Pick Yo – The Frozen Yogurt Of Choice

Last year in Kuwait it was the year of the yogurt, since the arrival of Pinkberry everyone went nuts about Frozen Yogurt, it became the trend. Over the last year there is one place that stood out for me more then the rest Pick Yo, and concentrated on quality and health, and didn’t sacrifice an ounce of taste. In Kuwait we are a very picky people, if the food is good the service has to be good too or we won’t like it either but in this case their service is fantastic.

They have two locations, one in the city and the other in Kaifan, and the main reason I keep entering Kaifan is because of them. They really do concentrate on health and taste, I love the taste of the original frozen yogurt and the small cup is only 97 Calories and the guy behind it is trying to reduce it. Something so small yet has so little amount of calories, and so damn tasty. You can also get a large selection of toppings, they are endless, but I tend to like it as is, just the original taste.

You can call and place your order with all your toppings and tell them the change you have, when you drive up to Kaifan Co-op they have it read and with the change, they even tell you how long it will take so you can plan it. But the best part is the party pack, you place your order and they arrange it into a nice plastic bucket with dry ice in the middle keeping it nice and cold even in the summer. Quality Frozen Yogurt, a very healthy choice, and the party pack fits the bill.

Link: PickYo

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Hayatt Cancer Foundation – Gala Dinner

Hayatt Cancer Foundation is organizing a charity gala dinner on wednesday 26 October to raise money to buy novel chemotherapy for expatriate breast cancer patients and to buy equipment to start with the help of the Ministry of Health the machines we need to start breast cancer screening for Kuwaiti women. We need the help of all as this is a national cause and the problem not only of the women but of all the family as anyone can be the target and on each family it could be a mother, a sister, a cousin, anyone.

We are selling tables for this event:

  • Table of 10 for 5000 KD – Front Row
  • Table of 8 for 4000 KD – Middle Row
  • Table of 10 for 3000 KD

We may also sell by seat 300 KD

The famous singer Amal Maher (sings Oum Keltoum) is our guest for the evening. A doctor is coming from USA to deliver a lecture on Breast Cancer for this occasion.

Your help is highly appreciated.

On the other hand , please Contact Me: 97700724



Over the last week I have gotten ridiculous urges to eat things, and items I don’t usually care about. I have been wanting cake, a lot of cake, triple chocolate layer cake from Candies in Shuweikh. Or the cake tube with the ice cream inside of it, I would overdose on that cake, eat at least 1/4 of that tube and pass out on the couch while watching some tv.

These strange urges have been popping up often, when we went to the cinema the smell of popcorn got me hungry for popcorn. But luckily I know that the popcorn at KNCC tastes bad so I just avoided that, then there was the YanYan, the breadsticks with the chocolate dip, that looked really good but I resisted. Then there was the Krispy Kream just outside of the cinema in 360 which smelt so good, I could eat a dozen glazed doughnuts like they were chips. At Meat Co I had a mixed salad and 300g Rib Eye steak, it was perfect, except I wanted to eat more riblets and a little bit more food but I managed to stick to what I ordered which was just enough. All these cravings have been popping up but I have managed to resist the best of them. Surprisingly with this change in portions and diet, the best mushroom soup and salad I have had yet is in Ninos Avenues.

Cutting Off Soda


I have had this thought of cutting back on Soda for a while now and shrinking my portions a bit. I realized that I now drink coke on a consistent basis, just telling myself that I just feel like it right now. First step of getting healthier was cutting back on all forms of soda, so when I stopped soda completely I got a headache for a few days, its the sugar levels adjusting, it was annoying but now after 10 days I dropped about 1 kilo without doing anything but stopping soda. So now the other steps is cutting back on portions which I have partially started but I really need to get into it. I have gone for a few kilo walks the few weeks but not consistently enough. Its a start and I feel good about it, but I need to keep it up, I’m not having dinner this week except for fruits, its good that I love tangerines and lots of them. Hopefully I will manage to get into a healthy system, those starving diets work to drop weight but never to keep it off for me so I’m trying to figure out what fits at this moment. And the gym will come in soon, its in the works but I need to get over a few hurdles first.

H1N1 Check Up in Kuwait

I got this form when we first landed and there was a lot of warning about making sure that we do the check up. I don’t even know how they want to cross check all the people traveling so they make sure they don’t have the H1N1 virus. Its a 50 KD fine or a 1 month jail time if you don’t follow up with one of the clinics designated in the back. I left it to the last day and head toward Sabah Al Salem since I am in the Hawally Area, I found it fairly easily and its relatively close. Once we went in, my friend knew where to go, there was a lady at the register I gave her my form and my Civil ID. She said this is Sabah Al Salem, you live in Mishref so you must go to Rumaithiya. I told her I called before and they said its fine, and the airport said any of the ones in your Area, and today is my last day. She said no, so I told her, your name is “something something” and I will be reporting you to the police for refusing to check if I have the Pig Flu and that if I am jailed I will be filing damages against you. She said fine, and took my paper wrote my name down and the Egyptian gentlemen in the room stood up and point a little red laser to my forehead to take my temperature which took all in all about 30 seconds but the arguing took 10 minutes. She was rude and it wouldn’t have taken too much time, and what would have happened if someone didn’t argue like I did, bureaucracy is annoying as hell.


Now this is an interesting product, a useful piece of electronic that can tell how much you burn a day and while you sleep. Its tiny and you upload all your data easily with the rechargeable unit. I like how small it is and compact, and the user interface of the online software is simple. I wouldn’t mind getting something like that to figure out what I am doing all day long and how to be a little bit more productive and burn energy.

Link: Fitbit

Slight Workout

Came back from work around 6:00 pm and I wanted to do something different, I was hungry but I felt like moving a little. I thought of going to the gym but instead I decided to go for a jog in Mishref, seeing all the people walking when I’m coming back from work, I thought to myself if they can do it then I can.

I started off in the middle section and turned right, it was around 47 C which did feel as bad as I thought. Then I started a light jog, and picked up the pace. I came to realization that this is a lot harder then it looks, and I am in horrible shape. I was laughing at myself and panting, running out of breath, I had nothing to eat all day, and I was thirsty as hell. This was a crazy idea, but I thought to stick it out.

Some stats off the top of my head:

  • Covered about 3.4 Km (The markings on the ground are great)
  • 20% Ran, 15% Jog, and 65% Walk. A lot of people were passing me and I thought this is embarrassing, and continued on my path while running out of breath between intervals
  • Took about 38 minutes, thank god for the water fountains to drink from they are a life saver

It felt good after I was done, but I needed a cold shower but the cold water ran out very quickly. I’m really out of shape and I need to get back in shape, and I’m a lot heavier then I remember.