Top Gadgets & Things For 2011


At the end of a crazy year I think I have done some decent damage to my Amazon cart. Year on year the selection of electronics just keeps getting better and larger, with a few big ones that made a big scene like the iPad 2, Kindle Fire, iPhone 4S, and Google Galaxy Nexus. Below are just the list that popped into my head by the end of the year that left a mark for being interesting products and must be added to cart. Any other gadgets or items that pop into mind?

  • Amazon Kindle Fire – Small, relatively cheap, and relatively awesome, the Kindle Fire is a great econo-splurge if you have any interest in portable movies, books, and games.
  • Samsung Google Nexus – If you don’t want an iPhone this is the best option, and in my opinion a better option for sure!
  • Harry Potter Blu-Ray Box Set (All 8 of them) – How could you not want this?
  • Roku 2 XS – Simplest and best media player for your home
  • Mac Book Air – They revamped it and it packs a bunch and still very light
  • Go Pro HD 2 – The coolest and smallest video camera out there
  • Sonos Play 3 – I’m a huge Sonos fan and they have made the perfectly sized audio player/speaker for this size
  • Nike MAG – The Special Edition Back To The Future Nike Sneakers, I still want a pair to display on my shelf
  • Sharp 80″ LED AQOUS – 80 inches and only $5500 not bad at all, every man loves big screens

Ramadan Delivery

I had somethings on hold for a while in my mailbox and my Amazon cart was full for a good two months, I was trying to hold off on making any purchases. Two weeks ago I decided to go ahead with the purchase, got to my mailbox and shipped it with all the items there. It was shipped two weeks back at this point, four days to deliver and the rest it got stuck in customs for while only to be delivered on the first day of Ramadan, a nice start to the day, I didn’t have a chance to open all the stuff up until later in the day but it felt like Christmas.

The items delivered:

  • Two Green Lantern Models
  • Game of Thrones – Goerge RR Martin Book Set
  • Two Batman Begins Pieces
  • Lord of the Rings Model
  • Three Large Volume Transformers Comic Books
  • Red Robin (Cool New Comic)
  • 007 Carte Blanche (A preorder that I forgot about and its my third copy! lol! I love James Bond novels)
  • Two Lens Caps to replace the missing ones
  • LifeHacker Book Volume 3 updated

Aramex & More Shipping Insanity


The last month of insane snow and cold in Europe and the US has shutdown airports and turned shipping into a logistical nightmare. I hear people complaining about not getting their items on time or not getting them at all. In my case its a mix of both, everyone from UPS to FedEX and the smaller shipping companies are facing issues in this weather and losing packages in the process. In my case one screen mount has been lost since it was delivered about two weeks ago to Aramex, I gave them the tracking number and hopefully it will reference something inside their system and they find it. Its been an annoying process but Christmas and New Years coming up means that there a lot less employees working meaning that they won’t find what they are looking for right away. I’m just hoping they find it soon as I would really like to mount my computer screens to the wall.

Currently Missing:

  • Screen Mount
  • Streetfighter Animation Book

I’m just hoping I get my things soon.

Package Arrived

After one week with customs at last I managed to get my package all in one box, safe and sound. You can tell it was opened but nothing was tampered with, everything seemed to be sealed and in good condition. The only thing I really worried about was the hard drives since they were out of their boxes and probably moving around a little. I was very happy to have my package, and first thing I did was to test out the hard drives just in case if anything was wrong.


  • Asus P6X58D Premium Mother Board
  • OCZ 6 GB Ram 2000Mhz
  • Intel i7 950
  • SanDisk Compact Flash 32 GB
  • 4 x Hitachi 2 TB Hard Drives
  • Planet Hulk
  • Dante’s Inferno
  • Halo Legends
  • Justice League – Crisis on Two Earths
  • Macross – Super Dimension Fortress

Pending Pile Up

There are those times you just look at a pile of items and you think to yourself that you will never get to it. I have been looking at this pile of books and comic books for the past 2 months and I have never really gotten around to organizing and sorting them, one of the annoyances is that I will find out that my Transformer comic book collection is incomplete.

Cleaning up some of my unused hardware and getting rid of the broken ones has been a step forward, I have helped liberate some areas for more models. Thats my problem the more space I make the more items keep popping up. I want an area for my rare original Iron Man bust, but I really have to find the right location for it and out of reach of the kids. I have the same problem with books that I do with anime, whenever I finish a good one I don’t know what to start next, so many different genres to choose from.

  • Cleaning Up Laptop Bags
  • Organize Books & Comics
  • Just one big pile on my couch that I need to sort through
  • Dismantling Bunker-Server (WHS Server)
  • Put together Rack Server, and installing Vista Business 64-Bit, test VM Ware on it
  • Get rid of things that I’m not using and clean up
  • Consolidate Pictures into the WHS Server, but that will take a long time to do

I have one filled up Amazon cart with a selection of books, dvds, and a few tech items which I have been keeping on the back burner for some time now. I have this urge to hit the purchase button and wait for those deliveries which probably won’t arrive before Ramadan at the rate these deliveries are going.

Meneghini Refrigerators

Meneghini refrigerators and freezers are best described as Italian Antique Modern in aesthetics, with brass handles and hinges, glass shelving, and various other pleasing details like portholes and clawfoot legs to distinguish themselves from their utilitarian counterparts.

I never thought that I would refer to a fridge or freezer as sexy but I have now. Meneghini have designed refrigerators and freezers that can flow with an type of furniture, and almost any type of funish you are looking for. This is probably the ultimate fridge a man can ask for, and a starting price of $10’000 its surroundings must match this unique piece. It seems to be made by an Italian Designer with German manufacturing for its freezer and fridge internals.

Link: Unplggd


I order a few thing from Amazon every once in a while, and this time around it has been a while and I needed the hard drives at least. I always skim through amazon for a few good books, but I always find it really difficult to buy a book online. What usually would do is read a couple of books in the bookstore and then write their names down to order them online.

As usual the package was stopped by customs, last time I ordered more equipment and it wasn’t stopped. I know that it was stopped because of the hardware, it seems that customs are on overdrive these days and they are taking DVDs and stopping a lot of packages these days. Happily managed to get my items out of customs:

  • 3 x Western Digital 2 TB Drives
  • Michael J. Fox – Always Looking Up
  • From Concept to Consumer

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ShootSac & A Book

Its always nice getting something in the mail, or to be exact the Aramex box. I ordered the book a while back and the ShootSac as well, it seems they came together.

  • Infinite Crisis – Greg Cox
  • ShootSac (Lens Bag)

I have wanted this book after finishing Craig Cox’s 52 which was an amazing novel, Infinite Crisis was the novel that I couldn’t put down so my assumption was that the novel before it was just as good. Now I just have to finish the books I’m reading now to start this novel.

I have been in need of a bag which can carry my lenses while I’m taking some shots. I tend to switch lenses back and forth, and this turned out to be the perfect back. It molds around when your leaning in for a shot, and it pretty much fits any size lens, except for those huge lenses the rest fit fine. It is a high quality bag but comes with a price, but what I find odd is the low quality of the strap and since you are carrying it around constantly I would expect it to be more comfortable around the shoulder after long periods of carrying.

Link: ShootSac

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Super Aramex

In mailbox: 23/8/08

In Kuwait: 24/8/08

This really doesn’t make any sense, I have never seen something delivered this quick, let alone somebody to get from the US to Kuwait that fast. I saw the item arrive in my mailbox by the 23rd of August and I have it delivered by the 24th is nothing short of a miracle, I don’t know if this was a mistake or a few changes taking place but I hope it continues that way.