Case Study: The Wedding Decision for the Average Kuwaiti Male – Analysis


Case Study: The Wedding Decision for the average Kuwaiti male – ANALYSIS

Tenor: Average ~30 yrs of marriage

Marriage Expenses $50,000 (KD 14,500)
Monthly Expenditure: $5,000 (KD 1450)
Wife’s Monthly Maintenance: $2,000 (KD 575)

Revenues: (In terms of sexual acts)
First 5 years: 3x per week
Next 5 years: 1x per week
Next 10 years: 1x per 15 days
Last 10 years: 1x per month

Conclusion (in PV terms assuming a 2.5% inflation rate for 30 years): For a total of 1403 sexual relations over 30 years for an estimated expenditure totaling the present value of $1.795 million (KD 513K) (or equivalent to $1,279.72 per sexual act.) Thus, the outsourcing of the act will result in the savings of $1,220.97 (KD 350) (assuming each outsourcing act is worth $574.30). In conclusion, it is cheaper to outsource than to commit.

Math is correct 100% cause I did it. The assumptions of sexual acts may differ from spouse to spouse and husband to husband. I did it in USD because its more believable. USDKWD rate is .287

My friend took the time to study some marriage expenses and details and I found his results to be hilarious even if they might be flawed in many ways. I loved how he tried to simplify it down it mathematical reason not to get married, he probably won’t. This is totally not my opinion but I have to applaud his effort

A Fun Milcha

Last night was the Milcha of one of our good friends, and the turn out was fantastic, it felt more like a reunion then anything else. Over a four hour period I kept saying hello to people the whole time, trying to catch up with everyone, it was non-stop. The first thing in my mind was the buffet and waiting for all the food to come out, probably in a few hours and more of our friends kept showing up.

The Milcha was at Al Rayah which is a good location because of the parking, I went early to get great parking spot. Our friends picked a prime location for the food, there were so much food but I had shrimps in mind and there was a variety of it so I was looking forward to that. After all that time, then we attacked him and started taking pictures with him when all the guests left, then we proceeded to escort him to pick up his wife, it was a 30+ car parade, we enjoyed it more then he did.

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Gisele Bundchen Bites the Dust

Gisele Bundchen is officially off the market! What the hell is going on with all these sports players and Victoria Secret models. She is now officially married to Tom Brady, the New England Patriots Quarter Back. Adriana has been lost and now Gisele, please no more! He is one lucky bastard, and what any man would give up to be in Tom’s place!

Link: Askmen