Gadget Overdose

This month has turned into the month of Gadgets.

I seriously think I overdosed on a lot of these things and I don’t think I will have enough time to totally play with them.

On the way:

  • Google Nexus 10
  • Apple iPod Touch
  • Google Nexus 4 (Got It From Ebay)
  • Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9″

Those are too many gadgets at one time, I feel like a gadget whore, and I wasn’t expecting all of them to come at the same time. This is going to be an overload of geekiness at this rate. My last iPod touch was from 2009 and I said I wouldn’t get one unless they made it with more space or overhauled it, well they overhauled it and I liked it, so I placed an order after Apple kept cancelling because of my account. The Amazon Kindle Fire HD I ordered a while back so I wasn’t expecting it to coincide with the Google products that were coming out, and now they are all out for delivery.

Too many boxes to rip open! The only delay I’m facing is my Nexus 4, delayed three weeks, damn you Google!

Griffin Helo TC

Rule the office airspace with HELO TC, the touch-controlled RC helicopter you control with your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

Griffin make the most interesting and convenient accessories for Apple Products, I wasn’t expecting them to come with helicopter controlled by your IOs device. And for $50 its very cheap and fun, you get to control it with any of your devices, through touch or tilt, I would prefer tilt.

Link: Griffin

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Playlist 10/10

While I was in California I picked up on a few songs as well as adding to the usual list. Eminem, Rihanna, with Lil Wayne topping most of list. I loved listening to these songs while driving and riding in California, good music blasting in the car and in my headphones. Enimen’s new CD is just amazing, I downloaded the whole thing a while ago but didn’t have a chance to listen the whole CD except on this trip, and Rihanna just keeps getting better and better. Enjoy the music.


  • E-40 Feat. 50 Cent & Too Short – Nigga Don’t Act Like A Bitch
  • Enimen ft. Kobe – Talkin’ 2 Myself
  • Rihanna – Only Girl (In The World)
  • Enrique Iglesias ft Pitbull – I like It
  • Trey Songz ft Nicki Minaj – Bottoms Up
  • Nelly – Just a Dream
  • Lil Wayne ft. Drake – Right Above It
  • Sean Kingston ft. Nicki Minaj – Letting Go
  • Wll.I.Am & Nicki Minaj – Check It Out
  • Lil Wayne & Nick Minaj – What’s Wrong With Them
  • Lady Gaga, Space Cowboy & Flo Rida – Starstruck
  • B.o.B ft T.I. & Playboy Tre – Bet I Bust
  • New Boyz ft Iyaz – Break My Bank
  • Rick Ross ft. Drake & Chrisette Michele – Aston Martin Music
  • Lady Gaga – Monster
  • Hwood – Could It Be You
  • R. Kelly – Be My #2
  • Jabar ft. Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em – Daze

Playlist 12/09…


A odd combination of songs for the December playlist, with a few new releases to look forward to but these are the songs that I have finally put together. I will admit that iTunes makes sorting my music into playlists a lot easier then before, and just installing it int he next iPod is a lot faster then before. So I have music in the car that I jump in or when I got riding with my iPod mini. The playlists are the only way to make use of so much music that I have, some people even have more and I’m surprised when I do find a song I haven’t heard in a long time, if it wasn’t such a heavy piece of software it would be great.

December 2009 Playlist:

  • Iyaz – Replay
  • Priscilla Renea – Dollhouse (Mr. Mig Mainstream Radio Edit)
  • Timbaland – Carry Out (feat. Justin Timberlake)
  • Ke$ha – TiK ToK
  • Jay-Z – Empire State of Mind (feat. Alicia Keys)
  • Shakira – Give It Up to Me (feat. Lil’ Wayne)
  • Timbaland – Morning After Dark (feat. Nelly Furtado & SoShy)
  • Madonna – Celebration [Benny Benassi Remix Edit]
  • Dizzee Rascal – Holiday
  • Black Eyed Peas – Meet Me Halfway
  • Timbaland – Lose Control (feat. JoJo)
  • 3OH!3 – Starstrukk (feat. Katy Perry)
  • Tinchy Stryder – Never Leave You (Radio Edit)
  • Livvi Franc – Now I’m That Bitch (feat. Pitbull)
  • 50 Cent – Baby By Me (feat. Ne-Yo)
  • Tinchy Stryder – You’re Not Alone
  • Inna – Hot (Play & Win Radio Version)

Lexus ♥ iPod


The one annoying thing about the 2008/09 Lexus LX 570 & Toyota Landcruiser is that they can’t integrate with the iPod. You have to buy an aftermarket adapter to integrate into the system, and in my case I found a perfect solution which worked for me but you would expect a car as expensive as that to be able to integrate without issues. It seems Toyota heard people’s complaints, with the 2010 Landcruiser / Lexus LX 570 all you have to do is plug into the iPod into the USB slot next to the gear handle and it integrates right into your audio system with all files, playlists, and other details showing up on the screen. I have a 2009 Landcruiser so I got my solution which works for me, and my friend just purchased a 2010 LX 570 and that suv connects right away without any issues. Toyota always does this, they release a few options year after year, and if you bought the model year before then tough luck you can’t upgrade that option in your car even though its just a software thing, its good they keep upgrading but it’s annoying when it was something as simple as iPod integration, well good for all those who will be buying a new LX 570 or Landcruiser.

