Minutes @ KNCC


After watching the last movie, Repo Man, at cinescape I wanted to check the online runtime compared to the KNCC runtime and they were identical. It looks like KNCC caught on to people comparing times and telling if the movie is butchered or not. People walked out of Date Time with Steve Carrel and Tina Fey saying that 50% of the movie was missing, it was probably an hour and five minutes no more then that.

Again I go back to my simple rule, if there is a movie you want to see try watching it else where, except if its an animated movie there would be little to cut then you can watch it in Kuwait. These movies were butchered to the point one lost you and the other was a jump between images with 50% of it gone.

Cinema VIP Theaters

Watching movies is one of my favorite past times, all kinds of movies, there is no question that I like going to the movie theaters to see some amazing movies. At times I want to go watch those movies at the VIP section which might have more comfortable seats or better sound or more secluded then other theaters. I have tried a few theaters in the Middle East and Europe, but for Middle East I wanted to do a ranking and the reasons why each one is good or could be improved

Cinema VIP Theater Ranking(Out of 10):

  • Reel Cinemas (9)
  • Cinestar Dubai (8)
  • Cinescape KNCC (6)

Reel Cinemas

  • Best Service
  • Comfortable Large Lazy Boy Chairs
  • Electronic Chair Controls
  • The Chair Extends All The Way To Be Flat
  • Button To Call For Service (Actually Works)
  • Chairs Vibrate With The Effects which is fantastic
  • Very Large Screen and State of the Art Theater Sound System

Cinestar Dubai

  • More food selection
  • Comfortable Large Lazy Boy Chairs
  • Manual Chair Controls
  • The Chair Extends all the way to be flat, but requires an extra push
  • Button to Call for Service but its always broken
  • Very Large Screen with Decent Sound

Cinescape KNCC

  • Stiff Leather Seats, comfortable but after a while feels uncomfortable
  • Doesn’t lean back all the way so you don’t feel as comfortable
  • Electronic Seats which are good
  • The Screen for the VIP is very small
  • The sound is only good for the people sitting in the middle row, the edge seats don’t have good sound at all
  • The food is stale and usually pretty bad, sad excuse for popcorn

Overall between all the cinemas Reel Cinemas is fantastic and I still enjoy Cinestar Dubai, but with Cinestar KNCC I prefer to go to the regular cinema because of the much larger screen and better screen, the VIP I go to if I don’t want to be bother by the crowd.

KNCC Confectionery & Seating

Just recently going to the movies I remembered how bad the popcorn and nachos tasted at the KNCC. The popcorn was dry and really lacked flavor, and the Nachos were slightly stale. Even though they didn’t look that good I wanted them for the movie. I understand that KNCC wants to make as much money as possible from the film viewers, but still providing such bad quality food is very sad. I don’t know why they don’t produce sweet popcorn which is easily available from any company in the UK. They can get better recipes to make popcorn, how they can screw up popcorn so bad bewilders me. Honestly the popcorn that you make in your microwave tastes better then the one KNCC has, I just hope that at some point in time they hope to improve the food and selection, outsourcing would be better for them but knowing how closed minded they are I doubt they would even consider it citing quality control as an issue.

Now for the seats, for the Star Trek premiere we chose the seats marked in red. I just choose the ones to the center and there were 11 of us, and I didn’t really care for people coming to the cinema its a first come first serve basis. When you go to the booking page, they tell you your seats are final and can’t be changed at this point. When we got to the theaters I went to print out the tickets and saw they shifted us one seat over to the stairs so there would be two seats empty to our right. I was so pissed I wanted to punch the screen, I printed the tickets and went to the customer relations guy and asked him about this. He said that IT keeps an eye on all bookings and if there are dead spots they move people over to make empty seats, but if I bought the tickets myself at the window they couldn’t have done anything about it. It really pissed me off, not about the seats but saying that all seat choices are final yet they tampered with it. I really wanted to make a fuss but I was too happy to see the movie, next time I will reach through the monitor and strangle the IT guy.

Star Trek Movie in Kuwait

Let me just say this, usually I boycott the movie theaters in Kuwait because of the butchery a film goes through. This time I have gotten confirmation that very little from the Star Trek movie has been censored, about 3 scenes have been cut which isn’t bad for Kuwait’s standard of censorship. If you have been waiting to see this movie as I have then go see it now, you won’t regret it. Another odd thing we have in Kuwait is that people who think that the Spandex suits that these characters might wear is too revealing then they complain to the Ministry of Information and they take the movie back in for another round of chopping, so the earlier you see it the better chances you have of it being shown with the least amount of cuts, at this point its only 3 cuts so go watch it.