Jones The Grocer – Dubai


A lot of restaurants open in Dubai and usually in or around some sort of mall and over the recent years that is Dubai Mall since everyone flocks over there to that mall. Rarely do you explore other locations, but thanks to MFW he took to me a new location a little while back, and thats Jones The Grocer, a singular building next to Jumeirah’s residential area just off of Sheikh Zayed Road. Literally nothing around it but a small shopping complex with a few businesses and a gas station.


You walk in and it is genuinely a unique restaurant/cafe/store, they have a very nice food selection in their menu. Loved their salads and sandwiches, I have been there close to a dozen times over the past 6 months, I make it a point to go there and try something new when I go.


It’s not your typical place, different types of seating in different sides of the building, with the cafe display cases in the middle, and the outer areas of the restaurant has cooking and food related items for sale from high end coffee machines to cook books and Turkish delights. Literally something for everyone in that place, and if you are cheese connoisseur you will enjoy the selection they have. Try the greek salad with steak and the chicken sandwich, they are very good dishes, and even the meat dishes are good there.


If you have been there then you are missing out since it out there not next to anything you feel like you are in a unique hip place. Feels like a place that should be in New York or San Francisco, it has this unique vibe to it and the best thing is that the food tastes just as good as the place looks.

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Baladiya Bans Hot Dogs

Now this is probably one of the most ridiculous things I have seen done yet. First the hot dogs disappeared from Sultan Center then a few months later they disappeared from Lulu Hypermarket, I just assumed they were running out of stock. Then summer came and I was looking forward to bbqing at the beach and hotdogs are always at the top of the mix, but again nothing was there. I thought it was just a late stock delivery. The brands I always loved picking up was Oscar Mayers & Ball Park Franks, they were so damn good and really hit the spot. After a little inquiry it turns out that the Baladiya stopped them because the packets didn’t have Halal stamps on them, I thought that was ridiculous. They were beef and this is an american import, they can verify the process but why would they put a halal stamp on the packet. The amount they import to the Middle East is less then 3% of what they sell and to them its no loss if they stopped selling them here so they didn’t make that stamp.

They have been selling these hot dogs in Kuwait for a good four years, the Oscar Mayer & Ball Park Franks, not including a few other brands. Why did Baladiya all of a sudden decide to have these stamps on them, sometimes they really baffle me as to their priorities. I agree that they should check the quality of the hot dogs and expiration, these are important details but really? You just thought the stamp would make it more beef. In this case we only have Khazzan and Americana as options for hot dogs and to be honest they tasted horrible, their quality is not good at all in comparison to those who make HQ Hotdogs.


I like to cook but sometimes it takes a bit too long if I’m doing it myself, thats why I love to grill, you get to see what your cooking as it happens, plus I love meats. One of the problems we have BBQing in Kuwait is that in the summer it becomes a little too hot to cook outdoors so I don’t BBQ as much. With the Element Indoor Smokeless BBQ I can easily BBQ indoors on a gas stove. Its an ingenious product currently being developed you have to pledge for it to be made over at (Same Idea as Kickstarter). I think there is a minimum order of 500 units to go into production, I’m not sure how close they are to getting there but I hope they get there but I really like the idea.

Link: Ideacious

This unique cooking system uses a gas or electric stove element to heat a bed of lava rocks, creating the flavor of a traditional grill without the smoke or charcoal dust. Other features include a specific section for catching grease — making for easy cleanup — an adjustable grill height, and a removable handle.

Pure Hunger

Usually I try to eat earlier in the day so that I don’t get too full at night, I try to keep it light at night as to maintain or lose weight. I did a pretty good job of losing the weight I gained going from 96 KG back to 93 KG. Last night was a different story, I got so caught up with work and then a few social events that I forgot to eat and didn’t manage to get home until 10:45 pm. At that point I didn’t care what the hell time it was and decided to eat a very late lunch. Did I love the muchboos laham and kubbah bil laban, yes I did very much, I enjoyed every bite and then laid down in front of the tv for a good half hour before deciding to move again. This rarely happens with me but last night it was a much needed meal.

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Break @ FatBurger

Knowing that I was on a diet and I would take one break day, I knew it would be the day I would eat a Fatburger burger. I walked 1 km around the mall to get the Fatburger shop, knowing that I was in for a very good burger. There was a decent line as usual, just a few people deciding what they want with their burgers.

I ordered one Double Fatburger with cheese, no pickles, no tomato, another Regular Fatburger with the same items, and regular fries. I wanted to have coke but decided on water only, at least I would stick to one thing. That Double Fatburger disappeared from my hands with a few bites, it tasted so fresh and easy to eat that I wanted to eat the next and all the fries. It looking like a scene from the Cookie Monster, my hands and face were smeared with mustard and ketchup, I couldn’t give a damn how messy it got but I loved the taste and being full again. After cleaning up we went to the movie and we were very relaxed and full. The surprising part for me was that I felt like I was going to explode, as if I ate too much, it seems my stomach has shrunk and I wasn’t aware that this has happened from cutting back on food, previously I would be able to eat that without a second thought and maybe a third burger as well, next time I will just have that Double Fatburger with fries and that’s it.

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Meat for Lunch

Every once in a while I feel like a hearty meal, its more on the often side, and the other day I felt like Muchboos Laham just before traveling. I have this reasoning that I prefer to get on a plane with a full stomach then eating airplane food even if it might be good. Came back from work early around 5 pm to have a meal before heading to the airport. I love the smell of muchboos rice just as it leaves the kitchen, its this filling smell thats make just want to taste the rice on its own. As usual I ate more then I should have but I felt good about it and laid back to watch an episode or two of anime before heading out.

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A Light Lunch?


I came back from a long day hungry as hell and I didn’t know what was going to be on the table. Late in the afternoon I could smell the Machboos Laham from my room, I wanted to follow the cent right then to the table, I was smelling the rice.


My brain functionality is at the lowest point, I need sustenance, and devouring what was in front of me is all I thought about. Then after all that having some mangoes for desert was perfect.


Food At Last

After a long day at work I was happy to come home to stuff myself. It was one of those long days where you don’t get a chance to eat, and as soon as I got home I dived right in. It has been a long time since I had muchboos laham, and this tasted damn good. As soon I was done I wanted to pass out right in front of the TV, I did for little while before deciding to get up and head out for a change of venue.

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