مبارك عليكم الشهر


And we are back to the best month of the year, Ramadan is one of my favorite times in the year, it also the most exhausting. I love that I get to see so many family and see them daily, its a family gathering almost every day, something to look forward to throughout the day. Lots of social events taking place after futoor for the first two weeks, its going to be a marathon going from dewaneya to dewaneya but thats part of Ramadan. A lot of people watch the shows taking place but I prefer making the most I can out of the day, and the best part is I get to finish so much during the day, lets just hope it cools off.

Eb6ainiya Ramadan Recipe Competition


For all things to do with Eb6ainiya is the place to check out, they take the time to really check out every new food place be it in Kuwait or any other location. And they also like to cook too, and this time they are having a recipe competition for Ramadan, check out the details at the link below to submit your recipe.

eB6ainiya blog is proudly presents: Ramadan’s recipe contest. Do you have a special recipe that is a hit between your friends and family and suitable for Ramadan? We are looking for all types of recipes, from main course to desserts. All you need is a WINNING recipe worth competing in our contest.

Link: eb6ainiya

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem to all, this is going to be an interesting one since its going to be in the lovely heat of the summer. We are trying to keep our activities the same on the weekend, I’m still trying to get up on the wake board, we just have to deal with the thirst. As usual it isn’t the hunger that gets me but the thirst. I honestly look forward to Ramadan every year since I get to see family so much, but I get annoyed with people who don’t want to work because they are fasting and a lot of things come to a halt in Kuwait because of that but here is hoping everyone has a fun Ramadan.