Thundercats – Cancelled???!??

A day after TNI ran a story about ThunderCats still possibly being on the loose, it now appears that the cage doors have slammed shut on this cartoon reboot. The show’s art director, Dan Norton, has claimed the following on Facebook: “Let me just say, nobody is working on TCats. It would take years to get it back on tv if we started today. Draw your own conclusion.”

The conclusion everybody seems to be drawing? That ThunderCats’ second life is over. While the news has yet to be confirmed by an official press release, Norton’s statement would seem fairly telling. However, others optimistically believe that the show is going forward without Norton and some staff since neither Bandai nor Cartoon Network has officially acknowledged a cancellation (and, in fact, the last official comment involved trying to work the show into Cartoon Network’s schedule).

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Please No!! Come on, I was so happy they brought back an 80s cartoon and did it so well. We all grew up watching it and loving it, and we still love it even when the cartoon is a bit childish from the 80s, it carried a spirit and heroism that we could relate to. What I loved about the new animation is that they kept the spirit of the original animation yet they made the story more complex and did an amazing job of telling, more character development and depth, and a lot of morality was brought into it, something that I wasn’t expecting. The end of the season was so good I couldn’t wait for season 2, but it seems that no anouncement has been made and it was left of the Cartoon Network line up, please bring it back, we love the show.

Thundercats 2011 – Must Watch

The new Thundercats that recently premiered on Cartoon Network got my blood pumping, I was so excited to watch the show and at the same time I was hoping that I wouldn’t be disappointed by it, thankfully the show has lived up to my initial expectations. It was a two episode premiere on Friday and will be airing every Friday. You get to see the original Thundera and a young Lion-O, how the lives of the Cats were originally and the story plays out very very well, you even get to see the original Jaga of the Thundercats. I don’t want to spoil the show for anyone but if your even a remote fan of this show you have to watch it, I felt like an excited kid watching it and when the show ended I wanted more, now I have to wait for it on Fridays.

Link: IMDB

Thunder Cats Anime


Warner Brothers has at last announced the new images of Thunder Cats that they have been working, and I really like where this is going. A lot of shows are going the Anime way to give it the more adult like look rather then cartoonish look. And the way this is going I think they are working hard on it to get the story right and to perfect the animation for a show that so many of us hold so dear. I’m hoping it comes out soon, but for now I’m enjoying a good amount of animated shows and other then my usual anime line up.

Link: io9

My Top Retro Cartoons


There was always something special about the cartoons back in the day, I would be stuck to the screen. I remember Mumra from Thunder Cats really scared me and pissed me off, I don’t know how many things I broke swinging a stick around saying “Thunder Cats, Thunder Cats, Thunder Cats! HOOOOOOO!”, I remember even hitting our Sony Tri-Color TV back in the day, and it weighed around 60 Kgs.

My List

  • Thunder Cats – The best cartoon of the 80s, Panthera was cool always making gadgets and still kicking ass
  • Voltron – The best of the 80s
  • Silver Hawks – They were really cool!
  • Centurions – Man and Machine Power Extreme! I wanted to be Ace McCloud, always wanted to fly!
  • Brave Star – Some many different powers!

Worthy Mentions

  • He Man – I wanted his tiger!
  • GI Joe

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