Water Jet Fun

This is one of the funnest videos yet from DevinSuperTramp, and these guys in the Water Jets move like dolphins, smooth in and out of the water and I have seen a few of these in Bnaider and Kubbar. Takes extreme control to even get up let alone do all these sorts of tricks. I know I’m loving winter, but this video made me miss summer, can’t wait to get out on the water.

Isle Of Man & Guy Martin

How to out run a helicopter on a GSXR 1000 Superbike by Guy Martin

Guy Martin is one of those guys that has no fear, literally, to speed the way he does down those small roads in Isle of Man is insane. For those who don’t know Isle of Man is the only location in the world other then Germany that has no speed limits and every year there is a race called The Isle Of Man TT, these guys are just on another level. I would love to drive there once just to get the feeling but I think I would be over taken probably a good 100 times because I would be riding slow.

Bubyan Road Trip

The other day I was told about a new road that takes you to Bubyan Island so I thought to just drive over there, just get into the car and drive. I looked on Google maps and all I had to take was 6th ring road all the way, and I forgot that directions in Kuwait now works, a few roads off here and there but overall it works. 117 KM to Bubyan Bridge, I honestly want to cross to see whats on that Island, its huge and I never heard anything about it so I thought to check it out, never knew why I didn’t before.

Saturday early morning we got into the car, filled it up with gas and took a few bottles water and pass Starbucks on the way. The drive is about 2 hours to the location we had in mind and I think I got caught by two speeding cameras on the way but I’m not sure of what speed it registered since I was going around 135 and they don’t usually snap at that speed. After passing Jahra it turns into an empty road and I get very surprised there is a new stretch of road that has just been finished.

Next to the new stretch of road is the Sheikh Sabah Nature Reserve, and I don’t know what exactly is in it but there were a few interesting sights. Because of these roads and odd shaped exits I felt as if I was in Abu Dhabi, every 5 to 10 Kilometers there is an upper level round about that you could exit and go back around to go in the other direction and honestly its very cool, reminded me of roads in Spain or Italy.

We just kept on going until we hit the construction area and we hit a few major bumps but luckily I was in the land cruiser and it did an amazing job of taking those bumps. We ended up in the middle of no where and we found the bridge entrance as I was approaching a bunch of guys in military uniform step out of the shed only to tell me that we can’t cross the bridge, I thought to try my luck any even though I knew that nobody was really paying attention, I could have probably crossed if I drove through, but I didn’t want to risk getting shot for crossing a bridge. I hope that when its done it will be open to the public because it looks like it will be a lot of fun to drive over.

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Yas Island Yacht Club

Everything about Yas Island has been planned perfectly from the hotels to the track, and all the other possible venues around it. Now they are building others services and infrastructure outside Yas Island with so much to do. I have yet to visit there and I honestly can’t wait. But nobody has really mentioned the Marina which has the view of the F1 circuit when your parked in your boat. They sell the yacht parking spots for the F1 just like they sell normal ticket seats but with a closer and better view. They have really thought everything out with this setup, I just can’t imagine how much the yearly fees are to park a boat there.

The Yacht club has sparkling white exterior shells integrated with LED façade lights which transform the giant structure into a pixilated viewing screen against the night sky. The 5 star club houses restaurants, bars, lounges, function rooms, outdoor decks and 45-metre observation tower.

Link: TheDesignBlog

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Kubbar Trip

This was a bit of a hot weekend and going to Kubbar didn’t seem like a bad idea, I wanted to jump in some water too cool off. Took about 20 minutes to get things ready on the boat, and waiting for a few people before heading off to Kubbar. It was hot as hell on the deck, and I wanted to jump right into the water but the water in the Marina is somewhat disgusting so I opted out, instead I was rubbing ice cubes on my head which melted rather quickly.

We were pumping up the kid’s toys, and a small boat just before heading off. By the time everyone got there it was already a little late but we took off to Kubbar. My nephew wasn’t sitting too still in the beginning but later on he was standing watching everything going by and those large tankers, they are really big. Sitting with my camera in my hand ready to snap away, I was like to catalog the outings to Kubbar since its always a point of interest for people.

Around 25 minutes later we arrived and it looked like a parking spot all around it. I wish our government would take an initiative and fix the island up a little bit. Not necessarily setting something up but a little depot with some maintenance to make sure that the island remains clean and maintained.

The first spot we stopped had a very strong current, I jumped right into the water which felt amazing, but within seconds I was pulled at least 3 meters away from the boat and you could feel the current while swimming, I looked like I was stationary. We moved to another spot which was much better but lots of boats were around us, I managed to snap some pictures but it was getting hot and I wanted to remain in the water. The best part is eating watermelon while swimming, there is something about the mix of the sweet taste while you’ve been tasting salt water for that whole period.

It was refreshing, and music blaring from multiple directions and all different kinds. The best part is seeing so many people enjoying themselves.

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