Bahrain International Circuit & GulfRun

This is the second year for me to participate in GulfRun as well as the Bahrain International Circuit. This time around there were more cars, but also more events on the track. I’m going to post another post about the track days with all the pictures, for now these are the pictures from the track photographers.

One thing is for sure Bahrainis are the nicest people and great to have fun with. They really are easy going and very helpful, I don’t know Bahrain that well but whenever I asked for directions a lot of people went out of their way to help out (since my GPS unit was stolen by the owner of the black Mitsubishi Evolution).

There are a lot of nice restaurants in an Area called Aadliya which I kept messing up the pronunciation. It also seems that cops in Bahrain are tightening the belt so we were taking it easy on the roads. The best part about the whole trip is that we were staying at the Banyan Tree which is 5 – 10 mins from the track, its funny waking up in the morning and seeing all the drivers having breakfast in the hotel restaurant. There was a nice camaraderie between all the drivers and people, and I did get to meet some really nice people, and that honestly is the best part of the whole GulfRun event.

Link: BIC

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GulfRun Car Show @ Marina Cresent

That is honestly one of the best car shows I have seen in a long time in Kuwait. A huge turnout from the first day, lots of people, family, and kids showed up and enjoyed the show. The booths from Tristar Motorcycles, Al Fahad Travel, Kromozone, Ford, Mitsubishi, and My Toy World were there, and then the other sponsors for GulfRun such Agility, Huper Optic, Magic, Slider Station, and EggHead Electronics were at the event as well.

There were lots of interesting cars, and they look good with all the stickers. Then there was a few surprises such as the Desmosedici RR which is made in extremely limited production, a Moto GP motorcycle that you can take home. I think that GulfRun has made a good impression on lots of people and got them very interested in this event. Lots of families came and I was really surprised, people kept coming up to me who I wasn’t expecting to see and there was lots of family to say hello to. The best part is all the photography enthusiasts who showed up to the event.

The organization of the car show was very well done, lots of smiling faces and the music was blasting a little too much but it attracted people to the cars. Hopefully it will be bigger and better next year. I’m curious to see how its going to be topped next year.

Link: GulfRun

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Finally Back from GulfRun

GulfRun was nothing short of fantastic this year, it got bigger and better from last year. There was lots of support from all the sponsors such as Al Fahad Travel, Agility, Magic, Huberoptic, EggHead Electronics, and Slider Station. Then there was the track support from Pirelli, Porsche and Ferrari which was fantastic, it felt like we had an F1 support team for all technical issues even when are just driving and racing for pleasure. There is a lot to post about and I was happy there was a huge turnout of people coming to check out GulfRun 4 from Kuwait and Bahrain. At one point I was a taxi taking people out on the track and pretty much letting loose, and I was very happy that my car made a huge improvement over last year but I will be posting up pictures very soon.

Link: Flickr

GulfRun – Al Falah Car Wash

Things re going to get very interesting on Wednesday night at Al Falah Car Wash at 6 pm to 10 pm. I think there will be a lot of media coverage for all the vehicles and the beginning of the GulfRun adventure. There are close to 46 cars and all of them are going to be there to have their cars all stickered up. Its going to be hectic to deal with this many cars, I’m going to try to get there as early as possible.

I have just recieved my car from BMW service and I have to say they did an AMAZING job. The amount of technical expertise these mechanics have is amazing, and they installed all the parts perfectly. I’m extremely happy that everything was worked out. I don’t want to go into the details but the difference in looks and performance is very apparent. I want to eat up the competition in GulfRun, I am going to put my best foot forward, to be exact my lead foot.