Summer Movies 2012

There is an interesting mix of movies coming out this summer, a few less superhero movies then last year but still a very decent list. Leading the pack of course is The Avengers and thats something that is at the top of my watch list. Some great blockbusters movies like The Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus and Spider-Man, and some great comedies like Neighborhood Watch & TED.

  • The Avengers – May 4th
  • Men In Black 3 – May 25th
  • Chernobyl Diaries – May 25
  • Piranha 3DD – June 1
  • Prometheus – June 8
  • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – June 22
  • Brave – June 22
  • G.I. Joe: Retaliation – June 29
  • The Amazing Spider-Man – July 3
  • Ted – July 13
  • The Dark Knight Rises – July 20
  • Neighborhood Watch – July 27
  • Total Recall – August 3

Comic Panels Printed By BayPhoto

There is no denying that I am addicted to comics of all kinds, and one the things I tend to do is while surfing through all these websites I would save high quality images. I always wondered how I could print them as metal panels, since I already had a few metal panels that I picked up from Chicago a year ago. After finding BayPhoto’s website

I went with three panels types of comic panels to print, Transformers, Comics, and Manga. I wanted to do the metal prints and find something reasonable and after going around Bay Photo had the best options. BayPhoto seems to be the place that photographers make their prints and they are professionals, my prints were packaged by Mike, thats what it said on a card inside the packaging, I liked the personal touch.

All the prints came out perfectly, I made some normal size print outs and some custom size print outs which I put over my computer screens, the biggest one being the Transformers G.I.Joe which look awesome. For $320 these prints were very reasonable and especially for the quality, and only one was a bit fuzzy but that was because of the quality of the upload and other ones were amazing. The Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow came out amazing, so much so that I wanted it in front of me when I was working on my computer.

The List Of Panels:

  • Transformers & G.I.Joe
  • Transformer Bad Asses
  • Optimus Prime Version 1
  • Optimus Prime Version 2
  • Batman & Superman Apocalypse
  • Superman
  • G.I.Joe – Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow
  • Mazinger
  • Justice League

Link: BayPhoto

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G.I. Joe: Retaliation Trailer

I enjoyed the First G.I.Joe movie but this one looks even Better! Snake Eyes is still a bad ass, and I want that motorcycle with a machine gun installed on it. Then there is Dwayne Johnson or “The Rock” who plays Road Block in this part of G.I.Joe basically the big guy with the big guns, I do love these movies!

Review: G.I. Joe: Tales From The Cobra Wars Edited By Max Brooks

G.I. Joe: Tales from the Cobra Wars is an action-packed collection of all-original prose stories. Flint, Scarlett, Destro, the Baroness; they’re all here as the ongoing war between G.I. JOE and Cobra is depicted from every angel. This trade paperback presents eight novella-length tales, penned by today’s leading crime and thriller writers, such as Jonathan Maberry, Duane Swierczynski , Chuck Dixon, and Dennis Tafoya. Cobra Wars is edited by Max Brooks, who also supplies a new story, and features new illustrations for each story.

This is one of the easier reads that I have laying around the office, I always wondered when I would read so I just picked it up a few weeks ago and started reading it. First off if you are a fan of G.I.Joe then you have to pick up this book, its written in short story form, like mission logs and you have to be familiar with the characters from G.I.Joe because they jump right into it. Each short story is written by a different writer who works with the G.I.Joe Comics and all of it is edited by Max Brooks (World War Z). There are some stories that gets your blood pumping and a few times I was slightly confused because I wasn’t totally familiar with all the characters, overall it was a fun read and I would have wanted the stories to be a little longer because you do get caught up in them and by the end of the book the good guys aren’t winning.

Link: Amazon

G.I. Joe Renegades

Soldiers … heroes … outlaws. On the run after being accused of crimes they didn’t commit, six young G.I.s battle to clear their names — and expose the real bad guys, COBRA Industries. The world thinks this giant corporation is the good guys, but it’s really run by evil people who want to rule the planet. It’s up to these renegade Joes to stop COBRA and save the world — and themselves.

I stumbled onto this show by mistake on iTunes, I wasn’t expecting to see a new animated tv show for G.I. Joe and the moment I saw I purchased the whole season, I didn’t even think about downloading it on torrents, I just downloaded right away on my iPad iTunes. For any G.I. Joe fan this show is a new twist on the story, you have young G.I.s who are blackmailed by Cobra and fight to show Cobra’s true colors and clear their names. It has been mordernized for the today’s audience and even old fans will really enjoy it, I’m loving and especially Snake Eyes. The animation of the show is pretty good too, its done in 2D but uses 3D to give the background depth, so the characters feel drawn but certain elements are done in CGI to give it that depth of movement like helicopters or their vehicle, I like this style of animation and its making it even more enjoyable to watch. Its at 15 episodes at this point I’m enjoying every one of them, I can’t wait for the story to develop more. Hasbro is doing a good job of investing in their different productions, I just hope the quality remains as good as it is.

Link: Wikipedia

Review: G.I.Joe – Resolute

In G.I. Joe: Resolute, the raging battle between G.I. Joe and Cobra has never been more intense. Every life is at stake… and even the good guys can die.

This is no game.

Your favorite characters are back… but this time, no one is safe. No parachutes. No lasers. No rules.

All games end today.
Now you know… and knowing is half the battle.

A quality animated movie or tv show of G.I. Joe is long overdue, this picks up assuming you know a degree of the storyline. Cobra seems to be destroyed but something is brewing under the radar, and Cobra goes into full attack with G.I. Joes caught off gaurd. The best part is that the story jumps in Snake Eye’s past, you start seeing Cobra Commander’s plan coming together, this time around people are dying, it isn’t like before if the character dies then they are dead. And there is the usual big kick ass fight between G.I. Joe and Cobra, a great short movie and I’m looking forward to more episodes of G.I. Joe.

Link: IMDB