Avoid 5th Ring Road


This is one of the things that I really get annoyed with. On Friday and Saturday mornings from 6 am onwards there is almost no one on the road, and the roads belong to the bikers. Over the past three weeks there have police check points just after going under the round about on the Visa Round About heading towards Bede’a on 5th. It is a speed trap since everyone is used to traveling 120 on 5th Ring Road, but just before going the underpass it changes from 120 kph to 80 so if you are going 130 kph then you are doing 50 kph over the speed limit and they fine you, take your license and registration. Some cars also get towed depending on how fast they were going, and they were even stopping bikers. Most of the time police leave bikers alone but at this check point they pull people over and either tow them or hold them for a few hours.

I would honestly think that they would have much better things to do instead of hassling people that early in the morning and it police check point starts around 6 or 7 am, ends around 10 or 11 am on both Friday and Saturday.

The Wolfpack!

I very much look forward to riding in the early mornings on Friday! Empty roads lots of bikers cool weather, it couldn’t get any better then that. I met up with Kubayashi at Starbucks Bida’a and saw a lot of familiar faces but even more bikers then the week before. There was at least 200 + bikes in Arjan that morning and even more kept pouring in as time went by, it was an amazing site, there wasn’t even much parking for people to park there cars.

We didn’t stay too long, just about 15 mins before heading out. There was the red bull flugtag and people were meeting up there. We were supposed to participate but due to technical difficulties and our pilot being out of commission we weren’t able to make the deadline. At first we were three guys riding together, but then we decided to meet up with last week’s group and they were a bunch of wild hooligans, I won’t it was a hell of a lot of fun but this time we knew what to expect.

Our first stop was Marina Mall so we headed there and waited for a few of the guys to catch up after filling up at the gas station. There were even more bikes there waiting to see the RedBull show, I felt bad for the people who were going to fall into the Marina since the water by the boats is filthy but we are off on the bikes.

We headed in the direction of Doha for a fun ride and aggressive was an understatement, we were flying. Passing lots of buses for some reason heading into Entertainment City, I didn’t even know they were open in a Friday morning. Then the guys were off again, and they took off, the VMax and the K1300R sliding a bit around the round abouts but cutting tight corners before taking off again, to say it was an adrenaline rush is not doing it justice. We were lucky of course that the roads were semi decent but I loved that ride.

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Friday Out Early

Its been a little while since I have had a ride like this, woke up around 7 am and called up Monichum to find out he was out since 5:30 am. I got up showered, checked my iPod Nano, took my camera and headed down to my bike, checked the 1098s to find out the gas was really empty so I took Tango out for some fun. Filled up gas on the sixth ring road and headed to the freezone starbucks and that was a fun ride with the highways and streets mostly empty all the way there.

There was only one other guy sitting at starbucks looking at architectual drawings that early in the morning, he was even asking us what we were doing up that early in the morning, usually young people would be sleeping at this time on a Friday is what he said, our simple answer is we take advantage of the empty streets. We headed off after having a nice cool drink, and headed down the Gulf Road starting from the KPC side only to find out there is so much construction and there were a few police checks but they were bothering the bikers, mostly a few sports cars, and we kept on ahead all the way to Bida’a and enjoying the ride, we saw a lot of Harley’s on the way, a lot more then other kinds of bikes, Harleys not my cup of tea but they I always admit they are a dedicated group in any country. After making it all way around Kuwait back to the Bida’a, we headed back in the other direction, towards Salmiya, then towards Kuwait Towers, and all the way back to the city. After a few hand signals, we decided to head to Prime & Toast for an early breakfast around 9:30 am and a few friends decided to join us, that place fills up face. I was enjoying the ride but the humidity was ridiculous, luckily we found seats inside and I asked for a bottle of cold water and two scoops fo strawberry ice cream for breakfast, that was it, Monichum had an assortment of Pancakes which I’m not really a fan of. That was such a refreshing feeling, I haven’t had a ride like this in a long time, and I need to have more, luckily Kuwait is cooler this year then last year so we can enjoy the cool weather and so are a lot of other people out walking and enjoying a nice drive.

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Slightly Cold Shower

There is one thing that I do enjoy in the morning more then sleeping and that is a really hot shower. I think that because its warm or hot that I spend a little bit more time there, not wanting to be cold. There is a calming feeling with that hot shower, you come out feeling less pain in your joints and refreshed. To my luck the boiler decided to stop working, and there isn’t any real indication of that. I get the shower and its warm, but not as hot as I like it, didn’t bother me that much. Two minutes into the shower the water turns ice cold and I receive the strangest shock to my system. It felt like a freezer burn, I froze up a bit, checked the levers which indicated hot and turned it hotter with no results. I had to continue the shower to clean off the shower gel and it was a unique experience, I felt so cold at one point that I felt my head spin. Wrapping myself up in a big towel once I was done did wonders for me to regain my balance, cold showers is only good after a work out but not that cold.

