Review: Skyfall

Bond’s loyalty to M is tested as her past comes back to haunt her. As MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost.

This is probably one of the best movies I have seen in a while, there is a reason why I love Daniel Craigh as Bond, he is raw and rough. He says more with his facial expressions then he does speaks, he really knows how to throw a punch and those fights feel real. This story isn’t the typical world is in danger and Bond needs to save it, MI6 is hit and it is hit hard, Bond is presumed dead and M has to fight this out. This time around death doesn’t feel so light, its real and its a home. Bond comes back but he is human, he isn’t the perfect robot, he is human and there are some new characters that I enjoyed especially the ending of a certain change in government roles which I won’t mention. I’m liking the new Q he has the typical British Wit and they make fun of themselves with some of the ridiculous equipment they have had before. This movie takes a slightly different one but I like what they did with it, and I haven’t even gotten to the bad guy yet. The villain, a laughing lunatic called Silva (Javier Bardem), a suave Hannibal Lecter type whose motive is revenge against MI6 for not appreciating him. This movie has its slow parts but carries a more serious tone then its predecessors and for once we know for sure there is going to be a sequel and I hope its sooner rather then later. With this I feel that Daniel Craig is the only Bond actor who has stepped out from the shadow that was cast by Connery, he has proven himself a capable Bond.

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BMW – Celebration Of M

When we think of the BMW M division, the 1978 M1 comes instantly to mind, followed by the E30 M3 and then the 2001-2002 M Coupe. But the company’s in-house hot rod shop actually dates back to 1972, when it was formed as a subsidiary to manage the company’s racing operations, dubbed BMW Motorsport.

I have always been a fan of the M Cars from BMW, they are the right type of performance and control. They always do something extra to the machine in all the right sections to make it “The Ultimate Driving Machine” My favorites are the M1, E30 M3, E39 M5, and E63 M6 those are the machines I love the most from BMW, you feel that whoever made them had the intention to race them and have fun with them.

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BMW M’s Secret Underground Garage

The guys over at BimmerPost got invited to Germany for the unveiling of the new BMW M5 which I find to be a beautiful and aggressive looking machine, but that isn’t the best part of the trip, they also got invited to see the BMW’s M Garage. A secret garage that they keep all the BMW M cars ever built in pristine and bueatiful condition. I have always been BMW fan, and they have everything in this garage worth having from BMW. My favorite and at the top of the list is the BMW 850csi, and I also love the M1 & E36 M3, the E36 being one of the best BMWs I have driven. When I saw the Z3M in the youtube video it reminded me of the old James Bond movie with Peirce Brosnan, and I love how they used them and felt bad for the Z8 in their later Bond movie. Check out the link below for a lot more pics and very nice video of all the cars.

Link: BimmerPost

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Review: Quantum of Solace

We just saw a pre-screening of the new James Bond movie, I thought it might be uncut in Kuwait for this pre-screening but I was wrong. Starts off with a nice car chase getting you into the gritty action right away.

Daniel Craig is the toughest James Bond yet, this movie is filled with rough fight scenes and he is getting beat up at every turn. This movie is very raw with a sense of relentless revenge that Bond is seeking.

I had high expectancy for this movie after Casino Royale’s big band and twisty plot. But in this one Bond is a man on a mission and no one can stop him. Its so hectic that you keep trying to piece things together, and at the end of it you keep thinking that there should be more. I am dissapointed that the story didn’t satisfy me completely, yes, but is it worth watching hell yes.

See it for Craig’s fully-formed Bond: angry, icily unsentimental, and fleetingly borderline psychotic at the close.

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