Transformers Prime – Epic

Since being incapacitated I have just had a chance to catch up with Transformers Prime, I had a marathon and I was like a kid eating candy watching this show. Volume set to high and the Subwoofer set to shake the building, every damn episode got better and better. Every episode for the last 10 episodes of season 2 just kept getting better and better. I like that there is a serious tone in this show, Megatron is a real bad guy, not just a funny cartoon evil guy and he does win at times, and Prime is play by Peter Cullin, the same original voice from the original 80s Transformers. Over the past two seasons they have more then proven that there is a depth to the characters and it is targeting both a young audience and those who remember it from the 80s, I don’t feel like I’m watching a kids show because I really get caught up in it and this season was just over the top.

Towards the end things took a more intense twist and the battles got more intense and for once it didn’t revolve around the humans, the Autobots and Decepticons kept going at each other to find the final items. If you are even remotely a Transformers fan, this show is a must watch, it doesn’t disappoint at all and the ending is just over the top, I don’t know what they are planning for the third season I just hope they keep up this pace.

Wataniya Airways Expanding


Now this is some interesting news, Wataniya Airways has signed a code-sharing program with Austrian Airlines to expand their services, that is a great step forward for them. They are now opening 19 new European destinations for very cheap rates London for 99 KD, Milan for 122 KD. Its good that Wataniya Airways is expanding at a gradual rate and being smart about it, I just hope they stay in their current location in Sheikh Saad Airport but I don’t think that the airport is enough for their flights at this point. Then there is also the idea now that Wataniya Airlines might join the Star Alliance since Austrian Airlines is owned partly by Lufthansa, well its a possibility at least.