Monterey Meet Up before Moto GP

These are becoming one of those traditional meet ups at Monterey during MotoGP weekend. Everyone heading to Mazada Raceway Laguna Seca converge at Monterey for the weekend and the town embraces them. They shutdown the main street of downtown Monterey, Cannery Row, for one of the most diverse meet ups around. Now its riding season in the states when its gotten ridiculously hot over here. I even know how much fun the roads are to ride over there, amazing coastal road and a few in the mountains. Check out a lot more pictures at the link.

Link: Autoblog

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These machine has been in development for a very long time, and the Bavarian company had a target, to pretty much destroy all the bikes in the pack. Now they have really come out with a machine that seems borderline scary, I can’t wait to get a ride on this superb piece of German engineering. I won’t go into technical terms, honestly I don’t completely understand everything that BMW did to create the guts of this machine, all I know is that they created an unconventional 999cc inline-four engine redlining at 14,200rpm (600cc Territory) producing 193 bhp with normal 95 RON unleaded fuel. A lot of the details and technical advancements of this machine has been borrow from BMW’s Formula team. They made some advancements with this machine including a traction control system which has four variable settings for all your riding thrills. With all this going into this beautiful machine they have claimed 193 bhp which is ridiculous, I just hope it handles as much as it can go.

Link: Superbike

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Toyota Tundra Ducati Desmosedici Transporter with 500HP

A beautiful truck crafted for an amazing motorcycle, Toyota collaborated with Ducati to create the perfect transporter to handle all the tools and gear needed for any racer. And this Toyota Tundra was created for the Ducati Desmosedici RR, with its custom extended 6.5inch it can do that and more. A motorized loading ramp is incorporated into the bed as well as integrated tool and spares storage. Modifications to the car such a supercharger bump it up to 500 bhp and 500-lbs/ft of torque with the Ducati paint job and white stripes. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on this vehicle! What a beautiful machine!

Link: CarScoop

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Italy’s Football Spirit

I’m keeping tabs on the Moto GP these days, but it seems that the Euro Cup 2008 is the main event around the globe. The one thing that I can appreciate for the Italians is their spirit and intentsity for the game. And for this event Valentino Rossi painted his motorcycle, helmet, and suit to match the Italian Football Team, and who can forget his supportive female members of the Yamaha Moto GP Team. I want that helmet!

Link: TopSpeed

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