Embody by Herman Miller

The Herman Miller chair is known for being the coolest and most comfortable chair, and this is the same for the new HM Embody chair. The support on the back can be adjusted to provide the right of support, the functional design of this chair is excellent with just a few controls which make is simple for all the different kinds of adjustment. As usual with these chairs the build quality is unquestionable for their flagship chair, and I would assume so for $1600.

Link: HermanMiller

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Herman Miller Mirra Chair

There are always different office chairs available ranging from 10 KD to 1000 KD, all depends on what you want. I just look for comfort and how much I can lean back while staying in the seat for long periods. The Herman Miller chairs were known for their comfort, keeping your posture, functionality, and simple good looks. Once they came out with the Mirra chair as their next generation flagship chair it took off, and for good reason. I think it has a unique design with a mesh back that makes it comfortable to sit in for long periods, and looks good too.

Price: $700
Link: HermanMiller