The Wolfpack!

I very much look forward to riding in the early mornings on Friday! Empty roads lots of bikers cool weather, it couldn’t get any better then that. I met up with Kubayashi at Starbucks Bida’a and saw a lot of familiar faces but even more bikers then the week before. There was at least 200 + bikes in Arjan that morning and even more kept pouring in as time went by, it was an amazing site, there wasn’t even much parking for people to park there cars.

We didn’t stay too long, just about 15 mins before heading out. There was the red bull flugtag and people were meeting up there. We were supposed to participate but due to technical difficulties and our pilot being out of commission we weren’t able to make the deadline. At first we were three guys riding together, but then we decided to meet up with last week’s group and they were a bunch of wild hooligans, I won’t it was a hell of a lot of fun but this time we knew what to expect.

Our first stop was Marina Mall so we headed there and waited for a few of the guys to catch up after filling up at the gas station. There were even more bikes there waiting to see the RedBull show, I felt bad for the people who were going to fall into the Marina since the water by the boats is filthy but we are off on the bikes.

We headed in the direction of Doha for a fun ride and aggressive was an understatement, we were flying. Passing lots of buses for some reason heading into Entertainment City, I didn’t even know they were open in a Friday morning. Then the guys were off again, and they took off, the VMax and the K1300R sliding a bit around the round abouts but cutting tight corners before taking off again, to say it was an adrenaline rush is not doing it justice. We were lucky of course that the roads were semi decent but I loved that ride.

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XBow in Kuwiat @ Bike World

Got a call from BikeWorld that they have a surprise waiting in their showroom, I had an inkling but wasn’t sure. I headed straight over only to find the beast sitting on the showroom floor, the infamous KTM X-Bow right in front of me. I was impressed when I first saw this machine on the track during GulfRun 5, but seeing it again made my heart skip a beat. Luckily this machine is also fully street legal, so you can drive on it on the streets but I would prefer to drive it on the track. Words can only describe the ferocity of the machine, powered by Audi 2.0 liter turbo FSI four it can fly down the road since its frame is made out of carbon fiber. The engine is mated to an Audi six-speed manual with military precision design. I like how it looks and the best part about it is the minimalistic design. One of the key features that I like about this machine is that its serviceable by Audi and you can tune the engine from any manufacturer who modifies Audi engines.

I knew this is an expensive piece of machinery, I have been asking about it for over a year now and it I kept getting pricing between 41’000 to 45’000 KD from the Emirates or Qatar. There was no budging on the price and it was too much, and this wasn’t even for the Superlight version, with upgraded brakes, modified suspension and lighter body. This KTM X-Bow at BikeWorld is selling for 34’995 KD which is barely above cost, its insanely cheap for an X-Bow, cheaper then the used ones online. I know this isn’t a machine for everyone but who ever gets it is someone who will love it dearly.

