Tilal Gallery – Photo Frenzy

When I first saw the anouncement of a photography gallery being held in Tilal Gallery I was excited, it turned out to be four events during the whole month of September, each week being a specific type of Photography. I wanted to make sure that I went to every one of those events so it was once a week. I know that Tilal Gallery is a very nice and spacious gallery with ample parking so I wasn’t worried about getting there but the one annoying part is that they close on Saturdays so you only have time during the week to see them.

But with my schedule I only managed to make it to two out of the four events, the first part was the Fine Arts, and I went to the third one but the fourth one was the under water photography and that is the one I missed. There were some fantastic photographs and art work all ranging from 150 KD up to 750 KD which ins’t bad compared to the prices of art work I have seen and these were really works of Art. I hope to see more events in Kuwait such as this, just beautiful.

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Al M. Gallery

Saw the recent post on ArtOfKuwait.Org and decided to pass by Al M. Gallery which is in Salhiya on the Mezzaine 2 close to door 4. I never knew there was a gallery such as this in Salhiya and I am fan of Art but haven’t been to galleries in Kuwait because I never know when or what is going on with the galleries. Honestly I don’t have a clue about the Kuwaiti Art Scene and I want to know more but luckily ArtOfKuwait does update when there is a new exhibition so I started following them on Twitter and Google Reader. This was a very nice and cozy gallery not big but full of heart and the owner and gallery director were there talking and came by to give us information on the artist. I honestly loved the feel of the place and I hope they have more exhibitions, honestly seeing this made me proud.

One exhibition gathered together 13 artists and display 27 artworks of 80′s-90′s-00′s. Most of the artists are known already as the classics of Kuwaiti art and the artworks were approved by time.

52 Degrees – Summer Business Program


It seems that there are more and more interesting things that 52 Degrees keep coming up with, and in this case they have a very smart summber busienss program and I think its an excellent program for people to join and experience. With the excellent staff and people working with 52 Degrees this would be a very good program for people to get a hands on experience with work life in Kuwait and a way to get their business of the ground.

The Summer Business Program is dedicated to young aspiring students who have a dream to construct their own business. The program will begin initiation on June 19th 2011 and end on July 12th 2011. This program will be the first of its kind in Kuwait. The summer business program is not your typical “teach, learn and do” method; however this planned process is designed to have all selected candidates to teach themselves by practical daily training through all departments of 52 Degrees. Through this method candidates get to experience all aspects of having and promoting a business. During the program candidates will be expanding their business idea to the last detail. Every week a mentorship course will take place to follow up on work progress and project grading. The best business plan will have their business dream turn into reality. The management team will select top three candidate to receive a winning Gold, Silver, Bronze prize.

Gold Prize: One Year contract
Silver Prize: 6 months contract
Bronze Prize: 3 months contract

Terms and Conditions:

  • Nominated candidates must be between the ages 16-22
  • All candidates must be of Kuwaiti nationality
  • All candidates must have a potential to create their own business in order to be nominated as a 52 Degrees trainee in this summer business program.

Link: 52 SBP