Beastie Boys – Fight For Your Right – Revisited

The Beastie Boys premiered the full-length 30-minute version of their short film, Fight for Your Right Revisited, in which basically every famous person ever guest stars and the Beastie Boys meet their future selves. The actor line up is fantastic, its a 30 minute video and its funny.

Review: Tropic Thunder

Its been a while since I have seen a movie as funny as this, there is nothing that could describe the amount of creativity and pure comedy that has been poured into it. The story is simple, these actors are almost at the end of their carears, one is a comedian, one is a rock star, one is oscar winner, and one is a rapper, and a few others tagging along. They are trying to make a movie like Platoon but the director gets slaughtered by all these mega-star divas so he decides to put them in the real thing yet they think its a movie until its too late. Robert Downey Jr. was nothing short of amazing in this movie, I was laughing my head off.


Review: Kung Fu Panda

Jack Black combined with Dreamworks pictures have produced one hell of a movie. I haven’t laugh this hard in a while, the animation is nothing short of fantastic. Everyone in the theater was laughing, after leaving the movie I don’t think there was anyone who wanted to try some Kung Fu. This is the perfect combination of a movie, amazing animation, very easy to watch, great comedy, and fantastic story line. The other interesting part is that Angelina Jolie and Jackie Chan are also this movie, its just filled with colorful characters. Everyone should go see this movie, you will be laughing and enjoying it.

Link: IMDB