Games Of Throne – Season 4 – The Wrap Up

I finished up the show a little while back but took me time to talk about it, and it is by far one of the best shows on TV for a very long time now. This season had everything for me and satisfied me by killing off people I hated, one specific bastard that I really hated. I’m assuming who ever is reading this has probably seen season 4, if not then there will be a lot of spoilers ahead. I do love seen the spoilers and there is a lot coming up for Season 5, and I love how the story is developing, now to see whats going to come from the North. Too bad the Prince of Dorne got killed off, Oberyn was a very eccentric character, and as usual Peter Dinklage aka Tyrion Lannister does amazingly and the second half of the season he plays his role brilliantly. I love how there are so many different story lines to follow between John Snow & Daenerys Targaryen and whats going on in Kings Landing but you are always kept on your toes, it’s going to be a while before Season 5 but hopefully its going to be even better.

Silicon Valley – Nerds Rejoice

The world that is Silicon Valley is put on display for everyone to see the quirks and oddities of this industry through this amazing HBO Comedy. Silicon Valley offers an abundance of highly relevant and insightful thoughts on the state of the Dotcom craze. It’s all packaged within an engaging scenario brimming with sharp humor, endearingly eccentric characters and the chance to come along for the ride while they try to make millions. 

HBO managed to develop all the characters within a short span of 8 episodes that you can’t help but love these guys while they go their trials and tribulations in the most hilarious way. Each character is very different from the next with Richard being the main character and each one playing a role in the Pied Piper company. The funny part being that Hooli in the show is acting like a combination of Google/Yahoo in my opinion. It is a show which the nerdiest nerd will love as well as someone with no technical understanding what so ever, living in the bay area for over 5 years I can’t help but love this show on so many levels. If you haven’t watched it your really missing out.

Game Of Thrones – An Epic Third Season


Every season just keeps getting better, and from what some of the critics say, the show is getting even better then the book. I’m expecting it to last two more seasons, and for them to wrap up this insane show. I only read the first book, but I heard book 4 and 5 have too much information, but the show has brought some of these characters to life and in season 3 you either hate someone more or love them more. I don’t want to ruin the show for anyone, and I watched the show all one go, I didn’t watch episode as it was released, in a 24 hour period I watched all the episodes so after eating and breathing Game of Thrones I really wanted more, and episode 9 is EPIC, I love that the keep you on your toes in this show. You get invested with some of the characters and they throw an unexpected twist your way. The best two characters in this show by far are Tyrion Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion is the only man standing up to the bastard King and he says exactly what you are thinking. Daenerys Targaryen has developed into something bigger and more fierce then I thought she could be, she takes the most decisions in the storyline that she literally makes you want to stand up and clap, she can have her own show the way she is going, I’m looking forward to seeing how they bring this all together.


TV Shows Recap


This show turned out to be a lot more twisted then I even expected and I loved it. Trying to get Revenge for her father who were framed by this family, and things just keep taking deeper turns, you never really know whats happening. Amanda Clark/Emily is one tough cold hearted woman who will do what is needed, and show finally just goes over the top.


I’m a huge fan of Kiefer Sutherland since 24, and I still refer to him as Jack Bauer, so I was waiting to see this show about his amazing son and Kiefer Sutherland as the father. It starts out a bit slow, trying to figure out what his son is trying to say, while he is a genius who can see all the fabrics of events of cause and effect across the world, its amazing. The show gets even better as it progressed, I can’t wait for season two to start in October.


It’s Aaron Sorkin’s new Drama about a Newscast and the channel they are working for. To sum it up simply its a very dramatic amazing show and I love how they tie the current events that have taken place to how the show is developing. If you haven’t seen it then you should, its just that good.


The Scifi show about a cop from the future chasing criminals into the past who want to bring down teh corporate world. Its starts off as something simple and then the true relationships between the characters of 2012 and how they relate to the people in 2077 fall together. The show just kept getting better, and if you are into Science Fiction shows then this is a must to watch.

Nonstop TV Shows – The April List

These days I am seriously watching a lot of shows, but there are a lot of good ones to enjoy. This is the list, and it doesn’t even include the animated shows or the anime that I am watching. Surprisingly there are a lot of good comedies this season.

Currently Watching

  • Game Of Thrones – At The Top Of the List
  • Blue Bloods – Just Keeps getting better
  • Alcatraz – I know it stopped but gonna finish it
  • The Good Wife – Just keeps getting more interesting
  • Fringe – Need to Catch Up On This
  • The Walking Dead – Hell Of A Show
  • The Borgias – Its Back & More Evil Italian Schemes
  • Touch – Getting Interesting
  • Breakout Kings – Got A Lot More Intense this Season, really good
  • Grimm – Loving This Show
  • Hawaii Five-0 – Love it! The action is nonstop!

Storage – Letting these shows pile up to watch one shot

  • Supernatural – Just love this show
  • Sons Of Anarchy – Biker Drama Show That Keeps Getting Better

The Comedy List – Had to Make One of Its Own

  • Community – I love it, I hope it keeps going
  • 30 Rock – Still Funny, I never get tired of Alec Baldwin
  • Mike & Molly – Cool Show
  • Two & Half Men – Loving This Season
  • 2 Broke Girls – Very Funny
  • New Girl – Loving This Show
  • Suburgatory – Pretty funny
  • GCB – Desperate Housewives but much much funnier with a Texas Touch
  • How I Met Your Mother – Just Keeps Going
  • Up All Night – I watch it when I have nothing else to watch

Game Of Thrones – It Begins Again

Its back and the show is off to another build up, you know something exciting is coming along. I don’t know what they have planned this season but if its as good as last season I know I for one have very high expectations. Week to week we are tormented waiting for an episode of Game of Thrones, each one more intense then the next. Now we are episode three and they are far from disappointing, some new characters introduced with some messed up things going along.

The Stories lead in several directions, some coming together and some going farther away. It so good at making you hate or love specific characters that you really get into it. Now the story is splitting into a three stories, not sure where the dragons are coming in but I’m looking forward to that and I don’t know what to expect from whats happening beyond the wall but its pretty crazy. HBO know how to make their shows.

Game Of Thrones – Back April 1st – Trailer

This show is the best show of 2011, honestly nothing has been close to surpassing it and it is by definition Epic. Expect the unexpected you really can’t tell whats going to happen and at last they have released a trailer for Season 2 when all they have been doing is releasing teasers, HBO has gold in their hands and I hope that Season 2 is just as good as Season 1 because I don’t know how they could top it. Check out the trailer and enjoy.

Kenny Powers – K-Swiss CEO

If you aren’t watching Eastbound & Down then you are really missing out on Kenny Powers, the star of the show and he is hilarious. Watch what he does when he takes over as MFCEO of K-Swiss.

Amazing. Kenny Powers becomes CEO of K-Swiss, and enlists the help of Michael Bay, Matt Cassel, Jillian Michaels, MMA Champion Jon “Bones”