Garmin VIRB – What Say You Go Pro?


Garmin is taking a bite out of Go Pro with the launch of their new rugged action camera, this is a new line for them, but Garmin does know adventure. Go Pro has been a huge hit with a lot of people and I for one love it, the only thing I wish for is more battery life, and it comes with a lot of accessories. Now Garmin has made this camera based on their input, and from the preview looks like and the specifications it looks good.

The VIRB captures 1080p wide-angle video, featuring digital image stabilization, and the ability to take 16-megapixel still images without interrupting video recording. Even with the always-on 1.4-inch color display, the VIRB allegedly lasts up to 3 hours recording 1080p video, compared to the GoPro, which only claims 2 hours and 15 minutes with 720p resolution.

It also presents information in the video as elevation, speed, and gps location which they consider to be a key factor. The device itself is IPX-7 Waterproof rating, meaning it can be submerged for up to 30 mins at 3 feet deep. And the way the picture of the device looks, it seems it can take a beating. There two versions, the VIRB & VIRB Elite which will be launched in September at $299 & $399 respectively. There are a lot of features to this device which can be found at the Garmin website, so they can prepared, lets see how it fares against the Go Pro because honestly nobody has really dented their market share since they really good at it.

Link: TheVerge

OCZ: 100GB SSD + 1TB Drive Combined On PCI-E

Sounds like something made by Dr. Frankenstein yet it is very very interesting what OCZ has put together. Combining an SSD Drive with a normal HD on a board connected to a PCI-E, giving you theorectical speeds up to 910MB/s which is above and beyond what can be attained from a usual Sata connection. So you get the benefits of both SSD and HD on one board, and OCZ have their special algorithim which learns the way you use your machine so it keeps the hot data on the SSD and the cold data on the HD so it can be faster then any other normal hard drive. I like the way OCZ is thinking and the possibilities of this machine and it can be in your PC just for $499. Its an interesting concept but I don’t think I would install at the moment, but still I wouldn’t mind seeing the tested results of this fusion of technology.

“The RevoDrive Hybrid leverages the best attributes of both solid state drives and traditional hard drive technology to deliver dynamic data-tiering on a single easy to deploy PCIe storage drive,” said Ryan Petersen, CEO of OCZ Technology Group. “Leveraging Dataplex software to efficiently manage frequently accessed data delivers superior performance and capacity, making the RevoDrive Hybrid the ideal solution for high performance computing and media content creation.”

Link: OCZ


The state of having wandering and imaginative thoughts in order to remove one’s self from reality.

Seeing this makes me anxious to ride my bike right now, this video sums up the feeling that bikers have waking up before dawn and getting on their machines getting ready to go out and enjoy the ride. I keep thinking about taking a trip somewhere in Europe on a bike or somehow getting my bike on the plane with me, how great it would be to disembark off the plane and just get right on your bike and ride off to your destination.

TV & Movie DL List

For those lovely ISPs following me as an abuser please see the lovely list below. It adds up to a lovely 120 GB + worth of media to watch when I get back home. I had to remote desktop and wasn’t able to the other day because of the damn data caps, my


  • Alphas
  • Falling Skies
  • Suits
  • Love Bites
  • Eureka
  • True Blood
  • Supernatural
  • Justified



  • Limitless
  • The Lost Bladesman
  • Rio
  • Ringo
  • Arthur
  • Anuvahood
  • Source Code
  • Dylan Dog Dead of Night
  • Ironclad
  • Take Me Home Tonight
  • 5 Days of War
  • Harry Potter Movies in 720p

Gmail Capacity Issues


Recently for the last few months I have been hitting the maximum capacity of Gmail. I tried going through and cleaning up my mail box but I just ended up making up excuses and keeping the emails, I never really want to delete any emails. So I decided to do two things, one is to upgrade my mailbox and secondly is to really go through it and sort it out. So I went for the $5 plan since it really cost nothing and more then triples my regular capacity, and I ran FindBigMail on my mail box which sorted out my big files and I got to see I had a lot of junk emails that could be deleted that I was reluctant too but it was really junk.

Gmail Storage Upgrade Packages:

  • 20 GB ($5.00 USD per year)
  • 80 GB ($20.00 USD per year)
  • 200 GB ($50.00 USD per year)
  • 400 GB ($100.00 USD per year)
  • 1 TB ($256.00 USD per year)

Link: FindBigMail

LaCie 5 Big Network

There are a lot of storage solutions out there, some are simple, some are complex, and some are more reliable then the other. Usually for big Storage needs I have stuck to the Netgear ReadyNAS line as their support has been excellent and they have a nice range of items from the expensive to the reasonably price depending on your needs. Lacie have been also developing high quality external storages for sometime now, and now they have just launched the new LaCie 5 Big Network which is available in 5 TB, 7.5 TB, and 10 TB versions.

The 5big Network is fully featured with a Gigabit Ethernet connection, USB, 3 eSata, and five hot-swappable drives that support seven RAID modes, which makes it very versatile. The 5big Network’s multimedia server capabilities have been improved, now allowing users to play media from the NAS device through a UPnP-AV compatible device such as a PS3 or Xbox, directly to a television or directly to any DLNA multimedia device. Not including that is compatible with iTunes Server, moving library over and streaming all media to different computers across the network. It has been optimized for Mac & Windows backup solution with 3 Intego Backup Licenses for Mac & 3 Genie Backup Manager Pro Licenses for Windows The price ranges from $799 all the way to $1400, it is a well backed-up product with LaCie procedure to replace it within a few days of you sending it. And I think it looks very good, same sort of Industrial Design as Apple.

