WIMD – Constant Service


With the introduction of Zain’s 4G Router people had options for their homes and remote locations. 4G has drastically changed people’s options, even with the caps it isn’t too bad. But at this point the links have gotten somewhat saturated still it’s faster then land lines, you get between 10 to 20 MB on a constant level when nobody’s online you might get 25 to 30 MBs.

For my case I can only get up to 0.5 MB on my land line so that isn’t an option and fiber has been promised since 2008 and I wouldn’t be holding my breath for that. WIMD has been the best and most consistent option for me, they are company who are genuinely trying to improve their services.

I have had a 20 MB subscription with them since they first opened over a year and a half ago and after about a year it would get as far as 14 MB and wouldn’t come close to 20 MB. That was after February when my subscription was renewed. The service would go down every once in a while but no longer then 30 minutes at most and their support is very responsive. But that happens at most once a week sometimes the whole month is fine.

In June of this year I was contacted by WIMD Sales for my 20 MB Subscription to reduce it to the 15 MB Subscription since they couldn’t retain the 20 MB Speed, and they refunded my the difference right away, even discounting the period from February until June which is very surprising for an ISP. So instead of the 1250 KWD that I paid, they refunded me the difference of 400 KWD down to 850 KWD even though it has been four months since the subscription started. Then on top of that since June onwards my connection which would hit between 16 to 18 MB on downloads consistently without any issues.

They do have some technical issues but they are working through it and the issues aren’t repeated, they are growing their bandwidth because the service speeds in my case has improved. And their service has been constant, unlike what I have seen from Mada who came out strong out of the gate but invested in the wrong technology and failed to improve upon it, ending up with some very crappy services. In my opinion WIMD has excellent service and for some people I know they have had bad experiences because of their location, but in my case honestly it has been fantastic and I hope they keep this up and gain more subscribers because of it.

Fiber Optic Sea Cables In The Region

I have always wondered what are the speeds of the fiber optic cables reaching Kuwait and the land based cables reaching Kuwait. Whenever we face an issue with slow internet they blame cut cables, even when it isn’t the case, they just find it convenient to say that. I just came across this website which documents a very large majority of all the fiber optic sea cables in the world, their speeds, when they were connected, and a lot of other information. You can tell what is landing in Kuwait and the speeds. This is supposed to be the sea based map, I hope that it incorporates the land based fiber information at a later point, at this point in time we have a higher dependability on land based fibers coming from Saudi Arabia then we do sea based fibers, and Kuwait is in need of a lot of bandwidth.

Link: CableMap

The Telectroscope

Now this is a very interesting sight, this developed from an idea in the Industrial age around the 1800s. Where they wanted to make an undersea telescope of some sort from London to New York. And now in this modern age, an artist took this interpretation and made it true with modern technology, but instead of a tunnel, it is connected through fiber optic cabling with a screen to see the other side, it is real time and you can see people walking by or looking into it. The piece itself is a work of art and the technical idea is very fun.

Link: TheTelectroscope