Gmail For iOS – Update 5/13


Apple wanted to remove all trace of Google from their iOS operating system, it took them 6 to 9 months after the sudden change for them to start releasing their own Apps and everyone was so happy with Google Maps, what Apple did was an initial disaster with their Maps App and with the release of Gmail it’s so much better then the native iOS mail App, and I like it so much more after the last update.

The update released by Google circumvents Apple’s default apps, opting for its own apps already available on iOS. Now, the Gmail app has the ability to open YouTube, Google Maps, and Chrome links directly into the respective app if installed, instead of Safari. I think its a smart move by Google, to be able to keep people in the Google environment within the iOS platform, very smart and smooth move.

The Google Experience – Excellent Nexus 7 Support

I have mentioned in my earlier Google Nexus 7 Review that I am having a small issue with my Nexus 7, the screen looks as if its foggy when I start it up it lasts for about 15 to 20 mins then the colors and screen contrast comes back to normal, I thought it was a software glitch and I tried to fix it through a few steps but it didn’t help.

So I called Google Support, they answered the phone very quickly, I told him what was wrong and looked like there was a bit of a screen memory ghost during those first 15 mins of the issue. The support on the phone asked me to switch off Auto-Brightness but that didn’t work and he ask me to do a factory reset which I did but that didn’t help the issue. Then he said he has been authorized to make this device as DOA (Dead On Arrival) and send me new one right away. That took a total of 10 mins without any fuss or complaining from my side which I think is fantastic, Google is out to make a point with the Nexus 7 and it seems they want everyone to be satisfied with it, so the support is just that good.

  • 48 Hours After The Support Ticket Was Created They Sent Me An Email With A Link To Get A New Nexus 7
  • They Sent Me A Prepaid International Shipping Label, I told them I am outside of the United States and said it is not a problem
  • They placed a hold on my credit card for the amount of Nexus 7 16GB until they receive the damaged unit
  • It will take two to three weeks until the new one is shipped to me because of the back log of orders they currently have

The guy even apologized the delay of send out the new device because they are currently on back order and I’m honestly satisfied I get to keep it another 10 days before sending it out, they have to get it 30 days after sending out the email so I really am without the Nexus 7 for about 2 weeks really which isn’t too bad. The best part about the tablet is the Vanilla software meaning its pure Android and with that you get the latest updates from Google Right away.

Gmail Capacity Issues


Recently for the last few months I have been hitting the maximum capacity of Gmail. I tried going through and cleaning up my mail box but I just ended up making up excuses and keeping the emails, I never really want to delete any emails. So I decided to do two things, one is to upgrade my mailbox and secondly is to really go through it and sort it out. So I went for the $5 plan since it really cost nothing and more then triples my regular capacity, and I ran FindBigMail on my mail box which sorted out my big files and I got to see I had a lot of junk emails that could be deleted that I was reluctant too but it was really junk.

Gmail Storage Upgrade Packages:

  • 20 GB ($5.00 USD per year)
  • 80 GB ($20.00 USD per year)
  • 200 GB ($50.00 USD per year)
  • 400 GB ($100.00 USD per year)
  • 1 TB ($256.00 USD per year)

Link: FindBigMail

Google Apps – Multiple Accounts


Previously only your regular GMail accounts had all the different Apps and Services provided by Google, but now even Google Apps has all these Apps and Services. I currently have ZDistrict running on Google Apps as well as several other domains. From your domain Management you can enable your Google Apps account to be migrated to the new Apps and Services which gives you access to Google Docs and all other documents. But the one drawback I wasn’t aware of at the time is that then I can’t sign into my Gmail account and my ZDistrict account at the same time. To do that I had to Enable Mulitple Account Signin from my main Google Accounts Page. Once that is done you can switch between accounts from a dropdown menu which is very cool, and I’m enjoying it, I sign into one and then use the drop down to switch between them.

Before you can turn it on, Google wants you to be aware of a few drawbacks, most notably that not all products support multiple sign-in and offline mode for Gmail and Google Calendar won’t work. I’m assuming that these will be worked out at a later stage but their was no mention of that from Google. But if you want to turn off Multiple Sign In and maintain the offline mode, you can still sign into your account with a little trick but using one Chrome Incognito Window to access that other account.

