GulfRun – 360 Car Show

GulfRun @ 360 Mall was one the best car shows that I have seen in Kuwait yet. The number of assembled cars was fantastic, a number of interesting machines in the show, my favorite being the Porsche 995 Gemballa, that is a true racer, a monster of a machine. I like it was separated, I was thrown on the German side next to my twin sitting next to my M6, looks like its going to be an interesting race this year with such a variety of machines.

The machines I worry about the most are those Mitusbishi Evolutions, they are machines to be feared. The way they look has no indication of what can be under the body, some can be monsters at 600+ bhp and others can handle like go carts. Then there is that Nissan GTR which looks really good in red, I’m curious what the Mercedes SLR is going to be doing on the track against all these machines, then there is the other 20 cars which weren’t at the car show since they were getting worked on.

The booths were filled with some sponsors, the most active being Wataniya Airways with their airline staff handing out the Diwaniya Membership program, then Wataniya Telecom, Huperoptic had an interesting stand with all the types of tint, then there was Dent Xpress who were catering to all their customers. I was at the GulfRun booth taking some t-shirts for keeps for later, and I go my hands on the hoodie that I wanted. I talked to so many people over those two days I lost my voice the next day. I can’t wait until 360 Mall opens all it’s shops, it is taking some time, I’m assuming that they will all be open by this summer at least. Thanks to (Bassem @ Wataniya Telecom for the photo)

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Slumdog Millionare Kids back in the Slums


There was a lot of Oscar buzz from the beginning about this movie and a lot of people loved this movie. I haven’t seen it yet, but it won almost every award. The sad thing is the kids have gone back home after all the glitz and glamour, and the only thing waiting for them there is the slums. 

The money they made from this movie is a trust fund for the boy and girl, and will be available once they are of legal age but right now they can’t access that money and their parents can’t either. It is fact that the kids will not benefit from the money in the long run if they have it now since their families will take advantage, it is a complex situation. Its heart breaking to see how these kids are living after the Oscars, check out the link below. 


Link: Cinematical

Nerf N-Strike Vulcan

I don’t think there is a person who didn’t play with a Nerf Gun or a Water Gun at some point in their lives. This has to be the coolest Nerf Gun I have ever seen, it can fire three darts per second, also precision single shot is availabl. This Vulcan Nerf Gun can destroy your target and I think every person should have one.

Link: UnCrate

Some Rest

You have those days where you reach a physical and mental limit of your capabilities. That day was today for me, I was exhausted, meetings from the morning and I was all over the place and no time to take a breather. I didn’t even have a chance to check my email in the morning so I know its going to be a pile up the next, but I will deal with that later. At one point in the day I knew that I am not able to continue with work due to a headache that just kept building up, it was around 4:30 pm and so I get in my car and head home.

I play with my niece and nephew for a little while since they just got up and were roaming around the house. I started watching some anime and fell asleep on my chair, I thought I would read little instead so I laid down on the bed at around 5:00 pm with a good book. I woke up 3 hours later to my nephew shouting power ranger and the book sitting on my chest open on the last page I was reading, that was a decent 3 hour nap.


I tend to like kids, especially the naughty ones, not the brats. I have this connection with my nephew since he is bit a naughty kid, I tend to think that he has followed in my foot steps. So we get a long very nicely and I can’t help finding him to be very funny. He tends to break a few things, have some chocolate and enjoy himself. I can’t get that angry at him, but I do tell him not to hit his sister. The best part is that I think he enjoys myself more then most people in the room.

When it comes to my niece its a totally different story, she is cutest little thing I have seen. I enjoy seeing her walking around and taking items which she finds interesting. For some reason she likes dragging my laptop bag even though its half her size. I think I only manage to get her interest when I’m eating Raspberry KDD Ice Cream, and I react right away when I hear Baba. I think she just says it and walks away, on her list I’m probably towards the bottom.