Saturday Riding

The past couple of days have been nothing but amazing weather, even when it rains a little I still want to ride. The best part of waking up so damn early on a Friday morning is having the streets of Kuwait completely to yourself. Met up with Vampire and Monichum around 7ish at Starbucks Bide’a. We had our route planned out like usual, we were thinking about going to Julai’a but we didn’t have the time.

Even when waiting at Bida’a we kept seeing bike after bike passing by, engine roaring as they are going from sport bikes to cruisers and of all makes. Its a great feeling these bikers out at this time taking advantage of the amazing weather. I do prefer the cold over the heat anytime of the day. We took off down the GulfRoad enjoying each and every curve it had to offer, and the past part is taking it without worrying about the next idiot who will lean on you.

After finishing up our nice ride we headed back to Starbucks Bida’a and met up with a few guys we knew. It was a bunch of Ducatis and one KTM parked there, it was honestly a beautiful site and that was left was for us to be in some village in Italy.

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Early at the Avenues

There are two things that can drag out of bed, one of them is when I’m hungry, the other is when I want to kill somebody for waking me up. This time I was hungry as hell and we were calling everybody to get them up for breakfast.

By the time we got to the Avenues in the early morning we were deciding what to have for breakfast. The best thing about the Avenues is the amount of choices you have to eat, the bad part is you have to walk a huge distance to get to your chosen location.

There is a coffee shop that the guys like because it was really good coffee, and not a lot of people go to it, and they have internet. We went to Zaatar o Zait for breakfast which turned into an early lunch, I love their kafta with cheese, and their laham bil ajeen. Then we walked to the newly opened section which didn’t have a lot of new shops, but we did go to Boots, and for some reason I love going into boots and the clean smell. Then we headed to Ace Hardware to pick up a few things, I don’t think I can walk out of Ace Hardware without buying something, they really have a lot of useful items.

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Breakfast Drive

Early friday morning, I woke up to my phone ringing and I knew that I had to get up. K, Monichum, and a few others called me to get up, so I called a few other people trying to make sure they wake up as well for a good breakfast. We didn’t know exactly where we were heading, but it was a beautiful day and we had to get up. We decided to meet in the city since we had to pick up a few people and ended up with 7 people, a few wouldn’t wake up to their phones ringing. Met up with K, and we took off to the City to meet up with Monichum and a few other people, then we went to Qurtoba and kidnapped one guy from his home.

As soon as we got going we were flying to Al Koot Mall for a change, we were enjoying our drive and the empty highways. A little street racing was taking place after we filled up the gas tanks down Malik Fahad Highway, it is fun to drive in Kuwait as long as the streets are empty. Our main plan revolved around seeing Ironman that day, we were all looking forward to it. There was also the boat show, but I just wasn’t sure of the dates or when it was opening since it was delayed due to the dust storms.

We go to Al Koot Mall in record time, there were some corners that you couldn’t help but drift through them. The streets of Kuwait are fun as long as its empty, it was pretty cool that day as well so it wasn’t too hot outside. We got to Al Koot and had breakfast at Paul’s cafe since their weren’t too many breakfast places there that we knew off. At that point we were planning our day and what time we were meeting up for the movie and other plans for the night.

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I do appreciate that my work is located in Shuweikh, I avoid about 90% of all the traffic since everyone is heading to the city. This time it was a bit different since my training course is located at the Court Yard Marriot and I have to be there by 8:30 am.

I take a bit of an odd route, going into South Surra then Damascus street to the city, but people would be surprised how fast that is. The only problem I found out was that today, a lot of exits on the First Ring Road and the Sheraton Round About were closed because of some important people being in town. Due to these circumstances it led me to the round about way to getting to the city, and I ended up taking longer then I expected. I avoid Fahaheel Expressway if at all possible so I took this round about route, and 90% of all the traffic lights were green, but then there was this unaccounted for traffic. I felt like an idiot since I was going back and forth trying to find the right way to get to the city, and talking to a few friends they were all stuck in traffic. Instead of 40 to 45 minutes it took me 1 hour and 20 minutes to get to the city. I was going to go nuts! What the hell is all this traffic, I didn’t ming going around too much in too many circles, but this time it was just ridiculous, a lot of traffic came to a stand still.