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SuperBikes in Kuwait 2010


Suzuki GSXR 1000
Price: 4500 KD
Warranty: No Warranty


Yamaha R1
Price: 4500 KD
Warranty: 3 Months
Yamaha Al Salem


Kawasaki ZX-10R
Price: 4200 KD
Warranty: 1 Year
ZED Motors


Ducati 1198
Price: 6400 KD
Warranty: 2 Years


Aprilia RSV4 R
Price: 4990 KD
Warranty: 1 Year
Bike World


Price: 5990 KD
Warranty: 2 Years
Bike World


Price: 5640 KD
Warranty: 2 Years

Right now in the market you have a lot of choices for machines, from Japanese, to Austrian, to Italian, they have all evolved into the creatures that they are today. This is probably the best selection of motorcycles available in the market period, with a choice of service providers. Some sell motorcycles with a passion and some churn them out like cattle. I have managed to get most of the prices of these machines with their warranty periods, and in my opinion warranty is very important. Out of the bunch Yamaha and Suzuki are the worst and they don’t really care because those machines sell themselves, but oddly enough they have gotten a lot more expensive then they were before. Who would have thought you can buy a full thorough bread Italian beauty for the same price of Japanese engineered machines. Each one of these bikes are suited for a different person, they are all far from the same but I’m still surprised when I was asking around. I’m a huge fan of Ducati and it is still one of my most favorite machines to ride, you feel like your riding a machine with an attitude of its own. KTM came out of the corner punching with the RC8, no one expected a machine such as this from the small Austrian firm. Now out of all of them the best value for riding machine is the Aprilia RSV4-R, everything about it is Italian, the engine, the look, and the attitude, it exemplifies the evolution of Aprilia and it has more meaning then the machine itself. Out of all of them I think the Aprilia is the best value for machine, why go for a Japanese with a bad service save for ZED Motors when you can go for an Italian for a 400 KD difference. When I buy my motorcycle I want it to be from the guy who sells motorcycles not a guy who sells a Corolla and a motorcycle, out of all of the companies I would honestly only approach Tristar, Bike World, and ZED Motors. But still what a lovely menu of machines.

Update: Updated the price of Ducati and included the S1000RR, now thats a full menu.

Ride 2 Save – Annual Ride


This is the second year running for the Ride 2 Save event brought by Dar Al Shifaa & BMW Motorcycle Club. We went last year to the event with over 150 riders of different kinds donating blood and saving many lives. I know that I will be attending the event as last year, hopefully even more riders will show up. Donating blood is a very important issue in Kuwait as not every blood type is readily available and many lives depend on the availability of blood at the blood bank. I hope many people join this event this coming Friday, and looking for a big turnout.

Date: Friday 20th November
Meeting: SHIIK Resort parking On Gulf Rd Bedi3

  • 2.30 pm Start of Registration & Blood Test
  • 4:00 pm police escort from the resort To Hospital

The Thalassemia group also will be there to welcome all bikers and thank them for saving their lives by donating blood @ Dar Alshifa hospital all donors will donate from 4.30 to 7.00 pm and Beverages will be served @ Parking of SHIIK then the same @ Dar Alshifa Hospital

EICMA 2009 – Line Up


KTM RC8-R RedBull Eidtion
EICMA is the motorcycle show that takes place in Milan Italy, and I for one do enjoy when they unveil new machines. These are some of the machines that look interesting. First off is the KTM RC8-R Red Bull Edition, this machine looks damn nice and it has some performance upgrades to go with the look so its a little bit peppier then the rest.


BMW Concept 6
Now this is an interesting machine from BMW, its a 6-Cylinder concept meant to be for touring but it looks more like a semi-naked sports bike that I wouldn’t mind trying. Others were mentioning it as a cafe-racer and that seat does look appetizing, wouldn’t mind getting my leg over that machine.


Ducati 848 Dark
This is the same as the 749 & 748, the evolution now takes place with the 848 and surprisingly this is a lower cost then the regular 848 even though I think it looks better. At least they would gain more of a crowd with this machine, it does look mean and I do like it.
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Friday Out Early

Its been a little while since I have had a ride like this, woke up around 7 am and called up Monichum to find out he was out since 5:30 am. I got up showered, checked my iPod Nano, took my camera and headed down to my bike, checked the 1098s to find out the gas was really empty so I took Tango out for some fun. Filled up gas on the sixth ring road and headed to the freezone starbucks and that was a fun ride with the highways and streets mostly empty all the way there.

