Lulu Hypermarket – Al Qurain

I have been passing by the Lulu Hypermarket in Shuweikh for years now and never thought of going in. Then one time on the way to the shalaih I needed to pick up a few items so I decided to stop by Lulu Hypermarket in Al Qurain instead of Sultan Center in Fahaheel. It took me about 5 minutes to get there since it was 5 minutes off of Malik Fahad (40) located in Asawaq Al Qurain, I think it was exit 208. Aswaq Al Qurain is a shopping Complex and its big but it still doesn’t have any permits and has been the case for years so it looks like its a deserted place.

When I walked in I was shocked to see the size of this market and selection of items. I wasn’t too impressed with the bakery but it was very organized. The other items were very diverse with so many kinds, like you can find every kind of cheese in mind, so many kinds of Ketchup, every type of meat in mind. I was pleasantly surprised to find they had Oscar Mayer hotdogs and they tasted amazing on the grill. So many lovely choices and I really did love the selection of items and size of the place. If you haven’t been there its really worth a visit.

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Our Sultan Visit

I haven’t been to Sultan Center Salmiya for over 8 years now, I think since Souq Sharq opened up I just go there to avoid the traffic. This time after the Ironman movie we wanted to have another bbq, and we were just exiting Fanar at 6:45 pm. We crossed the street to Sultan Center, we only need to pick up about 2 dozen buns and some minced meat from the butcher.

When you have 6 guys walking into Sultan Center, things don’t usually go as planned. I remembered why I wasn’t the best person for shopping in this type of environment, we went in for one thing and came out with it and a few other items. I forgot about all the cereals that I loved as after getting the meat and buns, I picked up some Coco Puffs, Rice Krispies, and Honey Smacks. I even tried picking up some dumb bells but nibaq kept throwing the dumb bells out of the cart, maybe he was right. I also picked up some Tang, and we were headed in different directions. Then we parked the cart at the escalator and headed upstairs which held a lot of childhood memories, toy section in Sultan was like a Gold Mine. I picked up about 7 pens and another pack of pens since I had lots of pens in my cup at home but most of them were nonfunctional, I even picked up a few tools. By the time we left we had a cart full of things, and still fun to slide on the cart down the isle.
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