Link: Amazon

ReadyNAS 1100 – HD Failure


For several weeks now I have been having issues with my ReadyNAS 1100, its been running perfectly for the longest time. I made the upgrade from 4 x 1TB drives to 4 x 2TB drives, with X-Raid configuration I get about 5.55 TB worth of storage on my Network Area Storage device. Overall the ReadyNAS is a fantastic and extremely durable piece of hardware with great support from Netgear if you have any issues that needs warranty replacement. The best part of owning the ReadyNAS is its user base, the online forums have such a wealth of information that you are always helped by someone more experience, be it a network issues or a hardware issues. In my case I began facing issues with it, any file bigger then 400 MB it would hang in the beginning of transfer, from “30 seconds” to “2 minutes” to “55 minutes” then it would just hang.


First thing I did was check health status and go through the logs several times, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary, there were no bad sectors on the hard drives. So I kept checking network for issues, changing different network components, even giving the PC a direct connection to the ReadyNAS mounted on the rack to test it, but I still got the same transfer issue. After going to the forums I found someone with the same issue but going into extreme detail in the forum, told me where to check the Hard Drives for the “Smart +” status and see if there are any issues, and turns out one of the drives recently had over 65000+ Raw Error Rate which would lead me to agree that there is an issue with the drive, a way to test it is to take it out and try another transfer to see if the files transfers without issues.


Turns out the drive that had issues is a drive that had ATA errors that increased to about 6 over time. When I took out the drive and did a transfer turns out that it was the faulty drive. Luckily I already had a spare Hitachi 2 TB drive that I inserted to replace it. Now the annoying process is going through the HD replacement with Hitachi even though it is warrantied for 5 years they are making this a very annoying process, unlike Western Digital who make it such a simple process, Hitachi is annoying with all their back and forth but I will get my Hard Drive RMAed and replaced!


Downloads for 03/10

Recently I have been downloading everything and anyting that I can watch, some good movies and some bad. For some reason I enjoy watching horror movies even crappy ones, they make me laugh but other people have to be around just so I won’t be the only freaked out. Animated movies I have to watch it on my own or with the right crowd, I hate if anyone ruins a good animated movie. The Blind Side, The Bad Lieutenant Port Of Call New Orleans, Astro Boy, The Cove, and The Rebound are one of the main ones I want to watch. Some of them I have already seen which pretty good like Sherlock Holmes, Armored, and The Men Who Stare At Goats. I always like having a choice of movies to choose from, depending on what I am feeling like.

The Movies:

  • Sherlock Holmes 720p
  • New Moon 720p
  • The Blind Side 720p
  • DC Showcase The Spectre 720p
  • Justice League Crisis On Two Earths 720p
  • The Cove 720p
  • Astro Boy 720p
  • Armored 720p
  • The Men Who Stare At Goats 720p
  • The Fourth Kind 720p
  • Case 39 720p
  • Did You Hear About The Morgans 720p
  • Capitalism A Love Story 720p
  • The Rebound 720p
  • The Decent Part 2 720p
  • Brothers 720p
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn E01 720p
  • The Bad Lieutenant Port Of Call New Orleans 720p
  • Mad Max Trilogy 720p

Downloads Week 12/09


A mix of movies that I have downloaded the last couple of weeks, still looking for a few others but I have stuck to downloading high definition. Some I know are gonna be pretty good, and some are not that good at all but I’m still going to watch them. Moon, Spread, and Funny People are the top of my list to watch at this point.

Download List:

  • Gamer 720p
  • G Force 720p
  • The Tournament 720p
  • A Perfect Getaway 720p
  • Funny People 720p
  • Moon 720p
  • Jennifer’s Body 720p
  • World’s Greatest Dad 720p
  • Coco Before Chanel 720p
  • Ink 720p
  • Spread 720p
  • The Hangover 720p
  • Inglourious Bastards 720p
  • The Taking of Pelham 123 720p
  • Star Trek 720p
  • Termination Salvation 720p

Download Junky


The last couple of weeks I have been too busy to download or look at anything else, the TV shows were luckily setup in a script so they automatically download and pretty much get those right away. I have a huge stockpile of Anime to last me about two years at least so I haven’t downloaded since before mid August, so I have a lot to catch up on, probably gonna take a long time for that but at least I thought to start with movies, I went back about one month and one week, with all the downloads the list added up to about 283 GB worth of movies in HD (720p 0or 1080p), the list is below of movies and some foreign movies that I enjoy.


  • 500 Days of Summer
  • 9
  • Aeon Flux
  • An American Affair
  • Antichrist
  • B Girl
  • Ballast
  • Battlestar Galactica The Plan
  • Bruno
  • Casino
  • College
  • Command Performance
  • Contact
  • Damage
  • District 9
  • Doghouse
  • Dugs Special Mission
  • Food Inc
  • Funny People
  • G.I.Joe Rise Of The Cobra
  • Harry Potter and The Half Blooded Prince
  • Heat
  • I Love You Beth Cooper
  • Imagine That
  • Julie and Julia
  • Katt Williams Its Pimpin Pimpin
  • Looking For Eric
  • Love N Dancing
  • Pixars Partly Cloudy
  • Pontypool
  • Spread
  • Stan Helsing
  • Star Trek
  • Surviving Sid
  • Terminator Salvation
  • The Answer Man
  • The Crew
  • The Machinest
  • The Number 23
  • The Taking Of Pelham 123
  • The Ugly Truth
  • Up
  • Whatever Works
  • Wrong Turn 3 Left For Dead


Foreign Movies:

  • Banlieue 13 Ultimatum
  • City of Life & Death
  • Crows Zero
  • Goemon
  • K-20 Legend Of The Mask
  • Kung Fu Cybord Metallic Attraction
  • On His Majestys Secret Service
  • OSS 117 Lost In Rio
  • Overheard
  • Written By