MotoArt – C-119 Table

I have always been a fan of MotoArt, they create furniture from discarded plane parts. They go to plane graveyards and pick pieces from it to create exquisite furniture, I remember making an inquiry into a desk once only to find out that it costs upwards of $15’000, slightly outside my budget, but I can’t blame them on their amazing craftsmanship. The new addition to the line up is the C-119 Aileron Coffee Table and it looks beautiful, I love the black metal frame surrounding the wing structure below it, two levels and the second level you can see into the wing. I just love those large rivets all over the wing, you get a feeling of the 1950s planes with a touch of modern design.

Link: MotoArt

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Corner Frame


Now this is a fresh look to a normal product, there are so many types of pictures frames it rare to see something new. This is the Corner frame from Photojojo, you can put all sizes of pictures in it. I think it just presents them so uniquely, it holds 12 pictures of different sizes and I think it would look good from a set of pictures from a vacation or an outing.


Link: FreshHome