Food & More Good Food

I love food, there is no question about that, and I thought about all the most memorable places to eat in the region that I would want to eat again. So this list came together as I was getting hungry at night, and I think I want to visit them sooner rather then later. This is why I have a problem dieting, I love food too much to stop eating.


  • Zuma – It’s in Dubai and its going to open in 2012 in Beirut, and I’m a big fan of their amazing food
  • Hakkassan – Just opened in Emirates Towers
  • Caramel – DIFC really tasty and great selection
  • ToroToro – South American Steak Dining
  • Le Petite Maison – Always good food
  • Meat Co – Always a good place to eat
  • Cippriani – Abu Dhabi – Amazing food, seriously delicious
  • The IVY – Just like London


  • OFK – Can’t get enough of their food!
  • Slider Station – Those sliders hit the spot
  • Prime & Toast – Large Menu & its Open 24 hours
  • Q Cafe – Really Tasty Food
  • UpperCrust Pizza – Damn good thin pizza


  • Zinc – Very good steak & always a buzzing place
  • Le Stay – Trendy French Cuisine
  • Momo’s – Fusion Morrocan Cuisine, love the place
  • Muneer – The best Lebanese restaurant, really damn good food

Beirut Stop

I had to go to Beirut a few days ago for a short trip, a few meetings and a few outings with friends. So I booked on Wataniya Airlines and took the normal economy ticket for 60 KD since I booked early and I haven’t traveled in economy for a while but the seats were very comfortable. I just flew Jazeera Airways recently and the leg space was a bit cramped but in Wataniya the seats were very reclined and very good leg room which I enjoyed. One other major plus is that they have power outlets in economy which I haven’t seen in other airlines.

While I was there I just couldn’t stop eating, there is a lot of good food in Lebanon. I know it sounds a bit funny saying this but I Lebanese food in Lebanon tastes a lot better then any where else. Then there is the Solidaire area which is a lot of fun to walk around, the area around there just keeps getting better and better. We went to one amazing restaurant in Rumana called Mounir and their food was amazing but to get their you have to be an F1 driver. I seriously can’t drive in Lebanon, you have to have insane driving skills and there is an art form to honking because you have no clue what the other person is going to do. I honestly love Lebanon there are so many nice places to visit, and I enjoy passing by their art and furniture stores but I never really have time to walk around and take a look.

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Le Gray – Beirut

I had a quick to Beirut, I was recommend to stay at the new hotel Le Gray, and I’m very happy I did. This is probably of the most unique hotels that I have stayed in, and excellent service. I do enjoy boutique hotels, and try them whenever I have a chance, and in this case its an amazing hotel. Its an 87 room hotel with a restaurant, cigar lounge, pool and bar up top. I really liked how quite the hotel was when you are on the room floors, and the rooms are huge.

I booked an executive suite since it was the only room available, everything else was booked. The location of the hotel is fantastic as well, you are in the Solidaire area,
able to walk to so many restaurants and places to shop. If you are up for the swim the pool has an amazing view and slightly on the scary side.

The staff are very friendly and helpful, you feel like you are in some European country when your inside the hotel. When I love about Beirut is that they have really improved the areas around the buildings, its a gradual improvement but it keeps getting better, and its always an active city.

The room is very wide and open with lots of amenities, and I really like the modern style of the hotel. There is free wireless internet all over the hotel, and in your room you have a very good A/V system that I hooked up my iPod to listen to the music in my room. there is also a free fresh coffee machine for those who like coffee, and the bathroom is fantastic. Then the room service is just something else, morning breakfast was exquisite and so was midnight sandwich, there food just tastes so good, and probably one of the best breakfasts I have ever had. If I have a chance to go back to Beirut I would like to stay in that hotel for a longer period, its a bit more on the expensive side but its worth it for an amazing experience.

Link: LeGray

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The Dogs

While at my friends place Penny and Poochi would always come out running, and there is Bully but he just wouldn’t sit still. I’m not the type of guy to like small dogs, I always liked big dogs who are fun and jump around but I have to say that I have taking a liking to these guys. They come running to me and you hear this tick tick tick when they are walking on the hard wood floors and its funny, they are jealous of each other.

Bully is another dog, he has this dumb look across his face but he does have his good points. And these three run around and make a huge mess where ever they go. I just find them funny, but after the third day of seeing them while in Lebanon and taking a break between all the work its easy to get used to them. All I wanted to do was sit in front of the tv and the little guys would just want to sit on my lap.

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Back from a Short Trip

Had some work to do in Lebanon that came up suddenly so I took up tuesday afternoon to finish it up quickly. I honestly wanted to be in Kuwait and didn’t feel like traveling. We landed in Kuwait on tuesday and hit the ground running, didn’t finish up the work until late in the evening and we went out to dinner with our friend. Wednesday was the same thing but instead we stayed at his place and relaxed after 8 pm and he had some dogs that I enjoyed their company.

