Electronics Ban on Planes to be Lifted By FAA


I have been on a few airlines that didn’t care if you had your iPad out reading magazines or watching shows, or watching movies or your laptop. But a majority of airlines prefer you not to use your electronics or your mobile phones during take-off and landing due to it “interfering” with the plane, I never knew an iPod can mess with a plane.

This was due to the original rule from the FAA in the US and everyone followed suit, but thankfully after such a long time they have come to their senses and realized that phones can not bring down an Airbus or Boeing because a guy is looking for a phone signal to send off his last email. Lets see how soon airlines adopt this new line of thought.

Link: Wired

Just Down

I got in a few days ago for family and work, since then I haven’t had a moment to breath. Its been a bit hectic, I haven’t even had a chance to un-box a few items I bought while I was traveling. In Kuwait you get caught up with work and family that you really don’t have a moment to scratch your head, and even when I did have some time I called up one of the guys to play Halo ODST.

British Airways seemed to have upgrade their planes again, and I have to say that the beds are much flatter and more comfortable then before. The plane before that when coming to Kuwait was two generations old, I was upgraded to first from business on my trip before this one on the return trip to Kuwait and even my iPod touch had a bigger screen then the monitor in first, I just passed out. But this new place is pretty nice, but I still slept on this one and still had to sleep early when I got in on Sunday. Terminal 5 is a very nice terminal and also very big, if its between Terminal 3 of Emirates and Terminal 5 of British I would prefer Terminal 5 but Emirates seems to have a more comfortable planes and a better entertainment system, and cheaper prices.

Just Landed

Its nice to be home and sleeping in your own bed, it has been an interesting trip with a combination of vacation and a few work trips thrown in the middle. After flying some many days in the row, I was exhausted and I just wanted rest, even though I was waking up really early in the mornings to go to work meetings and then catch a flight in the evening, I was so exhausted when I go into London that I didn’t have a chance to have a movie marathon that I had in mind, instead I only managed to watch one movie and fell asleep twice.

I came in on the BA from London to Kuwait, and it was filled with Kuwaitis, I forgot that people were on vacation for Eid Holiday. I heard a mom and her daughter talking about how successful they were with their shopping and how they should take full advantage of daddy’s credit card, that was a disturbing conversation to hear, that mother looked like she had all kinds of surgery and would stab somebody with the heel of her shoe and she wouldn’t have a care in the world.

Other then that I got on the plane and passed out for five hours and forty minutes, I was tired as hell. Got to Kuwait, saw some family and friends on the first day. Then over the weekend I think I slept a total of 22 hours of deep sleep and that really felt good. I have a lot to catch up on, Google reader, movies, TV shows, and anime but I think I can manage figuring out what to download in the next couple of weeks. Thankfully it isn’t too dusty and the weather has cooled off faster then last year, that means we get to ride a little more this year and I’m looking forward to that.