Decahedron Fire Pit


I love to BBQ but this is one of the oddest BBQs I have seen, or fire pit in this case. It is an amazingly constructed fire pit, an art piece really for the right place. I wouldn’t want to touch the metal while that pit is going, but the grill looks interesting, not fully optimized for grilling. It would be a bit tricky to cook on that, but it does look very cool.

Price: $750
Link: Uncrate


GX-48 Big-O Soul of Chogokin Metal Figure

From the classic giant robot anime ‘The Big O’ comes a MAX Alloy of the strongest megadeus – the Big O itself! It’s the biggest model to join the MAX Alloy series ever, measuring an incredible 300mm in height and weighing an unbelievable 1050g!

Soul of Chogokin make some very high quality models and when I saw that they made the Big-O model I really had to have it. Its an exact duplicate of the giant robot from the anime series, Big-O robot with the giant arms attached to the body, they look more like battering rams then arms. I remember watching this anime in my apartment in the states, I would watch it every night on Cartoon Network on Adult Swim. Overall the model is made from a combination of metal and plastic and the details on it are fantastic, and it has an impressive stance to it, very solid.

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Anime Models

I saw that my model package from Ebay arrived in Kuwait so I went to Aramex right away to pick it up. It was a big but light box, only weighing about 10lbs. I bid on two excellent anime models about three weeks back and it was worth the bid. The funny part is the package said it was a toy and the box had toy written on it, and I took a slight insult to that thinking that these are model kits, but who are they to know.

The packaging was great so the items were kept in perfect condition. I saw the two boxes and opened Gurren Lagann from the look on the cover of the box, I felt like a 10 year old since it was one of the coolest models I have ever seen. I started just putting things together and it came out to be an excellent model, and most of it is made out of metal and its great. That took me about 20 minutes since I was trying the different configurations. Then I unboxed the Mazinger Z and it only had a few items so I put it together quickly and it was 100% metal model.

I was very happy with both and I think I have gathered a nice collection. Now the issue I have is that I don’t have an exact location to place these items, so I probably have to clean up and place these items in the right spot.

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