ZR1 Commercial

A GM Commercial about Americans still making rockets shows the ZR1 strutting it’s stuff on the road. The 683 bhp beast from Chevrolet which can beat almost ever high end car out there without much effort, its more like a German engineered vehicle then an American built sports car, I liked the commercial, but more action scenes next time please.

Rossi SixtySix

A retro look to a modern corvette, and a treat for any fan of the Corvette Stingray from 60s. Rossi seems to be a doing a full conversion of C6 into a modern 60s Stingray. The whole drive train remains the same with the body work. The split window look with the C6 included would cost $130’000 in total, and they would be able to do it for the Z06 & ZR1 for the price difference between them and the C6.

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Hummer – End Of Life In Kuwait


It seems that you will be seeing less and less of the Hummer vehicle line in Kuwait as of this year. It seems the reality of GM’s actions are now reflecting in Kuwait, I knew a while back that they are no longer selling the vehicle and that they are not available but now since the deals fell through and they shutdown the plant its come to a different end. No longer will the dealership be able to support any of the vehicle with our without warranty, the H3 or H3 or the pick up versions of them. Spare parts will cease to be provided by end of 2010, and as that happens even if someone wants to keep their car they have to cannibalize vehicles in the market for spare parts. So if you own one your going to be out of support soon. I think its going to be the same case across the GCC, but I thought they would manage to sell the brand and continue to make the vehicles.

The New GM or should is it Government Motors

Filling for Chapter 11 is what they were looking for, the government won’t let them falter because they have too much invested and a good portion amount of the population is part of their workforce or tied to that industry.

Chapter 11 in this situation means they can ditch their bad debts and keep their good assets.


  • Chevrolet
  • Cadillac
  • Buick
  • GMC

Bye bye:

  • Hummer
  • Saab
  • Saturn
  • Pontiac

Ownership of the company, split very nicely. The Government won’t interefere but they will check up on their progress, I wonder how they plan on doing that.

The government is basically giving GM about $50 Billion but because of the bankruptcy they will agree to dropping that figure to $6.7 Billion

The Labor people or UAW, instead of $20 Billion pay out which GM owed them they took a 17.5% stake of the new company. I have a feeling its not going to be worth the same amount.

Dealers are out, only 3,605 by 2010

When GM is in chapter 11 they can pretty much restructure what ever they want without any litigation risks. Even the UAW is accepting less pay, job cuts, and plant shutdowns for the sake of keeping what jobs they do have.

Lets think about this way, a GM worker makes twice the amount Toyota Worker does in the US while only being 25% as productive as the Toyota worker. Seems GM is gonna be trimming some fat and cutting back on the feed.

Will GM survive, I think they will, but it shall grow to be a different creature.

Link: Autoblog

Artisan Camaro SS SA-600

Aritsan worked with Turbochargers.com to come wih the solution for the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS. Using tow turbos, cat-back exhaust, intercooler, modified ECU, 14 inch SSBC Big Brake Kit, 1.5 inch body flars, 21 inch in the front and 22 inch in the rear. All these modifications make this one very mean looking car and the whole thing costs $69,000 for the SA-600 available from Atrisan.

Link: Autoblog

Transformers – GM Motors

It seems that GM has to cut back on expenditures and operational costs as part of the deal when they took the government loan. A large part of that is cutting back on marketing and that includes Transformers 2. I don’t care about GM as long as they don’t affect Transformers 2, and on another note I would put a decent bid for that statue of Bumblebee. That would be the coolest statue any man can have, a cooler one would be of Optimus Prime.

Link: Autoblog

Corvette Centennial Concept aka Sideswipe

I don’t know what is more exciting, taking a look at this beautiful machine that GM has created. Or that this machine is going to be one of the robots in Transformers 2: Revenge of The Fallen! They have to put this machine into production, it looks so damn menacing, I want to get my hands on it. This corvette would transform into Sideswipe, a robot with skates. It will be a success just as the Corvette is, if it went into production which I doubt at this point.

Link: Autoblog

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