Microsoft XBox One – No DRM Nothing!


Looks like Microsoft made a decision after getting so much bad press and losing the E3 gaming conference to Sony.

You don’t have to connect your device every 24 hours.

Your game won’t be registered to you. It will be exactly the same as the XBox 360, so you can sell your games any way you see fit.

They haven’t switched off the feature, its there if developers want to lock their games, they can do that.

Fast switching gaming won’t happen the way they envisioned because we have to take the discs with us, but I’m fine with that. They want to take a different way for Gaming, fine let them do that, but they shouldn’t restrict what we do with our property.

XBox One – The Nasty Update


What You Can’t Do:

Play games unless you connect to the internet once every 24 hours

  • if you are unable to connect, your games will not function at all
  • Yes, that includes single player games

Can’t disconnect the Kinect Sensor
You can’t Lend games
You can’t Rent Games

You can’t Trade games freely

  • Only pre-approved retailers can accept trade-ins
  • No independent game shops
  • Less value for your trade-ins since there is less shops which leads to less competition

You can’t Sell your games freely

  • In order to sell a game to someomne you must have been friends with them for over 30 days
  • The game is then locked to that user forever
  • They will not be able to see it afterwards

Seems like Microsoft really wants to lock you in, and this is how they are doing it, now it seems that the games you buy aren’t your to do with as you please. Its like buying a car but you can’t do anything with it except sell it back to the dealer. I will keep my XBox 360 for a little while until they change their stupid policies.

Razer Blade – 14 Inch Gaming Machine


Razer just announced a more 14inch Blade, we always picture gaming machines as heavy bricks attached to a big screen, thats as portable as it will get. But Razor has a different idea, they wanted a Gaming machine as powerful as desktop yet as mobile as a Mac Book Air, I like where these guys are going, they have the vigor that Alienware and Voodoo once had. I really feel the guys behind the Razer are true gamers and want a portable gaming machine, not something that weighs a ton and has to be plugged in to play.


“We tried to distill the very best reference points of the MacBook Air for our gaming laptop,” says Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan, pointing out that the 0.66-inch thin model is thinner than the thickest point of Apple’s machine. Despite the thinness, it uses the same graphics card and an unspecified fourth-generation Intel processor at 37W TDP, with a matte 1600 x 900 screen and a multi-touch trackpad.


The company claims it will run Crysis 3 at 45 frames per second on average. It carries 8GB of RAM and a baseline of 128GB in solid-state storage, expandable to 256GB or 512GB, and you’ll find three USB 3.0 ports and an HDMI port on the sides. It promises six hours of battery life, which is far more life than one could expect from a larger gaming laptop, though that number might be a bit overzealous compared to real-world usage, but still not bad. The 14-inch Blade will start at a hefty $1,799, with pre-orders beginning June 3rd at midnight.


  • Future 4th gen Intel Core processor (formerly codename Haswell)
  • RAM 8GB onboard memory (DDR3L-1600MHz)
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M (2GB GDDR5 VRAM, Optimus Technology)
  • 14.0″ HD+ 16:9 Ratio, 1600×900, with LED backlight

Price: Starting @ $1,799
Link: Razer



Your Time Is Not Your Own

Recently I have been obsessed with Diablo 3, I feel like the kid back in 1997 who just would get of his machine, nonstop leveling and building characters. I want to enjoy this game that I planned ahead and took this past Thursday off over a month ago. The plan was simple, from Wednesday onwards don’t do anything but play this game, not eat or sleep, pretty much nothing, just nonstop clicking.

I even planned to leave work early so I can even enjoy a half day plus the weekend of gaming. But sometimes all my planning goes out the window. I always think about just taking a week off work and spend it finishing all my errands that I have to do but I wonder how much I would get done.

I ended getting called to the bank for work and heading into work twice on Thursday which very much interrupted my gaming time. Saturday I had to go into work from about 7 in the morning until 12 and then I was family and other mandatory social events so my whole Saturday was gone. So even the thought of taking a vacation while in Kuwait you end up doing things that never popped into your mind and people think your free so they end up calling and you end up with more things to do. I only managed to zone out for a solid 5 hours of nonstop gaming on one day and thoroughly ignored my phone, I loved it.

Next time I’m just gonna tell people that I am out of town and record a strange ring tone to my voicemail, makes people think that I am out of town.

Gaming Challenge Kuwait


FASTtelco will be organizing an online gaming tournament on September 3rd at the Regency hotel, lots of local teams and famous teams from Bahrain and KSA will be participating in the event.

Registering for the tournament is on Thursday 25 -yesterday- and the games are:

  • Call of Duty 4
  • PES 2011
  • Super Street Fighter

This seems like a very cool idea from Fasttelco and the gaming community, not sure what to do if you didn’t go to the Thursday registration I’m sure they have other ways to register. I know people that live by CoD and PES, Street Fighter is an interesting mix, I would have to play for 24 hours a day until September 3rd to be able to match some of these guys out there. The skills of some of the gamers in Kuwait is insane, the funny part is when I find them on Halo and going crazy. If you are into any of those games check out the competition.


