The Intern

I’m a Kuwaiti filmmaker currently getting my masters in filmmaking at Goldsmiths University in London. I’ve recently took part in the M&C Saatchi competition held for young filmmakers.

The competition is to have a 2 minute film completed and handed in in 48 hours. The challenge: each team was given a genre at the morning of the film race, a starting point and an end point. The tools: Motorola RAZR with no lights, tripod, etc. We decided to make a thriller parody and here is the result.

My hat goes off to Mohammed and his team, they did pretty damn good for what limited tools they and I hope they win, please support him by watching and liking the video. I am always happy that we have an increasing pool of talented people in Kuwait.

Mawash Emrabyan

One of the most satisfying dishes that anyone can have after a long day. Mawash tastes very good and I love Mawash with Shrimp, it really tastes so good and so warm. This dish isn’t easy to get right but once the recipe is perfect it tastes so good and especially the small shrimp.

I love these jumbo fried shrimp, I can eat them like popcorn, and especially with that sauce. The thousand island sauce or simply Ketchup and Mayo, and I add a bit of hot sauce to make it a bit spicy. I had a very nice nap after this meal.

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Deyaay & More

Coming back from work I called ahead and told them to put lunch, as soon as I came in dropped my things in my room, I could smell the rice from two floors up. I was trying to remain calm while heading down to eat but that composure didn’t last long, I was hungry as hell and I wanted to eat like there was no tomorrow. This is probably my favorite dish, its an automatic that I have this dish after every time I travel, its a very satisfying meal and that is what I was looking for right after work.

I was watching Lie To Me while eating, I managed to catch most of the show but my attention was initially with the food. I don’t like it when its too oily or when it isn’t cooked right but this time around it was perfect, I’m a leg man so I enjoyed those drumsticks. After I was done with the meal I did what came naturally, laid down on the couch and passed out while something was playing on the tv.

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More Deyaay

Who doesn’t like a good chicken dish, I do have to say that I do love muchboos deyaay. Coming back after work between 6 and 7 pm if its early and I consider this to be my lunch. As soon as I am full I start to feel a bit drowsy and pass out within 20 to 30 minutes, people might say that isn’t a good but it is probably one of the best naps I take during the day.

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