The Pleasure Of Flying

Flatly I want Wataniya Airlines back!

For local travel within the region there wasn’t an airline that could beat its price for comfort package, and the airport was so convenient that every other factor was minimized in comparison. Many people including myself are sick of Kuwait Airport, its a jungle and its frustrating getting to the planes when at Wataniya Airlines it was so easy and enjoyable it didn’t feel like you were in an airport. I got my starbucks, went to the lounge, sat down and relaxed before the flight.

These days I dread having these impromptu meetings in all different areas. I have to check Emirates, Middle East Airlines, Gulf Air, Jazeera, Royal Jordanian and any other airline thats going in the direction that I am going. I got used to only being at the airport 30 to 45 minutes before the flight, and now we are back to leaving the home 2 hours before the flight just to be sure I make it or nothing stops us.

I’m not the biggest fan of Jazeera since they treat their customers like cattle and if they could charge you extra for being a big guy then they would. Surprisingly Jazeera increased their prices from 20 to 60% for many of the desitionations right after Wataniya Airways made their anouncement. They still have their deals but it isn’t what it used to be, and its not like they aren’t making a lot of money with all the ridiculous amount of extra fees.

There is still hope for Wataniya Airways yet, and this is just a rumor that Wataniya Airywas will be coming back in different form. A lot of employees have found new jobs after leaving Wataniya because they didn’t know what their job status was and I’m assuming there is going to be a lot of legal issues going on with them. Wataniya Airways is now a nonoperating Airline but they aren’t going to be bought out, what they are trying to do is bid to buy Kuwait Airways. Wataniya Airways have 7 planes, 3 or 4 parked in Kuwait at Sheikh Saad Airport and the rest in Amaan Jordan, and they will have to pay $70 Million to Alafco as part of their lease payments for these planes, and that doesn’t include the other incuring expenses. The rule that has been stipulated in the bid for Kuwait Airways is that who ever bids for Kuwait Airways can’t be an operating airlines, and the government is reaching the final stages to put Kuwait Airways for a bid. So the step Wataniya Airways took is so they would be in prime position to buy out Kuwait Airways, and if they do take over then it would be a fantastic development. I really don’t have a clue how this is going to work out or how long it takes, but I hope it happens soon and I do hope that they take over Kuwait Airways.

Jazeera Airways is Horrible


I haven’t flown Jazeera airways for a while now, since I was either between Wataniya Airways or Emirates Airlines, where ever I needed to go those two airlines served my needs. This time around I need to go to Dubai and back the next day, but the timings were better with Jazeera and half the price of Emirates so I went with Jazeera. My flight was at 6:40 pm, next morning I found out we had an important meeting that just came up and I had to attend so I asked if I can cancel or delay my flight, they told me know even though it was around 10 am and at least 8 hours before the flight and I just booked it the night before. They told me that its a total refund and I can’t pay any fee to change it, I spoke to the next person who said that I can change it if I pay a fee of 120 KD and my ticket was only 156 KD, so I’m basically paying for the ticket twice. I called back later to argue and they only reduced it down to 85 KD even after losing my voice from arguing so much, and this is after I bought a full price Jazeera Plus ticket which is supposed to be the more flexible one but turns out they changed their policy and made it as difficult as possible. Another note, looks like you have to pay to choose your seat on the booking menu, if you are Jazeera Plus you pay an extra 4 KD to choose your seat and if you are Economy you have to pay 1 KD. Looks like they have really gone down the drain since they opened and I haven’t flown on them since last year and I don’t think I would fly on them if I had a choice.