Check the registration line below from The Regency! Looks like a lot of people already signed up!


Fasttelco Game Pal Service


FASTtelco has launched GAME PAL a new 1Mb and 2Mb broadband service aimed at online gaming fans. The super-fast broadband packages have been introduced to cater to all the gamers around Kuwait. Subscribers can take advantage of choosing either 1Mb or 2Mb downstream speeds. FASTtelco’s 1Mb Game Pal service allows you to play the latest PS3 and Xbox 360 Games FASTtelco’s 2Mb Game Pal service allows you to play the latest PS3, Xbox 360 and PC games. So say GOOD BYE! to lags and delays and join the first and only service dedicated to online gaming in Kuwait… GAME PAL.


  • 1Mbps Game Pal service – 189KD/ yearly
  • 2Mbps Game Pal service – 269KD/ yearly

SALES: 1838485

The most important part for online gamers is to lower the ping of your connection, this the case with XBox Live, PSN, World Of Warcraft, Starcraft II, and any online game. Fasttelco partnered with a company in Europe that runs game servers and now have a dedicated link from Kuwait to thier game server farms, the service will also reduce the ping time for games played on US game servers. Surprisingly the biggest gaming server farm is located in Northern Europe and they host all of the Blizzard servers, I hope that they have connected to that company to provide this service.

Lack of Time Management


When I took a vacation I thought I would get things back in order, get some gaming in and watching some anime. I barely keep up with the shows as well as movies, I’m traveling a lot for work staying late. At the end of the day I’m even too tired to go riding. There are days I just want to stay playing video games all day, when I was int he states I played a lot of Halo Reach and since I came back I haven’t had a chance even though I really want to play the game, it requires dedication and time to play Halo and I don’t want to just play 20 minutes and stop, I usually end up playing for hours. Then there is all the anime that I am missing and I’m going to try catching up with all that I have missed but I don’t know when that is going to happen.

What I Would Do With A Lot Of Free Time:

  • Ride As Much As Humanely Possible!
  • Watch all the anime and tv shows that I’m missing
  • Play all the unplayed XBox 360 & PS3 Games!
  • Go the gym
  • Clean up my room
  • Catch up on the pile of books
  • Reorganize My Network
  • Reorganize all the Cables, Wires and Hardware
  • Reorganize all the folders stored on my Network, I’m getting lost as to where I stored what item

3D – Headache


All these companies releasing 3D capable TVs, AV recievers and more. Now Sony, Microsoft, and Wii are talking about 3D games and when they think they will come to market. Some manufacturers are even releasing new 3D TVs without the need for 3D glasses, even after seeing it at a recent expo it did give me a decent headache. Wide spread adoption of 3D TV is going to be harder then adoption of Blu Ray which still hasn’t taken off, they will try pushing it through broadcasting but I still don’t think people will be drawn to it as much as they would like to think. Key anaylists think that porn is the key to the early adoption of 3D TV but lets see how they plan on doing that.

Drawbacks of 3D:

  • It isn’t standardized, meaning that different manufacturers have different ways of presenting TV on your screens. Which means that the 3D glasses that work for your Panasonic screen won’t work for your Samsung screen
  • If your looking at the wrong object on the screen you may still get a little nauseated or develop a headache, so basically you have to know where is the right place to look
  • 3D TV without 3D glasses do give you a headache if your looking at them for too long and it only took me about 5 minutes

“Adult videos will likely be an incentive for consumers to buy a 3-D TV,” says content analyst Yuji Fujimori, at Barclays Capital in Tokyo. “It’s worth paying attention to the move because it’s lack of content that’s hindering expansion.”

Link: Kotaku

Halo – Reach – Trailer & More

This game is going to be a lot of the original Halo and something new to the game play. Now seeing the video trailer made me jump, there is going to be a SPACESHIP! I just can’t believe there is going to be a spaceship, thats going to be cool. Combat in outer space in the form of dog fighting it going to be another level of fun and madness. I just can’t wait for the game in September, they have really worked nonstop to perfect the game and from all the write ups and beta game reviews it looks like its going to be that way for sure. Watching the trailer below will get your blood pumping, it just can’t get any better.

Link: GeekTyrant

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Halo Reach – Kuwaitis Kick @$$

I have been waiting for Halo Reach for a while now, every iteration of Halo just keeps getting better. With this they overhauled the whole gaming system, taking it to another level so that people can enjoy the game even more. Now this montage by a group of 5 Kuwaiti gamers playing the Beta version of Halo gets my blood pumping, I so would want to join them in their rampage and killing sprees! The guy with the warhammer is pretty damn good, he is killing people left right and center. My favorite is the rocket launcher, I just love that weapon, but I want to have a little more ammo. There are new techniques to keep in mind when fighting because sneaking up on people is now completely different then before and it looks damn good. It was fun watching these teams battle it out in the team tournament, and at the end the blue team won.