Link: GmailBlog

Gmail MailBox Overload

Recently I got a warning from Gmail that I am reaching my mailbox limit, I never thought that I would hit the 7GB mark but it seems years of not deleting any files has resulted in a large pile up of files. I still search through old files for information and I love that I don’t have to delete, I know that I have files which are unnecessary so luckily this post was shared by a friend on GoogleReader so it was perfect timing, talking about an online application called FindBigMail which integrates with your Google Account.

The software solution works very simply, you just enter your Gmail address, even works with domains registered with Gmail apps. After you authorize FingBigMail to sort through your account, it goes through it to check for files sizes. It categorizes files bigger then 2MB, Bigger then 500 KB, Bigger then 100 KB, and small. Each one of these search factors is created as a label in your Gmail and files are sorted into automatically which makes it extremely easier to delete files with attachments that you don’t need any more. After I did that I managed to free 500 MB right away, and the rest I need to think if I want to delete them or not, I’m taking my time with them. This is the best application to help clean up your mailbox.

New Gmail Labels:

  • FindBigMail – Top 20
  • FindBigMail > 2MB
  • FindBigMail > 500 KB
  • FindBigMail > 100KB

Link: FindBigMail

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Gmail – Stolen & Recovered


This is a story of how a gmail email of friend got stolen and how it was recovered by another friend. Some very detailed information of the steps she went through to recover for the email for the non-techie person.

So late last night was the last time Patient X was able to use his Gmail account and this afternoon when he tried to login to his account it kept telling him that the password was wrong and therefore panic started to form. Reason for panic is lots of private emails that if they fall in the wrong hands can cause chaos. So attempting to reset the password by using the forgot password form did not help as the reset password email address was one not known and therefore hacker dude probably messed that up too. So enter Dr Y trying to solve the issue, first steps were to retry the reset password, when that failed, Dr. Y attempted to go to the below mentioned link:

Link: Can’t Access Account


Once Dr. Y answered (No) The form was generated in which Dr. Y had to enter the below details about Patient X’s account. Luckily enough Dr. Y is a neat freak in organizing all emails sent and received, not deleting much and basically stalking anyone and everyone. Of the questions Dr. Y answered are the ones mentioned below.

An email address we can use to contact you* (entered Dr. Y’s email address)
Describe the problem you’re experiencing* (The answer was: I believe someone has taken over my account)

Then Dr. Y filled out some of the below mentioned details regarding the Product Information

  • Do you use Gmail with this account? (Yes)
  • Gmail username; (enter username)
  • Most recent recovery email address: (if applicable – in this case it was not remembered)
  • Do you have a verification code? (a code usually sent by mobile if your mobile number was registered (*Recommendation please re-visit your Password recovery options and update it*)
  • Email addresses of up to five frequently emailed contacts: (enter as many as you could – which was done here)
  • Names of up to four labels: (had it been Dr. Y’s account there could be up to 27 labels to choose from but here it was unknown as user was not organizing freak)
  • Did you receive an invitation to create your account? (Yes) [ This is where magic happened for Dr. Y and they were able to access all information collected on Patient X]
  • Do you use orkut with this Google Account? (No)
  • Do you use Blogger with this Google Account? (No)
  • Google Products you used with this account and the date you started using each one? (Entered 2 of the available 4 areas)
  • And finally the “Other account Information”
  • Account Creation Date: (Entered date)
  • Last Successful login date: (Entered todays date)
  • Last password you remember: (Entered last password)

Click on Submit and wait for the magic to occur. In this case it took almost 20 minutes for Google to reject the information provided as it wasn’t sufficient enough (me thinks: that someone did not have their morning coffee) As a suggestion they suggested to fill out the form again and I entered same information provided and submitted it to get an answer almost 2 hours and 30 minutes later a successful answer seen below:


Thank you for your report. We’ve completed our investigation and we’re
re-enabling your access to this account. We’ve changed the recovery email
address to ([email protected])

Proceeded to reset the password and had a password sent to the contact email mentioned above in the recovery process and viola everything was back to normal

All the emails were intact and no random emails were sent off!

