iPad Chair

The moment I saw this it reminded of the command chair on StarTrek The Next Generation with Captain Jean-Luc Picard on the Starship Enterprise. A very comfortable chair with a very capable command console aka The iPad, everything at your finger tips and you don’t lose the use of your cup holder. Everything at your finger tips including controlling your home theater system through the Crestron, Control 4, or Home Logic systems, or even controlling a Starship if needed.

Link: TheDesignBlog

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Review: Zotac H55ITX-A-E Core i3 Motherboard

There are a lot of motherboards out there these days, some more powerful then the other. Its really a huge selection of bords chips and ram. I’m always looking for a perfect combination for a Home Theater PC, something just strong enough to play HD video without any glitches and small enough not to look obtrusive next to your tv. To have both strong machine and a small HTPC you need to start off with the mother board, and for this case the Zotac Motherboard was perfect for the job.

The Mini iTX motherboard can fit in any case no matter how small it is, and for a small motherboard it packs a lot of features. Its an Intel Core i3 motherboard, meaning that this little guy can pack a punch, and it has a lot of features. I installed 4GB GSkill Ram which really did the job, I played everything possible on it and it handled it without a hitchYou seriously couldn’t ask any more from such a board, if media playback is your task then this is the best board.


  • HDMI output with Audio output included, unlike other HDMI output Graphics Cards
  • 10 USB slots, how many more could you want
  • Built-in Wifi
  • Small footprint – Mini iTX
  • Plays 1080p, 720p, and BluRay without an issue
  • Very reasonable price

Link: Amazon
Price: $129

Envision – Home Theater & Automation Company

Places such as these in Kuwait are far and few, I was invited to the soft launch of a Home Theater & Home Automation Company in Tilal Complex. I didn’t have very high expectations, but the staff asked me to pass by during the soft opening and to say my expectations were blown out of the water is an understatement. When you walk in you have 6 areas with their displays and different setups, such as dining room, outdoor area, living room, bed room and a few variations.

The setup was very nice but I’m not one who really gets impressed by just some pieces of equipment wired up nicely, what I like is the thought process that was put into designing the way they are setup and the products they choose for indoor or outdoor use. And what I liked the most is the knowledge and understanding of the people, it isn’t your run of the mill electronics store, these guys knew about sound resonance, sound deadening techniques for home theater rooms, the right equipment for the right needs and surprisingly for the shine and show their prices are reasonable. They even had some nice Optima projectors which had amazing blacks and I enjoyed watching Live Free or Die Hard. They had a very interesting home automation system which integrates with your iPod or iPhone which the they were using, not just the panels on the wall.

The home theater rooms were fantastic, they had three rooms, one was very nice with the sound and visuals, one was amazing and the third room just completely blew me away with the 9.2 setup meaning ( 9 Speakers & 2 Sub-Woofers which shook the room like an earthquake). I loved that they were showing off the highest end home theater with the Matrix. There were a few tacky things that I didn’t like but I wasn’t there for the taste in furniture, they have an amazing store and I hope it is successful and everyone should check it out to at least see some of those theater rooms with the ridiculously comfortable seats, I didn’t want to get up but there were other people who wanted to see so I had to get out of the room after forgetting that I wasn’t there to watch the whole movie.

Tilal Complex Mizanine close to the Cafe
Tel: 2482 6846

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PS3 Slim – Some Game Time

Unboxing the PS3 was a simple process, but wiring it up and powering it up was going to be a headache so I decided to do that at a later point. So I went to Ace Hardware to pick up a voltage regulator to handle 2x110V connections and 2x220V connections smoothly since I also had the XBox 360 running on 110V. I wired up the PS3 Slim to the Home Theater A/V (Onkyo 875) using the HDMI cable of the Onkyo DVD player since it didn’t come with one as a temporary solution, then I connected to the network and switched on the power regulator to switch on the PS3. While I was there I sorted out the network cable connections and power cable connections, my cable management skills are close to zero, I like seeing clean jobs but I just can’t seem to do clean wiring myself but overall it wasn’t too bad.

Switched it on and I started roaming about the Operating System not sure where to go, but just poking around. I wanted to create user profile and thought to make PSN user profile so I can use it for online game but it seems that I had to update to the 3.0 software which took me over 10 minutes to find where to update it. Sony’s way of doing things seems interesting and I remember it from the PSP but this time around its alot more options and menus. After updating the system, creating my user profile, I opened up Kill Zone 2 and decided to play the famous FPS game of the PS3. I was having fun, and I have to say the graphics are amazing, loaded up the game and went to shooting and I am enjoying it but its far from Halo.

I bought a couple of other games for the PS3 and XBox 360 while I was there:

  • Kill Zone 2 – PS3
  • Batman – Arkham Asylum – PS3
  • Need for Speed – Under Cover – PS3
  • Section 8 – XBox 360
  • Red Faction – Guerrilla – XBox 360

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Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 4

When I see something from B&O I’m usually expecting a ridiculous price tag and this time around I wasn’t wrong. For a $112’000 you can be the owner fo the new BeoVision 4.

A 103 inch screening weighing in at 580 pounds and a base of 600 pounds with a screen that can lower itself to the floor to cover with the center with dual gas shocks. Its nothing short of insane what B&O have done with this system, they do have nice screens and equipment but the price just isn’t right, if you opt to mount your screen on the wall that alone reduces the price by $20’000. One thing B&O always gets right they tend to build some quality products and they do look good.The BeoVision 4 is built to order with a waiting period of four months, I’m assuming a structural engineer has to look if your room can take the weight of the equipment.

Link: Luxist

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