50th Anniversary Lamborghini Event


Lamborghini is celebrating its 50th anniversary in style, and that includes a gathering of 350 ‘raging bull’ branded cars, which would take the tour starting from Milan up until Bologna, the end-point being the headquarters of Lamborghini! You know what, not all Lamborghinis were welcomed to join its 50th Anniversary Grand Tour. The brand had allowed only the modern and vintage model entry, that too with a valid license plate.


Thanks to the filtering, the fleet of supercars from the brand has been an interesting mix: 350 GTs, 400 GTs, Miuras, Espadas, Jaramas, Urracos, Countaches, LM 002, Diablos and Murcielagos. The five-day long tour from May 7 to May 11 would pass through breathtaking landscapes of Lombardia, Toscana, Lazio, Umbria and Emilia Romagna, stopping over in Forte Dei Marmi, Grosseto, Roma, San Giustino Valdarno and Bologna, where they will arrive on May 10.


So many beautiful machines in this event, out of the 350 beautiful Italian machines participating there are a few that are participating from Kuwait. How much better could it get to have a high speed escort across Italy being led by a Lamborghini Police Car. I spot four cars from Kuwait in the video, three together in the middle of the video and one orange one towards the 3/4’s of the video. So many beautiful colors, and some of the machines are a bit over the top but still fun, loved the sound of the exhausts in the video.

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Lamborghini Gallardo 570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale

Looking rather fetching in its flawless coat of Rosso Mars paint, which the automaker proudly claims recognizes Italy’s famous red racing cars, this latest version of Lambo’s V10-powered supercar is based on the LP570-4 Blancpain Edition that was unveiled at last year’s Paris Motor Show. That means it weighs 2,954 pounds and makes good use of its 570 horsepower to hit 0-62 miles per hour in 3.4 seconds. That massive rear spoiler is manually adjustable to help keep the wheels on the ground, and both it and the car’s hood are crafted from carbon fiber. Lamborghini will happily plaster the interior with carbon goodness in place of the standard black and red motif, surely for an extra charge.

Now Lamborghini have done it again making one very sexy looking machine with the Super Trofeo Stradale Gallardo. Only 150 of these special Gallardos are earmarked for production, in either the aforementioned red hue or, optionally, in Grigio Telesto or Bianco Monocerus. They keep improving these lovely machines and with that massive rear spoiler I don’t know how it handle on the track but it has a sexy rear end to it.

Link: Autoblog

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Lambos On the Pacific Coast

Those are some very nice looking Lamborghinis driving in Los Angeles being followed by a helicotper. I don’t know what the point of this whole video but that road is a very nice piece of the Pacific Coast Highway, I have driven there a few years back, I even remember renting a Corvette C6 Convertible when it first came out in 2005 and driving it down those roads, and in those Gallardos it looks inticing. The music is a bit annoying and I would have preferred the sound of the machines, but still damn good.

Japan Manga Cars

This is probably the coolest set of cars a person can have and they are all owned by one Yoshida San. Yoshida is a matured gentlemen, an avid gamer, and the owner of AGE SOFT a video game software house. I can’t believe how funky these cars look with the manga on it, I really like what he is done even though many will not appreciate it, but in Japan they are beautiful.

Link: WorldCarFans

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Sharpie Covered Lamborghini

Unless you take up residence in Dubai or Beverly Hills, any time you pull up in a Lamborghini you’re gonna get more attention than a red carpet nipple slip. But if you do live in an area where Lambos and Ferraris are as common as Dodge Chargers, you may want to let Prestige Imports give your super car a makeover like the one they gave to this Gallardo.

There’s not much information on the car, except that the graphics that envelope the Gallardo were hand drawn on with a Sharpie marker and then covered with a clear coat. If we were to buy a Lamborghini, it’d be flat black, Bruce Wayne style. But, hey, to each their own. Check out more photos of the car below.

Now this is an interesting vehicle, never thought that to someone would take a sharpie to a vehicle to make stand out. And even with the clear coating what would this person do if it washes off, and what if he has an accident how the can you fix something like that, I wonder what his insurance costs. Still looks good in a different kind of way really.

Link: ComplexBlogs

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