Google Buzz

The simple way to explain Google Buzz is that its a feed of what your doing online, initially its all Google Related sites which is an automatic feature. Whats surprising is how Google launched this so silently with no buzz, contrary to its name. But it can be really interesting connecting all people on your list and friends list together, and following the activity of more people. Its getting a bit jumbled with Google Reader as its automatically following more people, and sometimes keeps adding them back in so Buzz is being integrated across all Google Platforms.

To Modify what your sharing go to the Buzz Page under your inbox in Gmail, right there click on view connected site to change which sites will show on your Google Buzz as well as how they are shared. You can even add individual websites so the website activity shows up on your Google Buzz. What you do want to do is stop other people who don’t know the people on your list from viewing them, its as if you are showing the world your contacts, that is a bad automated feature from Google. These steps are provided by Lifehacker but here is the simple breakdown:

Go to your Google Profile: Then click the link labeled “Edit Profile” and on that page just follow the steps below.

UnCheck: “Display the list of people I’m following and people following me

What I Dont like:

  • Automatically shows who is following you and who you are following
  • Your Google Chat conversations are put up for all to see as well as other data automatically
  • It isn’t intuitive in how to unshare certain features
  • Slightly intrudes in your privacy if you don’t know how to control it

What I like:

  • It sort of pools all your activity into one window for friends to see, from Google Reader, Flickr, Twitter, Individual Websites
  • Friends can comment on your activity and your details are kept within the Buzz page
  • For once Google introduced a new item which integrates across all their platform
  • You can really customize the details that are presented but all these details aren’t on one page

You can click on individual people to remove them from following you or you following them, and in the grey notes just under that button it will say they won’t know that you did it. Or you can it turn off Buzz completely, its all about how comfortable you are sharing this kind of information. Google is pushing into the realm of Facebook and other types of social networking but not just communication, its based on your content and what your doing, people can see and comment as well as you can comment on what there doing.

Overall I like it because its connecting friends on a different level and I’m enjoying it.

Google Space Expansion


When Gmail first came out we only had 100MB or 500MB with our emails, and sometimes you had to pay exuberant amounts for the upgrades. Google has spoiled us with their Gmail Services, I remember when it was launched years ago when they said you would never have to delete anything ever again, they were the first with 1 GB and just kept going up exponentially for a while and then they got to about 7 GB and still more then everyone else with the easiest email system to handle and most intuitive. Now they have really gone over the top and providing paid storage for huge amount of storage for a very low amount. Storage availability from Gmail has become so large that people have written lots of tools & scripts to make use it for online storage or back up, and now because of these numbers more scripts & tools will be developed. I wouldn’t mind paying $100 per year for 400 GB of storage, that’s a lot that can be stored or shared online.

Storage Upgrades:

  • 20 GB ($5.00 USD per year)
  • 80 GB ($20.00 USD per year)
  • 200 GB ($50.00 USD per year)
  • 400 GB ($100.00 USD per year)
  • 1 TB ($256.00 USD per year)
  • 2 TB ($512.00 USD per year)
  • 4 TB ($1,024.00 USD per year)
  • 8 TB ($2,048.00 USD per year)
  • 16 TB ($4,096.00 USD per year)

Link: Lifehacker

Gmail Labs Adds Multiple Inboxes

Now this is one very useful feature from Gmail, at last you can view multiple panels in one window. You can enable it in the through the Labs tabs, and these tabs can be configured to show different emails such as those unread, from a certain person, starred, with attachments, and a maximum of five different panels. The setup does look nice, but there is still room to clean up the look. Then there are a lot of other options to play around with in the Gmail Labs.

Panels by searches:

  • is:starred
  • is:unread
  • has:attachment

Link: Lifehacker

New GMail Theme

I have been tinkering around with the themes, there are a few that change colors with the time of day and season, and there are some normal color themes, and there are other ones. I tried most of them and I like the graffiti look because it fits the whole them of the computer. I do like when Google makes these small changes to an excellent product and keep improving it, every time I use Gmail I really dislike using Hotmail.