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Finding the right automotive performance parts supplier is always a difficult process. In my case I’m always doing something with my M6, and a good supplier is always a difficult task to go through since you don’t trust them and slowly keep increasing orders.

About 10% of online automotive parts retails are crap, you get a bad apple once in a while and I have dealt with a few. During GulfRun we got informed that FVD Brombacher is opening up in Kuwait and I was excited because this is a German parts supplier and its always good to have more in Kuwait, FAST is also a good supplier from Audi in Kuwait, and Kromozone from Chevy as well.

But in my case I have a German car and recently ordered several parts from FVD Kuwait. Complete new brake system from Brembo through FVD Kuwait, he sorted out the details and including shipping came out cheaper then the online parts seller in the US, which shocked me. Also picked up DOT 6 Brake Fluid through them because of how much I abuse my car I want to make sure my brakes last. I was looking into some other performance parts but he convinced me not to get it, it takes a great supplier to tell you not to get something which will affect him negatively but he won a customer for life.

They provide the parts but don’t install it, in my case I take it to the dealership for installation at BMW, they have a few good guys. A few dealerships do installs like Audi, Chevy, BMW, and Porsche they each have their specialty.

If you are looking for any parts for any European or Japanese car, these are the guys to talk to.

Contact Details:

[email protected]

Instagram: FVDKuwait

Mercedes G63 6×6 – Extreme Off-Roading

There has never been a Mercedes that I have wanted as much as this one! A tank with a leather interior, fully loaded machine, I seriously can’t believe that Mercedes is offering this vehicle, it will easily be upwards of 100’000 KWD but what they are doing with it in this ad makes me smile like a kid in a toy store.

Seriously this add reminds me of the transformers movie, feels like this machine will be the next Autobot standing next to Optimus Prime and kicking major ass just because it is such a bad ass. Damn what a beautiful machine!

GULFRUN – Fun On The Track

Watching this video makes me want to go outside and race someone, seriously it gets my blood pumping and is a hell of a lot of fun. I can’t wait until GulfRun in Jan, nothing left, it’s around the corner. As usual the car show is in 360 Mall which is going to be a lot of fun.

Lego Technic Unimog

I’m a big fan of the Technic Line from Lego, I usually want to see more vehicles from them. And now they come out with the biggest model yet, the Mercedes Unimog and in real life this is one big and powerful beast. And now this will be available later in the year and will probably take a few weeks to put together. I need to get to work on some of the Lego items that I have laying around but I need dedicated time for that.

The LEGO Technic Unimog U 400 will be available from toy retailers from August on as well as from Mercedes- Benz and it costs about 190 Euros. The impressive vehicle which links a combination of electric drive and pneumatics has been produced in exlusive cooperation with Mercedes-Benz as a true adaptation of the original down to the smallest details. As the world ‘ s most versatile workhorse, the Unimog pushes snow away in winter, mows motorway embankments in summer or helps to construct new roads.

AMG To Purchase Ducati?

This is a little more then it seems, at the launch of the Diavel there was some exciting news about AMG and Ducati collaborating on a few porjects. At first I thought it was just for marketting reasons but after reading A&R’s article below it seems that Mercedes has interest to buy Ducati but they are feeling things out before proceeding. Ducati has had a spectacular 5 years with the debut of the 1098, they have really worked on the quality of their products and slowly expanding their product line. Ducati have had a bit of rough time earlier but these days they are on top and it seems that Mercedes has noticed, but they don’t want them because they are on top. They want them so that they have another arm of their business which is in direct competition with BMW, with an established product portfolio and distribution line, Mercedes wants to take on BMW. But what Mercedes and Ducati are trying to do is to see how they fit together, they each don’t want to alienate their customer and fan base, and Ducatiests are known to be loyal to the brand and don’t want any interference. I wonder how this would work out? Would they share their technical knowledge? Would distribution lines be streamlined? Would you start seeing Ducaties at Mercedes Dealerships? It is a shocking development and I’m not sure if its a good or bad thing, and it seems to Mercedes that there is a lot of good to take Ducati but they have to do carefully or a lot of damage will be done to either brand.

Link: AsphalyAndRubber

SLS AMG & Donuts

I think someone got the genius idea over at Car & Driver to do burn outs and donuts in the SLS with the doors open. That car’s exhaust sounds amazing, and they really smoke out those tires. The funny part is you hear the clicking noise of the car once he is done with the donuts, you know something needs to be fixed but its worth it for all that fun.

Mercedes SLS Cigarette Boat

Cigarette is a high speed racing boat manufacturer who make some very mean and fast machines. It’s basically those insanely fast boats that you see in Movies, and most the time its just the stickers and not the real boat. A Cigarette starts at around $300’000 and can easily reach $2’000’000 depending on the size and options of the machine. Now they have made special edition 46 foot Cigarette as a tribute to the Mercedes SLS with all the bells and whistles that you would attribute to German engineering. With 1350 horsepower at your finger tips this is one very fast and scary machine, there are few in Kuwait and I have heard them pass by, a simple was to describe them is loud, mean, and insanely fast.

Link: LuxuryLaunches

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Dubai 2009 AutoShow

We went for the car show weekend, didn’t know what exactly to expect their but I was really looking forward to it. We went to the convention center bought our tickets and walked in, starts off by the modified vehicles area, motorcycles, and ATVs. The variety of the machines was amazing, so many amazingly tuned cars, they looked really good, and some very very ugly machines as well, tasteless, the best part was seeing so much in real life. The SLS looks better in real life then I expected, the LFA is a beast, I wish they had the normal version rather then the racer version. I liked the organization of the whole expo, from car modifiers to car manufacturers, there was a simple pattern to it. I was surprised not to see Chrysler or Lamborghini or Honda there, and they had some new cars too so I was expecting everything, but they really must have a tough time not to show up. I know that I will be looking forward to visiting it again next year, click below for a ton of pictures.


  • Mercedes SLS
  • VW Scirocco
  • Fiat 500
  • Ferrari California Hamman Edition
  • Chevy Stingray Concept
  • Toyota Landcruiser Extreme
  • Mercedes ML 63 Barabus
  • Subaru Sti
  • Benley Mulsanne
  • Lexus LFA
  • BMW M1
  • Cadillac CTS Coupe


  • Aston Martin Rapid
  • Bugatti – All the Models

Be careful when you click this post, there are over 100 pictures to see, but so many nice cars :)

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Mercedes.. Too Expensive

You can see a few 2009 SL Coupes on the road these days, ranging from the 280 to the 500. I didn’t see too many, just a few, so I was wondering what they priced that vehicle in Kuwait.

SL280 – 24’000 KD
SL350 – 26’000 KD
SL500 – 34’000 KD

That is probably the most ridiculously priced vehicle I have seen yet. I didn’t think that they would be so damn expensive, different brands sell super cars at the price of the SL500. I think its a tad over priced and they need to review it, I doubt the dealership is providing such high services to justify these prices. And these are the base prices with limited options, with all the different options it can go even higher. I bet they will be dropping the prices with the market in this situation.