience for me and part of my life for a one of the best times, so it always will have good memories for me. I used to remember when we would drive over to pick some up, I always remembered their opening hours, until 1am on the weekend and 12:30am on the weekdays. This book concentrated a little too much on the history in the beginning of the business and giving you a glimplse of the industry but I was looking for more information about In&Out and their juicy information, but it did satisfy a bit of that too. A great read, some sound business practices in the story of In&Out, a look at the one company that counters all the usual rules of a regular fast food chain, always putting the customer first.

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Some Hardeez

Every once in a while I get the urge for junk food, and this was some real junk food. I just wanted a chili-dog and fries from Hardeez, I knew that there was a very high possibility of food poisoning and being incapacitated for at least a week, but I didn’t care. I went and picked up my order, went home to watch some anime while enjoy my hot dog and fries, and it was every piece as good as it looked. I’m just happy over the years they didn’t ruin this sandwich, no matter how bad it is for your system.

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