There was only one other guy sitting at starbucks looking at architectual drawings that early in the morning, he was even asking us what we were doing up that early in the morning, usually young people would be sleeping at this time on a Friday is what he said, our simple answer is we take advantage of the empty streets. We headed off after having a nice cool drink, and headed down the Gulf Road starting from the KPC side only to find out there is so much construction and there were a few police checks but they were bothering the bikers, mostly a few sports cars, and we kept on ahead all the way to Bida’a and enjoying the ride, we saw a lot of Harley’s on the way, a lot more then other kinds of bikes, Harleys not my cup of tea but they I always admit they are a dedicated group in any country. After making it all way around Kuwait back to the Bida’a, we headed back in the other direction, towards Salmiya, then towards Kuwait Towers, and all the way back to the city. After a few hand signals, we decided to head to Prime & Toast for an early breakfast around 9:30 am and a few friends decided to join us, that place fills up face. I was enjoying the ride but the humidity was ridiculous, luckily we found seats inside and I asked for a bottle of cold water and two scoops fo strawberry ice cream for breakfast, that was it, Monichum had an assortment of Pancakes which I’m not really a fan of. That was such a refreshing feeling, I haven’t had a ride like this in a long time, and I need to have more, luckily Kuwait is cooler this year then last year so we can enjoy the cool weather and so are a lot of other people out walking and enjoying a nice drive.

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Alternate Route

Now this turned out to be an interesting ride, it wasn’t anything that I expected except that almost nobody showed up but I thought to post it up anyways. I planned for about 6 people based on some feedback but that didn’t work out, Adrenaline couldn’t make it until 7 pm, Vampire got caught up with the night shift at work, another guy was in the states, and Monichum was late. AM texted me that he is on the way and Monichum did the same but he would be running a bit late. It was interesting to be visiting that Starbucks at that time, I sat next to the fan spraying water because it was perfectly cool, and the crowd kept increasing as time went by. I felt so out of place since I haven’t been to Starbucks or sat in one at night in a very long time, but I had my bottle of cool water and waited. AM showed up, we talked and got to understanding of each other’s riding skills, Monichum showed up 15 mins later and so we headed out.

Since it was a bit on the windy side we decided not to go to Julai’a instead we headed towards the Starbucks in the Freezone, and we knew it would be a nice ride. I’m leading the pack, Monichum running the rear, and AM in the middle. We explained our riding technique in a group in a few steps, and we got it clear that we will be keeping a fast pace, we started it off steady and built it up from there. Monichum and myself have been riding for three years together so we have a rhythm going, and AM was picking it up and hopefully with more rides he will pick up how we ride and a few tips and techniques to improve his own riding. We had a lot of fun riding there, we kept in tight formation giving each other the right amount of space, and kept the pace between 120 to 140 kph to whole way. I didn’t realize how packed the Free Zone area would be, we got caught in some annoying traffic but made it there. When we got to Starbucks and the whole place was packed, we saw a pack of Ducatis there, two Mosnter 696 and one 1098 which was fun to see. We sat there and chatted for about an hour about riding, riding in Kuwait, and a few other things. Then we got up and headed home, Monichum got on 4th Ring Road, AM and myself got on the 6th Ring Road to head home. It was very nice ride, and the weather keeps getting cooler, I’m enjoying these rides.

Ride Out on Oct 4th

So for a while now I get emails about people wanting organized group rides, usually I refer them to the BMW Motorcycle Club since they are a good group and take everyone under their wing. This time around I’m doing this a little differently, I’m usually only riding with a few friends in Kuwait. This time around its an open invitation to those who would like to ride, its just a simple outing for anyone who wants to try a group ride for once, I don’t think I will be doing this often since I usually don’t ride around this time but I thought I might try organizing it. This is a night ride starting at Bida all the way to Julai’a Starbucks and back to Miseela gas station.

Meet Up:
Location: Starbucks Bida’a Strip
Date: Oct 4th
Time: 6:00 pm (Meet Up Time) – 6:30 pm (We Leave Bida’a to head to gas station and then Julai’a)
*I will be on the Ducati 1098 or KTM RC8, easy bikes to find in a crowd

One note, if you are a novice rider I don’t recommend that you try a night ride in this group. We aren’t a bunch of professionals such as the people from Tristar or Harley Davidson. We are going to keep it as safe as possible, but let it be noted we keep a fast pace.