At last we get to see a longer clip of the new Anime Mazinkaiser and I’m amazing, I can’t wait to see this show it is going to be over the top. I keep wondering why they haven’t remade Mazinger Z or Grandizer, but I’m happy as hell Mazinkaiser is coming out soon and based on this short 3 minute clip I can’t wait to see the show. I just hope its a least 26 episodes or longer, I can never get enough of giant monsterous robots getting their buts kicked by the hero and this hero is one bad mother#@$%&! lool

Link: GunJap

Mazinkaiser in 2010

At last, it has been long in development, a new Mazainkaiser, I love that a the Japanese know how to bring back an old show. For those who don’t know who Mazainkasier is, he is the bigger and badder version of Mazinger Z. This is the second teaser I have seen and if the show is as a good as the teaser its going to be damn good. Can’t wait until the show airs in November.


I have been watching some old school anime, and this just brings back memories. I’m going to go through all the Mazinger series, and I completely forgot about Mazinkaiser until I found it lately. The Mazinger team suffered a great loss to Dr. Hell at the beginning of the series and Kabuto stumbles upon Mazinkaiser who manages to barely save the day. Mazinkaiser is the most powerful of all the robots, but with that power the pilot suffers great pain and if they aren’t ready they could die, so Kabuto has to develop the strength to control that machine. This shows brings back very good memories and I didn’t realize how good the series is for its time, there is some corniness to it but its still a good anime.

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