Recent Kickstarter Pledges – Piccolo LED & ORA IPAD SOUND SYSTEM

I have always been a fan of LED lights, but sometimes they are just too bright or not bright enough. Surprisingly the high quality LED desk lamps are a bit more on the expensive side, there are those that are cheaper but not that good quality. The Piccolo peaked my interest so I pledged for it, not just because it produces a warm light which is not meant to over power the ceiling lights, instead its meant to compliment it and the right type of light when you don’t want the lights above switched on. Also one other cool factor for me is that it is power by USB which I think it is a genius feature.

Link: Kickstarter

I use my iPad to watch a lot of shows and anime, the one thing about it that is annoying is the speakers, most of the time I’m using headphones which work fine but the iPad speakers are good enough for music and not watching media when you want it a bit louder then what its capable of. It looks like I wasn’t the only one thinking that, and that is the idea behind the ORA iPad Sound System. These people are passionate about sound and this Kickstarter project is an ambitious one, they are really aiming high with it. A perfectly fit case to make a great watching experience on your iPad.

Designed by a team that has created products for the likes of TDK, Intel, Vizio, and Nike, the aluminum case/stand packs eight front-spacing speakers (tuned by the former engineer lead of Bose) into the space surrounding the screen, giving you a far more immersive sound experience than you’re used to from your tablet.

Links: KickStarter

LED Light mine

This really does look like the mines from World War II when they are trying to hit the submarines. Its a very useful product to use when you are building or fixing computers or you want a light in thos very compact places. For $7 each I would get a couple of them.

The funny idea they post on boing boing is if you need to infiltrate a building just turn it on and hurl a few into the room and things might be illuminated.

Link: BBGadgets

Magnetic LED

This is a very useful product which can be used to light up cramped areas and  working in small spaces. I like how they made this from a simple idea, but from its size I just hope it isn’t flimsy, based on the price I doubt that it is made from heavy duty materials but still useful.

  • Highly-Intensity LED adjustable in any direction
  • Magnetic Base
  • Additional Laser pointer.

Link: GizFever