Pigging Out


There are days when the diet goes out the window, and there has to be a level of moderation but in my case that went out the window. This long weekend we all met up at the shalaih, filled up the HDs full of tv shows and movies to watch while staying in and in the water during the day.

At night we were bbqing some burgers and hot dogs, and they were damn good. But that isn’t the bad part, we had one of our friends, we will call him “The Ferret” who went and picked up some sweets for us and they picked up some dessert for us. In the form of 2 dozen Krispy Kream doughnuts and 2 dozen Hardeez Cookies, and I stuffed myself silly with those cookies and doughnuts. I just had this strange urge to have more and more, the cookies just tasted that good and the doughnuts were great too. But later on I didn’t feel that great about it, I wish I didn’t have that many. I check myself on the weight, turns out I gained 1.8 Kgs in just one day which I plan on losing this week.

Some Hardeez

Every once in a while I get the urge for junk food, and this was some real junk food. I just wanted a chili-dog and fries from Hardeez, I knew that there was a very high possibility of food poisoning and being incapacitated for at least a week, but I didn’t care. I went and picked up my order, went home to watch some anime while enjoy my hot dog and fries, and it was every piece as good as it looked. I’m just happy over the years they didn’t ruin this sandwich, no matter how bad it is for your system.

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