New IOGear DualDisplay Port KVM Switch

I for one love KVM Switches because I have two screens for dual view and multiple computers, I have had my run of dual display KVMs for some time now and I always end up going back to IOGear, they are the best at it and their hardware lasts a long time, with excellent support over the years. Now they have come up with the innovative “4-port DualView Mini DisplayPort KVMP Switch” (GCS1924). Most graphic cards these days come with Display ports, a few of them in fact and for a while I didn’t know what to use them for since most KVMs are DVI and some are VGA but now with this KVM you can use them for this KVM, and the best part is the cable is so small and the KVM switch itself is so small. Its MSRP price is for $880 but you can find it on Amazon for about $650 and for a lovely piece of hardware such as this, its a great price. One of the best things about this KVM is it’s size, it is very small and I like that the connections for the screens are on two different sides, usually with my KVM when you have four machines connected there are a lot of wires to keep connected but this one is really different then the rest.

Video resolutions:

  • Single Link 1920×1200
  • Dual-Link 2560×1600
  • Supports special monitors with 3840×2400

IOGEAR’s newest KVMP product also improves on previous KVM designs with the latest Mini-DisplayPort and Mini-TOSLINK connectors. The connectors ensure ultra-high resolution audio and video performance for dual-link 2560 x 1600 resolution and ultra high resolution up to 3840 x 2400, with vivid picture quality and convenient surround sound.

IOGEAR DCS1644 Dual Screen DVI KVM

For those of you who have more PCs then screens a KVM is always the best option. A few years ago their weren’t too many options, especially if you are looking for multiple screens and multiple machines. If you want a three screen setup on one machine your best bet is to stick to one machine and not use a kvm but if you have multiple machines then this is the way to go.


  • Easily handles dual screen mode on 2560+ resolution with movies and games without an issue
  • Very clean and sleek design
  • Came with all the cables to connect 4 machines with dual screens
  • Keeps the resolution of the PC even when it restarts and it isn’t the machine actively on the screen


  • Doesn’t work with the latest wireless mice
  • A bit expensive but most Dual DVI KVMs are around that price if not more

Overall: Love the KVM and it works with any operating system, but I can’t believe it doesn’t recognize my wireless mouse, for something that expensive you would think they could have taken care of something such as this especially since its been around for a while.

Link: Amazon
Price: $475

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Review: Linkskey Dual DVI KVM Switch

Looking for a high resolution dual output DVI KVM has been a very long process. I have at least found one with Linkskeys’ KVM and I waited a little while for the price to drop too. The best part is that the KVM comes with all the connections for all the computers with Dual Display, so you don’t need to purchase any other wires. I have had this unit for about 10 months now and putting it through its paces, I haven’t done a firmware upgrade to it but I don’t really see the point since its working as need with a few kinks. This is a very heavy duty unit which can take whatever you throw it, 1080p movies, high paced games, and complete multi-tasking on multiple screens across multiple computers, the only problem I really see with it is the price thats the major reason why I only gave it four out of five, but over all its an excellent product.


  • Can Handle 4 Dual Screen Computers at very high resolutions
  • Simple setup
  • Boots Mouse and Keyboard in computer so it always detected even if they are connected
  • USB Connection for Mouse and Keyboard to Computer and KVM Switch
  • All keyboard and mouse features work with Vista which didn’t work with the previous KVM, such as touch pad and volume
  • The standard resolution remains at your setting when rebooting and not choosing the specific computer, on my previous KVM it resets to the lowest resolution because you didn’t select it when it was restarting


  • One Special USB for wireless items
  • Hot Key Switching isn’t working with Windows XP (With or WithOut the Software)
  • Hot Key Switching only works with software for Windows Vista
  • A bit pricey

Price: $739
Link: Amazon