FVD in Kuwait – Every Performance Part You Want From One Place


Finding the right automotive performance parts supplier is always a difficult process. In my case I’m always doing something with my M6, and a good supplier is always a difficult task to go through since you don’t trust them and slowly keep increasing orders.

About 10% of online automotive parts retails are crap, you get a bad apple once in a while and I have dealt with a few. During GulfRun we got informed that FVD Brombacher is opening up in Kuwait and I was excited because this is a German parts supplier and its always good to have more in Kuwait, FAST is also a good supplier from Audi in Kuwait, and Kromozone from Chevy as well.

But in my case I have a German car and recently ordered several parts from FVD Kuwait. Complete new brake system from Brembo through FVD Kuwait, he sorted out the details and including shipping came out cheaper then the online parts seller in the US, which shocked me. Also picked up DOT 6 Brake Fluid through them because of how much I abuse my car I want to make sure my brakes last. I was looking into some other performance parts but he convinced me not to get it, it takes a great supplier to tell you not to get something which will affect him negatively but he won a customer for life.

They provide the parts but don’t install it, in my case I take it to the dealership for installation at BMW, they have a few good guys. A few dealerships do installs like Audi, Chevy, BMW, and Porsche they each have their specialty.

If you are looking for any parts for any European or Japanese car, these are the guys to talk to.

Contact Details:

[email protected]

Instagram: FVDKuwait

3D Or Not… Not


Recently I have been looking about making a major purchase, getting a decently large TV. I was looking at the Mitsubishi DLP Screens as I still believe in DLP technology for large screens. DLP Technology is still maintained by a few manufacturers and they have made huge strides over the years in getting better picture technology and quality into these types of screens, they are amazing, and beautiful to see but also big. If size and weight don’t matter to you then a DLP is your best option, if you want to hang a tv then LCDs or Plasmas are your only option.

In this case I went for a DLP but the choice was 3D or not, and the new one had a few new niftier options with better black. Having good blacks on a screen is very important to get a high picture quality and it was tempting me. But the same model Non-3D TV was almost 20% and it didn’t seen worth it to me, I would be saving at least 200-300 KD. And I honestly don’t see 3D as a deciding factor, its getting to be more an annoyance with those damn glasses. Until they invent TVs without the 3D Glasses I won’t be purchasing one any time soon. I think honestly consumers are getting annoyed with 3D more then anything else!

Mitsubishi Evolution X FQ400

I have always been a huge fan of the Mitsubishi Evolution, the last one EVO X was an interesting machine. A lot of people didn’t like that it wasn’t as aggressive as the previous ones, I’m still a fan of the EVO 8. But this iteration of the EVO 10 looks promising with the FQ400, the best thing about this machine is that the engine can handle all these modifications and I bet it handles as good as it looks. Too bad its only sold in the UK.

Link: Autoblog
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GulfRun – Tech Check

Its only about 10 days until the GulfRun event and things are picking up. I haven’t spent this much time in garages in a long time, but its a lot of fun getting things to fit right. Everyone had a list of things that needed to get done, new brakes, new race tires, alignment, new fluids for the engine, transmission, and brakes, and a long list.

My car has been in the garage for almost two weeks now and hopefully it will be done soon. Just waiting for one main ingredient to complete it. So I was helping the guys with all their tasks and so I was driving the support vehicle around filled with lots of parts from brakes and fluids, rotors, to racing tires and special rims. I haven’t driven a Chevy pick up truck in a long time and this was very funny, the car kept making weird noise but it does well to drive in a straight line.

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Mitsubishi LaserVue TV

Sony officially stopped production of their rear production LCD even though they made huge improvements of technology. I currently have a rear projection LCD and its fantastic, and it was a great bargain for price. Now Mitsubishi have come up with the LaserVue TV which has amazing features and sizes ranging from 65″ to 73″, and the price at $7000 which isn’t bad compared to LCDs or Plasmas. And they aren’t as thick as before, since its only about 10 inches thick which isn’t that much for something that big and at a reasonable price. The TV uses laser beams to provide unmatched color reproduction, clarity, and depth of field. Features include 120Hz operation, 1080p resolution, x.v. Color, and 3D-ready viewing capabilities.

Link: UnCrate

Breakfast Drive

Early friday morning, I woke up to my phone ringing and I knew that I had to get up. K, Monichum, and a few others called me to get up, so I called a few other people trying to make sure they wake up as well for a good breakfast. We didn’t know exactly where we were heading, but it was a beautiful day and we had to get up. We decided to meet in the city since we had to pick up a few people and ended up with 7 people, a few wouldn’t wake up to their phones ringing. Met up with K, and we took off to the City to meet up with Monichum and a few other people, then we went to Qurtoba and kidnapped one guy from his home.

As soon as we got going we were flying to Al Koot Mall for a change, we were enjoying our drive and the empty highways. A little street racing was taking place after we filled up the gas tanks down Malik Fahad Highway, it is fun to drive in Kuwait as long as the streets are empty. Our main plan revolved around seeing Ironman that day, we were all looking forward to it. There was also the boat show, but I just wasn’t sure of the dates or when it was opening since it was delayed due to the dust storms.

We go to Al Koot Mall in record time, there were some corners that you couldn’t help but drift through them. The streets of Kuwait are fun as long as its empty, it was pretty cool that day as well so it wasn’t too hot outside. We got to Al Koot and had breakfast at Paul’s cafe since their weren’t too many breakfast places there that we knew off. At that point we were planning our day and what time we were meeting up for the movie and other plans for the night.

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