My iPod Nano 4G

I ordered this a couple of weeks back now, and it took two weeks to ship from Amazon and another week to arrive from Aramex. I kept hearing good reviews about it and how the build quality is high.

The package arrived and it weighed less the 1 lb, 0.65lbs to be exact. The best thing is unpacking an Apple product, they do know how to make simple and quality packaging. I liked the color of the Black or more like Dark Grey iPod Nano. As soon as you open it you realize how then it is. I couldn’t believe they fit 16 GB into something that thin, and its extremely light. I needed an mp3 player to use when I’m riding and this turned out to be the perfect player, you don’t even feel it in your pocket.

The screen quality and brightness are amazing, I haven’t seen something such as this before. You can clearly see the screen in bright day light, I was changing songs looking at the screen while wearing my motorcycle helmet during broad day light and I have a tinted screen. The scroller feels very nice and precise so I was clicking away. Surprisingly this mp3 player is louder through the same headphones then my iPod Touch. I usually set the volume just below the maximum when I’m riding to be able to hear it when its windy, but this was clearly louder and I was enjoying that.

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My iPod Touch

I have to admit after trying out so many mp3 players the iPod Touch is the best mp3 player I have used by far. The sound quality is very good, but I wish the volume could be a little louder. The best part about it is all the applications that you can now use with the 2.0 upgrade. I have some productivity tools, information applications, and some games. I think what makes it great is what it can do other then being an mp3 player.

I have tried a lot of mp3 players and I have to say that Apple got it really right with this one. And one more thing I have to admit to is how well iTunes works, it does take over the computer which is very annoying but overall it helped me clean up my library. It is mostly on the network and a few different places but I have made leaps and bounds worth of progress with it, that I have tried months with other programs. A software called Tune Up does help as well to clean up ID3 tags, I think I am at the 60% which is great, I just have to clean up the tracks a little bit more and complete a few albums then download all the Album art for my Music. iTuens does hang every once in a while, and if you leave the computer on for a while it acts up for some reason, it eats up some resources. The most annoying part about iPod/iTunes is that I can’t sync the information to another computer without having to format the iPod, I know there are ways around this but it is just annoying. It is a very good program but Apple really has a lock on everything so you have to find ways around, or else I can’t really fault it too much.

Apple iPod Touch – DOA

So for the first time I have decided to order an iPod Touch, and in my case I really have no luck. It arrived DOA, I ordered it online and its a bit of a special case, I’m not going to send it back, I would prefer to be able to fix it in Kuwait if possible. It wouldn’t even start up or charge or anything, right away from the box, right now its just an expensive paper weight. I’m going to take it to the Marina store based on a friend’s recommendation but that doesn’t mean that they would be able to fix it. I’m going to cross my fingers and hopefully they can fix it.