Superbowl 47 – 49ers Lost


Slept at 11 pm and woke up at 2 am to watch Superbowl 47, the San Francisco 49ers are at the Superbowl and I was extremely excited. The game had a horrible start to it and within the first half they had three touch downs. Kaepernick the QB who took the Niners to the Superbowl, my NFL Gamepass up and running, everything was ready.

Except I was lacking food and the bad start was killing me. The half time show from Beyonce was pretty good, more impressive then I thought it would be. Then at the beginning of the 2nd half things were still rolling for the Ravens, but then the power went out for 30+ minutes and then the 49ers got their mojo back.

It was a hell of a game, and well worth the lack of sleep. Also I ordered chilli cheese fries, buffalo wings, and a double cheese burger from Johnny Rockets at 5 am. And I don’t regret eating that at all. The game was so close I was going nuts, jumping at the screen, it was so damn close, really wanted the 49ers to win, its been so long since we have been to the Superbowl, but it was a good game by the Ravens.

The Hidden Comedy – The League


Fantasy Football is at the core of The League, a comedy that explores how the online sports obsession affects marriages, friendships, families, and completely shuts down Sundays. The comedy will be partially improvised, with the team from Curb Your Enthusiasm behind it.


I am very surprised I didn’t see or hear about this show before, its running on its fourth season, and if you like anything about American Football then you have to watch this show. Honestly if you know even a little bit about sports, you have to watch this show, these guys are so ridiculous and over the top competitive then you can’t help but laugh your head off. I finished season 1 in two days, and probably season 2 in couple more, when ever I feel like a light comedy with a bunch of guys this is it. If you haven’t seen it then you are miss out because these guys are nuts about football. They do some crazy funny shit!


Review: Blue Mountain State – Comedy On Another Scale

In the vein of “Animal House,” “Blue Mountain State” follows three incoming freshman in a big-time, Midwestern college football program. Alex is a talented quarterback, content to ride the bench while partying with his best friend Sammy, who aspires to be the school’s mascot. Craig, on the other hand, is a number one recruit and future Pro whose life is already mapped out for him by his controlling girlfriend. Will they be able to juggle football, girls, class and nonstop hazing?

If you have any inclination to American Football then you should watch this show, it is hilarious, this isn’t your typical comedy. There is no bounds in this show this team goes overboard to make sure they are winning having fun, girls, and drinking. This show isn’t for the light of heart or to be watched around minors, from the beginning of the show you burst out laughing from their antics and it never stops, every episode something happens, and my favorite guy from the show is the team Captain, Thad, this guy is seriously over the top, he just doesn’t stop with his insanity. I think the target audience of this show are guys and I honestly love it, I watched the first season in two days and now season 3 starts in October, watch it if you haven’t.

Link: TV

Kuwait Won The Gulf Cup 2010!


Kuwait has won the Gulf Cup against some tough odds, our guys played well and beat out the competition. I don’t I have been this excited watching football in a long time. Our guys held out against the Saudis who were playing pretty roughly but the game was a really good game, both teams had some good shots but at the end it was a clear goal by Walid Ali to score 1-0 in the first half of extra time. When the whistle was blown I think Kuwait went into hysteria, we went out into the streets and everyone was honking, waving flags, dancing, clapping, and all kinds of fun. It just felt so good that we had something to be proud of at last, we haven’t had good news such as this in a long time that Kuwaitis just want to be happy and having fun. I don’t think there is a country in the Middle East that could have gone as crazy as we did last night, every highway, to every road, to every house was packed and celebrating insanely! Congratulations to the players who made us a very happy country! We are tired of the politics, of the constant problems, the stagnant country, and just all these stupid issues. These players have managed to unite a country in a sea of joy and we will welcome them back with open arms, thank you!

Live 49ers Game

There isn’t a lot of sports that I follow but the one I do follow consistently is American Football. I just love watching NFL games and the one thing I wanted to do on my trip was to go a San Francisco 49ers game as they are my favorite team. It was the first home game and they were already 0-1, and it was against the Superbowl Champions, the New Orleans Saints. There was a huge build up to the game and I for one was going crazy from start to end. It was a special day for 49ers fans as they were retiring Jerry Rice’s number at half time, number 80, and every loved Jerry Rice. So many super stars and couches were there from the past. Steve Young and Ronnie Lott and a whole lot of other people, it was just another level of excitement.

Going to the game early is key so you can enjoy the tailgating, in our case some beef hot links and throwing the ball around. Next day my arm was hurting me so that tells me how fit I am, probably in my worst physical state. After tailgating people started heading in to get their seats and I was excited as hell, and this game was not a disappointed. The 49ers did lose in the last two seconds of the game which drove me insane, I screaming my head off all through out the game and loved every moment of it. Going to a live sports game is completely different then watching it on TV, if I had the chance I would go to every game, I just love it.

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Lingerie Football League – September Kickoff

The Lingerie Football League kicks off its season this Friday, so we thought we would give you a little preview.The concept originated in 2004 with a Super Bowl halftime alternative special called the Lingerie Bowl. In the past I believe the Bowl was a bit of a joke, featuring models who really couldn’t play football. However this season all that has changed. While the women are certainly beautiful, and they still wear lingerie, now they can play too. This fall, ten LFL inaugural season teams will compete in a twenty week season with games being played at major arenas and stadiums. The weekly broadcast will be shot in high-definition and will be available via cable television as well as online streaming.

When this first came out a few years back it was just a half-time show in the superbowl and they had one game last year. And now for the first time they turned it into a full season with all the teams. I don’t think people should take this lightly, they are bunch of hot girls but this is a contact sport so somebody is gonna get roughed up. It took a genius to put this together, and I for one am gonna enjoy watching some of these games, I’m curious to see the skills of some of these girls who have been on these teams for a while now and I have gone through some intense training.

Link: Gunaxin

Car Football – Volkswagen Fox vs. Toyota Aygo

This is nothing short of genius, there is a reason why the Top Gear guys are hilarious, they come up with these genious ideas of taking small cars and putting them into teams to see who is the winner of car football. This is basically a big version of bumper cars with real cars, this is more fun the demolishin derby because you are trying to get a ball in the goal and most of the drivers are either race drivers or stunt drivers. And some of these stunt drivers pull some amazing moves to get the ball back or out of the way, some of these cars get really banged up and its hilarious.

Fantasy Football AD

I do enjoy Fantasy Football since it has turned into a game in of itself, and people root for different teams just so their fantasy football team wins. It is one very creative and cool advertisement, these guys are amazing, this is real football talent and the best one for me was the guy kicking the ball and all of the others! 

Link: Youtube

The LFL – Lingerie Football League

I saw this one game during halftime show a few years back with women wearing lingerie and playing football. It has all the characteristics that a man can appreciate, and it was a great halftime show. Now they have gone full blown made a full league of this and starting all these teams and making sure that its going to be the best half time show yet. I don’t know how the schedule is going to be, but I’m sure a lot of people are going to be watching these games for sure.

Eastern Conference

  • Atlanta Steam
  • Chicago Bliss
  • Miami caliente
  • NE Euphoria
  • Tampa Breeze

Western Conference

  • Dallas Desire
  • Los Angeles Temptation
  • Phoenix Scorch
  • San Diego Seduction
  • Seattle Mist


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