More To Do

Tasks that have piled up:

Network Merger – There was a slight setback since the load balancer caused more problems then solved it. I upgraded the firmware and still I was running into DNS problems, it would see some websites and can’t see others. Even with dual WAN connections I was still having problems and I don’t see any solution in sight for this issue. I have contacted netgear support to see what they have to say.

Moving Data – I’m moving almost 4 to 6 Terabyte between storage, PCs, and the Server so it does take some time to make sure it all moves without issues. I try to figure out what is the best path to take or what to start with, it is all one huge jumble which is going to take time to untangle.

Riding – I wanted to ride at dusk since it wasn’t too but I was too exhausted after work to do anything about it.

Network Merge

I’m getting closer and closer to getting the network setup the way I want. I currently just received the Netgear FVS336G which will perform as an load balancing for both my ISPs.

The problem I’m having with my ADSL routers is that they won’t be able to be able to sustain this connections for a long time, and I need to restart them every once in a while, and if they are under pressure then they hang. I have a Thompson from Qnet, and Linksys from Kems but I needed to upgrade them. Going on a recommendation from a friend I am trying to find two Cisco 837 ADSL routers to use which will perform perfectly for my needs.

Link: Netgear