Review: Olympus Has Fallen


Disgraced former Presidential guard Mike Banning finds himself trapped inside the White House in the wake of a terrorist attack; using his inside knowledge, Banning works with national security to rescue the President from his kidnappers.


I loved this movie and Gerard Butler played a Bad Ass Secret Service guy kicking ass throughout the movie while having some funny lines. I honestly wasn’t expecting this movie to be that good, but it was, it went beyond my expectations, if the White House was ever stormed this is how it would happen, and I didn’t even know the white house had anti-air Missiles on the roof, that’s just ridiculous and there are certain parts of movie where you know the bad guys have been planning this for years and I loved it. One man versus a whole bunch of bad guys with a good story and a lot of governmental detail, and it doesn’t hurt to have Morgan Freeman as part of the cast. If you want a good action movie then this is it, I don’t want to ruin the movie with spoilers but I walked out of the movie with my blood pumping, lots of fun.

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300 – King Leonidas Helmet

300 is one of those movies that will leave a mark on any man’s life, its become a right of passage for many men. Ever time I see this movie I’m still in awe of King Leonidas, he feared very little, faced his enemies when they were only 300 against hundreds of thousands. So when I saw this statue of the helmet of 300 and shield as the base I had to have it.

I picked it from a store called The Nobel Collection in Dubai Mall, their prices are reasonable as this is around 72 KD, for a full bronze helmet, shield and sword of 300. In my case I’m missing the sword since I was so happy I got it I took it in with me as a carry on and so security took the little sword, I wasn’t thinking straight at the time. So they took the 12 cm Bronze sword and left everything else, they were rather reasonable and decent at security but I still have this amazing helmet and the quality of it is fantastic, solid bronze piece.

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Review: Law Abiding Citizen

Its been a while since I have seen Jamie Fox in a movie, and he just the perfect movie star in with Gerard Butler. Gerard Butler plays the perfect kick ass pyschopath ready to extract revenge from the system that failed him, so he took matters into his own hands and made his family’s killers pay. This is one those movies that gets you thinking and wondering what the hell is going to happen next, bombs going off and bullets flying. A man how has the intellect to kill people in ways they don’t even know exists, so much so the spooks are even afraid of him. A hell of a movie, kept was wondering what the hell is going to happen next.

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Review: Butterfly on a Wheel

This was an unexpected movie, it felt like James Bond versus King Leonidas, but I was a bit disappointed with Leonidas. Gerard Butler has the perfect family, a great job, and things are looking great. He plans a retreat soon with his boss, he takes his wife out for the day and things takes a turn for the worse as Brosnan takes a hold of them and their lives. Maria Bello plays the wife and I think she is very attractive, and pulls of this role perfectly. Its strange seeing these actors in these roles but some how they all pull it off. The story comes together, and the movie is very enjoyable but there is just something missing from the movie, I’m not sure what, you just feel that it could have been better. Overall its an enjoyable movie and if you like Brosnan that you would like this movie, gets your blood pumping.

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