Mawash Emrabyan

One of the most satisfying dishes that anyone can have after a long day. Mawash tastes very good and I love Mawash with Shrimp, it really tastes so good and so warm. This dish isn’t easy to get right but once the recipe is perfect it tastes so good and especially the small shrimp.

I love these jumbo fried shrimp, I can eat them like popcorn, and especially with that sauce. The thousand island sauce or simply Ketchup and Mayo, and I add a bit of hot sauce to make it a bit spicy. I had a very nice nap after this meal.

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Late Night Bite

One of the simple rules I follow is to have a good meal before getting on a plane, and it doesn’t really matter that its late at night. Its going to be a decently long flight with not too much sleep so I had a hearty meal just before heading to the airport, and I’m probably going to relax when sitting on my seat. The flight is simple, late night flight to Dubai, 2-3 hour lay over, then 8 hour flight to Singapore, luckily the Emirates ticket turned out to be reasonably priced compared to other airlines. And I know I’m going to sleep on the long flight after that good meal.

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Late Night Dinner

After a long day at work I couldn’t think of anything else but food, it was a long day didn’t get back home until 8 pm. The house was empty, spoke to the family to find out there was food left for me, I was very happy since I didn’t have to wait long for food. Luckily for me it was Muchboos Deyaay (Chicken), which is usually for lunch but at that point I was happy to stuff myself silly.

Started watching the 15th episode of The Mentalist, my friend walked in since I’m supposed to fill up his hard drive with shows. I asked if we was hungry, he couldn’t believe that this was my dinner, he asked how I could eat something so heavy late in the evening. Simply enough I was hungry as hell and I could eat anything at that point, and after the meal I was laying back watching the show and enjoying myself.

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