EVGA Classified SR-2


“The Mother of All Mother Boards”

That is what they call the scariest motherboard I have ever seen, I have built the infamous Intel SkullTrail and that monster was a beast, but this is just another creature. Running dual Intel Xeon processors, 12 Dimms for up to 48 GB DDR3 Ram, Two Sata III, Two USB 3.0, and a very big board. Every once in a while there is a piece of hardware which just blows you out of the water, the last one for me was the Skulltrail and I got it after a long time, and not the Classified SR-2 from EVGA. They really outdid themselves, has twin LGA1366 sockets, providing the foundation for a colossal 12-core, 24-threaded monster box, and it’s worth noting that Intel’s Core i7-980X isn’t supported. This board is so big they had to make use of the new acronym, HPTX, which is bigger the ATX boards which are the usual size in computers. It can be yours for about $600 and that doesn’t include the extremely expensive Intel Xeons that you have to get the heart beating in this beast, but if your looking for something that can eat up all you can throw at it then this is where you start.

Review: Zotac H55ITX-A-E Core i3 Motherboard

There are a lot of motherboards out there these days, some more powerful then the other. Its really a huge selection of bords chips and ram. I’m always looking for a perfect combination for a Home Theater PC, something just strong enough to play HD video without any glitches and small enough not to look obtrusive next to your tv. To have both strong machine and a small HTPC you need to start off with the mother board, and for this case the Zotac Motherboard was perfect for the job.

The Mini iTX motherboard can fit in any case no matter how small it is, and for a small motherboard it packs a lot of features. Its an Intel Core i3 motherboard, meaning that this little guy can pack a punch, and it has a lot of features. I installed 4GB GSkill Ram which really did the job, I played everything possible on it and it handled it without a hitchYou seriously couldn’t ask any more from such a board, if media playback is your task then this is the best board.


  • HDMI output with Audio output included, unlike other HDMI output Graphics Cards
  • 10 USB slots, how many more could you want
  • Built-in Wifi
  • Small footprint – Mini iTX
  • Plays 1080p, 720p, and BluRay without an issue
  • Very reasonable price

Link: Amazon
Price: $129

Server Rebuilds

I think I have a love of building PCs and seeing these creations come to life, such simple steps to building great machines. I’m going to dismantle and pretty much cannibalize the first Windows Home Server and use it as parts for the current WHS Server. I’m also building a rackmounted server as test bed and I managed to find another Asus P5Q WS motherboard, I have to say that it is probably one the best motherboards I have used and its a real work horse.

I have about 8 TB in the new Hazmat Server, and that has been the capacity since day one. Now that I’m going to use the parts from the other server I’m planning to expand that to about 18 TB or more. WHS safeguards your data by spreading it across multiple drives and switching on the “Duplication” feature which basically keeps a copy of it, meaning I would need about 16TB to duplicate all the data I have, which I don’t have at this point. I have to commend Microsoft, for once, on a great product such as WHS, I think they need to dedicate more support and development for it since it can really make having a server at home a very simple task. The hardware setup is fun for someone such as myself, and the software setup is a breeze so I don’t mind that I keep reinstalling or reconfiguring. Then there are the new WD 2TB drives, I already ordered a couple of those and I am waiting to see their performance and durability, I’m hoping they drop in price quickly because right now they were a little too pricey. I’m planning to use the Kandalf case from the gutted WHS Server and use it as a power house machine, I have had the skultrail motherboard laying around for a little while now and its a powerhouse of a mother board, but its so damn big that it doesn’t fit in any normal case, it needs a special case and this beautiful silver case will do the job wonderfully. I also have this sudden urge to build some Lego Technic machines, those were the days I loved putting those machines together.