iPod Touch – New App Download List

I think Apple has gotten flooded with tons of Apps that you don’t really know the good from the bad and which one exactly fits your need and the rating system is too simple for how complex some of these applications can be. I have managed to find some apps that I will be downloading, some are games which I really want to try and some are useful apps for my use, this isn’t even including the ones I currently have, I wish they would get Google Latitude already loaded as an app.

  • NFL Mobile (Down side is you have to be a Direct TV subscriber with the sport package, but I want an NFL App so I’m gonna try it out)
  • Need for Speed: Undercover
  • Blades of Fury
  • Madden NFL 10
  • Modern Combat: Sandstorm

iPod Car Integration

After all these years you’d think that every vehicle manufacturer would have some sort of iPod integration. Not every car has the perfect integration, some cars do have issues but they do have integration. Apple has the market cornered and I’m too happy but its a great working product with amazing sound quality. Some have direct integration into the sound system, some have other solutions.

There are a few options for iPod integration, some cars have auxiliary input, and if you have nothing the best quick solution is an FM Transmitter. FM Transmitter is the simple but annoying solution but the only one that really works is the Griffin transmitter and all the others don’t work. Tape deck is only for those cars that have tape decks but very few cars have them anymore. Getting a new deck doesn’t really work for new cars because it really ruins the look but still their are other solutions. Right now I’m looking at the DICE solution for my little problem, because getting used to the iPod in a car every day and then not having it is like going through an addiction withdrawl.

Alternative Solutions:

  • FM Transmitter
  • Tape Deck
  • Auxiliary Input

Review: iPod Touch Xtand

I always update my iPod Touch with updated playlists or new songs, I keep pulling it out of the car or to update the songs. The hardest thing is finding the good songs in that huge list, and so playlists are the way to go and perfect when driving. I keep one iPod Classic 160 GB in the Landcruiser with all the videos to enjoy on the screen. I was looking for a good stand, and this was the one I chose, the Xstand for the iPod Touch.


  • Fits the iPod Touch pefrfectly but not with a cover.
  • They give you the rubber ends of the iPhone so you can replace and use it for the iPhone.
  • Very sleek, made out of aluminum, and rubber pads at the bottom.
  • An easy way to wire and charge the iPod.
  • You can rotate the mount to be vertical or horizontal.
  • Its a bit pricey but worth it for a clean sleek stand.

Link: Amazon

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iPod Utilities – Track and Playlist Duplication (Copying) & Music Back Up

A lot of people have been in the situation where they have lost their music library one way or another, but thankfully they have it all on their iPods. Now the issue is getting it back to the PC and acting all normal again, so how exactly do you go about it without erasing the damn thing. Another situation is when you want to just duplicate your friend’s iPod, some people just aren’t good at making decent playlists when they have thousands of songs. I know I forget a few songs, and making playlists gets annoying with that many songs, but worth it in the long wrong. So are are a few useful software that you can use “expand” the usage of your iPod.

Disk Aid (Freeware)

This is a really useful software, some people have the very large 80 – 160 GB iPods which they haven’t completely filled. Disk Aid turns your iPod into an external hard drive that you are able to drop items into without having any affect on your current files, unless you delete something. Works really well and its free.

Tune Aid ($25)

This one of the first applications which I think is a must for anyone with an iPod and its worth the $25. You can copy your whole iPod to your iTunes including Playlists, Album Art, Number of times played, and all the other details. You can keep adding your iTunes library by doing this to multiple iPods and copying it to your PC. Also it doesn’t matter if the iPod was Mac or PC formated, Tune Aid can read it. Also you can be specific about certain songs or videos, and you can leave out the rest. Its an amazing piece of software which is worth the $25, it works with all types of iPods. It is also able to recover songs from a corrupted database/iPod.

iPod 2 iPod ($39)

Copying between two iPods is a hassle, especially playlists and all the other items. Specifically if you don’t want to copy the items to your iTunes library. The usually problem anyone faces is that iTunes will format an iPod which isn’t connected to it previously, so you have to make sure you set it so that you Manage the Library and switch off Auto Sync. You can plug both iPods to the PC and it will recognize it, the best part about the software is that its very simple to use. You select the tracks you can to copy and copy it over to the other iPod, and you can do that with the Playlists as well. The freeware version can only do 100 songs, but the main one can do many, I tested it already with about 7000+ songs. Its an extremely useful software if you do this a lot, I do this because I take friend’s iPods and copy them back and forth, but is it worth $40 I don’t think so, I think its worth about $15 max. But it is a very clean piece of software that doesn’t involve any complications.