We had shawarma from Al Farooq which really hit the spot, amazing beef shawarma. The best part about Lebanon is that they are never lasting in good tasting restaurants. Thursday morning we were running around finishing up as much as possible and took off to the airport at 5 pm for a 6:40 pm. The weather was very nice in Lebanon but there was too much traffic compared to the last time I was there. These days Wataniya has some very convenient flight times and their flights have always been on time with me. As soon as we landed in Kuwait at 9:00 pm we took off to the beach house because we kept hearing how nice the weather was for the beach house, I just went home long enough to pick up some clothes and some equipment for the home theater system.

Lebanon in 26 Hrs

Landed in Lebanon and the weather was a cool 28 Degrees, I could hear people complain that its a little warm. If only they knew how hot 47 degrees felt they wouldn’t be complaling about how wonderful 29 Degrees feels. I had the car windows down as we drove to the hotel. Its right after elections, the plane had about 15 people in it with 3 people in first class, the roads were desolate, I have never seen Lebanon like this, there wasn’t traffic so we got the hotel in 20 minutes with very few stops. Got to the hotel, checked in, washed up and headed to the first meeting, I was done a few hours later and met up with a few friends. I wanted to eat at Al Farooq Shawarma but turns out they pretty much sold out of all the meat they had which was ridiculous. So we went else where for dinner and I was pretty much on the verge of passing out from hunger and a long day. As soon as I was back in the hotel I passed out and woke up at 6 am to a kings breakfast. Meeting at 9 am and was done late the afternoon, had to go back to the hotel and check out and take off to the airport so I wouldn’t be late. I was hungry as hell and all I could think off is food, luckily I managed to eat on the flight.

For a short 26 horus I didn’t have a chance to do all that I wanted. I wanted to go check out a few places and I had my camera with me, I wanted to walk around and snap pictures but I didn’t have a chance yet to do that but I hope to soon. Beirut is such a picturesque city with lots of places to snap pictures, even the pictures that I was snapping people didn’t seem to bother about where I was pointing the camera, so I snapped away.

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On the Flight Back

Flew to the airport, made a late check out form the hotel on Tuesday due to a meeting running a little over. Packed my bags, there wasn’t too much, I just had to make sure I got my magazines, and some other stuff all packed up and ready to go. The streets were still relatively empty, they even told me that the hotel had very low occupancy and the summer crowd would be coming right around the 15th of June. The weather was just perfect a breezy 29 degrees with clear skies, and a little humidity.

I got my bags on a trolley and headed straight to the check-in counter right after security, then passed immigrations and went to the virgin stand to check it out. Virgin just isn’t what it used to be, waited at the gate to board. This time around I was the only person up front with about 15 – 20 people in economy. The place was empty, so I asked the staff that I wanted the food right away since I didn’t have a chance to eat due to the long meeting. After a good meal I switched on my laptop watched about 20 minutes of anime and passed out for 2 hours, woke up to us landing and dusty view outside.

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Lebanese Police Cruiser

It looks like Kuwait isn’t the only country that got a bunch of these Dodge Chargers as police vehicles. From what I heard the Ministry of Interior recieved these vehicles as a gift from the US Government, including some Humvee and some Armaments for the Lebanese Army. These Dodge Chargers look pretty good as police cars, I prefer the Kuwait color scheme to these black ones. But these guys seem to be seated more comfortable as there are no cages in the back to stop them from sitting comfortably. I wonder if they are modified in any way other then looks, maybe some engine modifications.

Breakfast of Kings

Woke up early in the morning, and my meeting was three hours later. I went over some of the finer points regarding the agenda, and went through some paperwork. 30 minutes and I was hungry, I ordered some scrambled eggs with cheese and onions, some chicken sausages and beef bacon. 20 minutes I heard a knock on my door, and I could smell the food. As soon as I removed the cover it looked better then I expected and tasted even better. A meal fit for a King.

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Lebanon in 26 Hours

Work has been piling up and I have been delaying a meeting in Lebanon for a few weeks but now I have to go to finsih one long meeting. I was supposed to go last week but due to unforseen circumstances I wasn’t able to. I’m going today on the Wataniya flight, which luckily for me they changed the schedule and now they have two flights a day to and from Lebanon. If I could I would go in early morning and come back at night, I have this tendency with business trips to try to keep them as short as humanely possible. A lot of people have been telling me to postpone the meeting to a later date because of the elections but I have few in the systems that nothing drastic as the airport being shutdown will happen, well at least I’m crossing my fingers, I have too much damn work to be stuck in one location. One thing is that I’m going to do is eat from Al Farouq for their amazing shawarama, I just love good shawarmas and theirs is damn good.